Staff Registration

Kumoricon is hosted by the Oregon non-profit mutual benefit organization, Altonimbus Entertainment. The members of Altonimbus Entertainment comprise the staff of Kumoricon, who, along with additional volunteers, produce, plan, and host the convention.

There are two membership options available for people coming to Kumoricon:

Kumoricon Event Membership – Includes attendance to the convention as its primary benefit. All attendees to Kumoricon become Kumoricon Event Members. Register to attend Kumoricon by visiting the registration page. Kumoricon Event Members may also contribute their time as volunteers to help out in significant ways; more information can be received by emailing

Altonimbus Entertainment Membership – The most significant benefit of membership in Altonimbus Entertainment is voting rights in the organization. Altonimbus Entertainment members are also automatically Kumoricon Event Members. To qualify for this membership, persons must commit to the duties of at least one specific, named, staff position and agree to abide by the Membership Policies. Membership is governed by Article 8 of the Altonimbus Entertainment Bylaws as well as other organization policy.

Staff Member Policies – Additional policies pertaining to staff and Altonimbus Entertainment Members.

Staff Members (Altonimbus Entertainment Members) need not separately register as attendees (Kumoricon Event Members). If you have already pre-registered as an attendee, you can change from an attendee to staff if you decide later to become staff and are approved. This is a considered an upgrade, and in that case, your Kumoricon Event Membership cost will be refunded to you.

Once you are approved for a position, you can register for staff either via a printed form, or online. The director giving approval for a position will direct you to either fill out the form or register online. The printed form is below. For online registrations, after talking with the director overseeing the position, you will receive an email with a link to a private web page to begin the process.

Staff Membership Registration Form – If you have been in contact with your director or manager and after you have received director approval for a staff position, please fill in the fields and print this form, and bring it to a meeting or otherwise deliver to your director. The director must initial the form. When the director has initialed the form, please deliver the form to the Secretary.

Staff Parent Permission Form – Staff members under age 18 (at the time of registration) must submit a parent permission form before their membership registration will be ratified. This form can be delivered in person to the Secretary, or, if you have already submitted your staff membership registration form, then a scanned copy of the parent permission form can be sent by email to You cannot wait until the convention to submit the parent permission form, because staff member registration must be finalized by the staff registration deadline in August prior to the convention.

Joining Staff FAQ – More questions? Read the joining staff FAQ.