Artist Alley

Artist Alley list for Kumoricon 2015:

  • Dominique & Elois Andre
  • Christa D Art
  • Rebecca Barnes
  • Penny Booth
  • Mandy Brambora/Isabella Raad
  • Michelle Brekke
  • Jourdan Burklund
  • Joli Cheng
  • Linda Chi
  • Mary DeNicola
  • Sarah Ding
  • Kelly Eriksen
  • Lizzie Ferris
  • Racheal Fosner
  • Kari (Aimee) Gaines
  • Sarah Haghayegh
  • Eli Hoyt
  • Teasha Huntsman
  • Kaitlynne Jensen
  • Lisa Jeong
  • Andrea Lam/Yasu Kawmura
  • Allyson Lanter
  • Alexandria Lomuntad
  • Katrina Lynn
  • Kim Madison
  • Kayla Mayer
  • Alexis Moore
  • Diana Nguyen
  • Kaeley Oehler
  • Marivic Opon-Robles
  • Amanda Oswell
  • Paloma Hernandez Perez
  • Erica Pocklington
  • Maria Preciado
  • Isabella Raad
  • Sarah Roberts (threnodi)
  • Sarah Rumery
  • Emma Schulte
  • Si Won Sung
  • Fiona Tang
  • Jacqueline Taylor
  • Louann M. Tibbs
  • Chibi Yeti/Ahnnawake Nelson & Maegen Peeples
  • Da Eun Yu
  • Cheryl Zhu

Changes to Kumoricon 2015 Artist Alley

Significant changes are coming to the Kumoricon 2015 Artist Alley.

First, we have heard your suggestions, and Artist Alley is moving out of the garage. That being said, Centennial Center is in the process of being torn down, losing almost a quarter of the space Kumoricon has depended on as we have grown. This has presented both new challenges and opportunities.

The Artist Alley will be outdoors, in (somewhat fittingly) the alley between the Hilton and City Hall. Here is what that means to you, the artists:

  1. The Alley will be covered. We will have tents covering the individual tables. Nonetheless, there is the possibility for wind and other elements. Please take this into consideration when planning your set-up.
  2. Because the Alley is outside, artists will have to break down after closing, and set back up, every day. This is different than previous years, but is the best solution we can think of to keep costs down, as well as minimize the possibility of theft. We are looking into specific storage options for artists who are not staying at one of the convention hotels, and will have more to communicate shortly.
  3. The convention will not be offering Internet access this year. Since signal from most wireless carriers is solid in the new location, we're hoping this won't be a problem.
  4. If there is enough of a request for it, the convention's decorator will supply power, for an additional charge.
  5. Since Artist Alley is outside, we are making it open to the public, so you won't be limited to just attendees with badges.
  6. Also due to being outside, we aren't restricting the hours Artist Alley operates, so you can stay open as late, and start as early, as you feel.
  7. To help provide as much security as possible, the Artist Alley, although outdoors, will be located within a fenced area, with specific entry and exit points monitored by our staff.
  8. Despite being open to the public, the Artist Alley area will be considered to be in "convention space". This means that convention policies apply, and our staff will be patrolling the area, just like any other area of the the convention. We retain the ability to require somebody to leave if they are violating policies or causing a disturbance.

We've received many questions about why we chose to move the Artist Alley outdoors this year. We invite you to read the letter to our fans explaining this decision in detail.

We look forward to seeing you, and your art, at Kumoricon 2015!