Kumoricon 2017 - October 27-29

Kumoricon 2018
has been announced!

Velvet Room Escape Room

Velvet Room (Escape Room) by Cloudy Shenanigans

Sign up online

Kumoricon is excited to introduce our first ever escape room! We are offering online sign-ups for the first 5 sessions on Friday, with at-con sign-ups for the rest of the weekend (please check with the Programming Booth for available slots). We highly encourage only pre-registered attendees to sign up for these initial sessions due to the time needed to check in to the convention and get your badges before your time slot. Each session is limited to 10 attendees. Each participant must sign up for themselves, so coordinate with your friends to sign up for the same time slot!

Please arrive no sooner than 10 minutes prior to your time slot, at room A109. There is no need to line up; this sign-up ensures your spot. Check in with the Escape Room Moderator in the room (the door will be opened 10 minutes prior to your time slot) and then you can take a seat in the designated waiting area.

If you are more than 5 minutes late after your time slot is meant to begin, you will forfeit your spot. You can sign up for a later time slot if there is room.

Please only sign up once to allow other attendees an opportunity to play.

Supporting Doernbecher Children's Hospital

The Velvet Room by Cloudy Shenanigans would also like to make a shout-out in supporting Kumoricon's charity: Doernbecher Children's Hospital. For those participating in the Velvet Room Escape Room, there will be a donation box available; any amount is appreciated but not required.