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Celebrating thirteen years of anime and Japanese culture, Kumoricon is back for its biggest year yet! Gaining its namesake (kumori) from the Japanese word "cloudy", we embody everything it means to live in the Northwest and love this fandom. Stretching across generations, anime fans have gathered together for an amazing Labor Day weekend event, rain or shine. Returning to Vancouver, WA, we are excited to bring you another wonderful anime convention designed and operated with the fans and their devotion in mind.

Kumoricon was founded and first held in 2003.

Paid, unique attendance at Kumoricon 2014: 6391

Staff for Kumoricon 2014: 437



What is Anime?

A few of you probably found your way here because you saw the mass of people in extraordinary costumes having fun last year, yet you still aren't sure what they were doing.

Well, at Kumoricon we celebrate all things anime and manga. Which are words that really just sum up any "cartoon" or comic book from Japan. Popular examples are Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Ponyo, Speed Racer, and Pokémon. But to say anime is only for kids is like saying American sports are only for men. Anime and manga come in a wide variety, from workplace dramas to romance sagas to fantasy adventures. If you look, there is most likely an anime or manga for you.

Altonimbus Entertainment

Kumoricon is a production of Altonimbus Entertainment, an Oregon nonprofit mutual benefit corporation. Kumoricon is a 100% volunteer-run event, including its executive staff and board.

Altonimbus Entertainment is governed by its bylaws.

The Altonimbus Entertainment board of directors:

Chair Phillip Koop
Director of Membership Brian Mathews
Director of Infrastructure Diana Hoffman
Director of Operations Jason Pollard
Director of Programming Jaki Hunt
Director of Publicity Samantha Feldman
Director of Relations Ally Fields
Secretary Jeff Tyrrill
Treasurer Amy Bourgo

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