Kumoricon 2017 - October 27-29

Kumoricon 2018
has been announced!

Fandom comes together as family,
going fifteen years strong.

Altonimbus Entertainment is proud to continue an annual tradition of bringing fans together for a jam-packed extravaganza of everything that it means to be a fan of anime and Japanese popular culture. It all seems to have happened so fast, so it's amazing to realize that this is our 15th year of putting on this show. Gaining its namesake (kumori) from the Japanese word "cloudy", Kumoricon embodies the best parts of fandom and what it is to live in the Pacific Northwest. The Kumoricon family is growing with every passing year, making us the largest anime convention in Oregon, and you helped make us that way.

Kumoricon runs on volunteer staff. If you're as passionate about Kumoricon as we are and are willing to see what goes on behind the scenes over the course of the con (and even the whole year), come sign up on the Get Involved page and show up to a general meeting.

Make sure to keep in touch with us! Follow our forums, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and our news feed to get updates for Kumoricon, in addition to any guest of honor announcements, programming, or other events we'll be at. And don't forget to pre-register!

Presenting special events at Kumoricon

All Hallows' Kawaii Lolita and J-Fashion Tea Party Ghost Neko's Purranormal Maid Café

convention center atrium photo

Cosplay, Games, and Dances

Guests, Panels, and Artists

No matter what you came to see,
we have something for you.

Last year we returned to Portland.
This year we're returning to the Convention Center.

Last year, Kumoricon reached a milestone with the return to Portland and its move to the Oregon Convention Center. The response was overwhelming. Attendees loved the posh venue, spacious atriums, large panel rooms, and centrally connected hubs. This year, the con is expanding into an additional exhibition hall in order to bring you even more programming.

If you haven't had a chance to attend Kumoricon in recent years, or if you just found out about us for the first time by seeing everyone in cosplay for the 2016 event, this is a great time to see what all the fuss is about. We're returning to the Convention Center for Halloween weekend!

Exciting guests from shows you love!