Membership Registration Details

$45 – through Jan. 5
$50 – through Apr. 3
$55 – through July 10
$57 – through Aug. 14
$60 – at the door

Save by

Bring photo ID.
Required for all attendees.

Under 18? Parent
release form required.

Special VIP Membership.
$300. (Sold out!)

Details and fine print. Your questions answered below.

When you register for Kumoricon, you're becoming a Kumoricon Event Member.

Membership Choices

Type Pre-Registration At The Door
Full weekend checkmark Closed Aug. 14 checkmark $60
Single day Not available pre-registered checkmark $30 – Friday.
$40 – Saturday.
$40 – Sunday.
$30 – Monday.
VIP checkmark $300 Not available at the door

Single-day memberships last until 6:00am the following morning.

Change to Pre-Registration

Starting in 2015, Kumoricon is switching to paper badges, printed on-the-fly when you check in. As we become an ever-larger convention, the registration team's top priority is to make checking in to the convention as fast as possible. With over six thousand attendees last year, and more expected at our next con, the need becomes ever more acute for the most streamlined registration process, and printing badges on the fly is an important change to get us toward that goal. Last year, we stopped mailing badges because a very large number would be lost in the mail each year or misplaced. This year's change to printing badges on the fly helps ensure the fastest processing time from the moment you get to the counter until the moment you get your badge. We thank our loyal attendees for your understanding.

How To Pay
Location Payment options
Online Credit/debit card
By mail Check, money order
At the door Cash, credit/debit card, check, money order

Remember to bring photo ID no matter what, whether you pre-registered or you're registering at the door! All badges are picked up in person at the convention, even if you pre-register. Each member must be present in person to receive their own badge.

Registration Hours

Registration will be open all four days of the convention, as well as Thursday (pre-registration check-in only). Pre-registered members can check in on any day. Single-day memberships are only available for the current day.

  • Thursday: (pre-registration check-in only) 2pm-9pm
  • Friday: 7am-7pm
  • Saturday: 7am-7pm
  • Sunday: 7am-7pm
  • Monday: 9am-3pm

(Convention programming runs for longer hours, typically 8am-2am each day, and 8am-4pm on Monday. The full convention schedule is now available.)

Under 18?

You need a parent permission and liability release form to attend. (Download below.)

Age 12 or under? Requires parent accompaniment at all times. Parent must also be a paid member.

Reduced age 12 and under prices
Type Pre-Registration At The Door
Full weekend checkmark Closed Aug. 14 checkmark $45
Single day Not available pre-registered checkmark $20 – Friday.
$30 – Saturday.
$30 – Sunday.
$20 – Monday.

Age 5 or under? Free!

Your age on September 3, 2015 determines what type of membership you need to purchase.

Why Pre-Register?

Pre-registration is now closed. Pre-registration gets you a guaranteed spot into the convention, a short line, and a lower membership cost.

VIP Membership

(Sold out!) Those of you looking for the royal treatment can opt for our special VIP Membership. For $300, you will receive:

  • Signature plastic Kumoricon VIP badge and lanyard
  • Signature Kumoricon messenger bag
  • Signature Kumoricon T-shirt and glass
  • Discounted prices at the Kumoricon merchandise booth
  • Access to the VIP Autograph Session with our Guests of Honor
  • VIP tickets to all ticketed events (including the sake tasting, for VIPs 21 and over)
  • Priority seating at all Main and Live Events
  • One "jump the line" pass per day for any chosen event
  • A VIP Liaison who is happy to answer any questions you might have and check back with updates throughout the year

Parent Permission and Release Form

A parent permission and liability release form is required for attendees under age 18. This must be turned in at the convention and cannot be mailed in advance (even if you pre-registered by mail):

Convention Code of Conduct

Kumoricon Convention Code of Conduct – All attendees and people at the convention must follow these policies.

Refunds and Transfers

We're sorry, but Kumoricon does not allow membership transfers or refunds. Please contact if you have any questions.

Convention Checklist

First time at a con? Learn the essentials.

Other Types of Registration

People seeking to attend Kumoricon as staff, panelists, Artist Alley members, exhibitors, press, or industry should not register using the instructions on this page but should instead register separately.


For attendee registration questions not answered on this page, please contact