Kumoricon Convention Code of Conduct

Content last updated May 22, 2015

Badges and ID

ID is required to buy a membership or check in. Don't forget it! You need ID no matter what.

Badge required: Your badge is your proof of membership. You must wear it in convention space.

Age restrictions

Under age 18? Parent permission and liability release form required and curfew applies.

Under age 13? Parent must accompany you (separate paid membership required), parent permission and liability release form required, and curfew applies.

Minor curfew: 12:00 midnight to 6:00 am throughout all convention space.

To attend an event marked 18+, you must have a hand stamp. ID will not be accepted at the door! Take your badge and ID to the Programming Booth to get your stamp (or Programming Office after hours). Some 18+ events are before curfew hours.

No exceptions to curfew or 18+ restrictions!

For crowded events…

When an event on the schedule says "pass required", it means you need to pick up a pass from the Programming Booth earlier in the day. These passes are free, but usually run out quickly. Once all pass-holders in line have entered, we'll open the room to non-pass-holders if there's extra space.

30-minute line rule: Please don't line up more than 30 minutes ahead of any event.

Need assistance?

Disability assistance: Please ask a staff member at Registration or in the Operations Office for information on disability accommodations.

Animals: ADA service animals are welcome at the convention. Otherwise, animals are not permitted.

Lost and found: Lose your badge, phone, or wallet? Find a fellow attendee's lost item? Please pay us a visit in the Operations Office. If we don't have your lost badge, Registration can reprint it for you, but there may be a fee.

Info booth: The info booth in the lobby of the Hilton can answer most questions.

Harassment concerns? Flag down a nearby staff member, or visit the Operations Office to discuss or report an incident or concern.

Harassment and offensive behavior

We want Kumoricon to be a safe and comfortable place. Harassment and offensive behavior are prohibited. This includes:

  • Unwanted physical contact
  • Threats
  • Heckling or jeering, either to a person or at an event
  • Staying near another person who has asked you to leave
  • Repeatedly following another person
  • Any form of rude, offensive, or disruptive behavior

Other banned conduct in convention space

  • Consumption of alcohol (unless presented at an official convention event), drugs (including marijuana), smoking (including e-cigarettes), or intoxication
  • Lewd conduct
  • Unsafe behavior, including real or play fighting
  • Selling or soliciting items or services
  • Distribution of flyers or literature


Be polite with your camera and how you conduct your photography or video recording. Photography and video recording are generally permitted, except when:

  • The subject asks you not to or attempts to leave upon seeing the camera;
  • A reasonable person would know the subject would probably not want to be photographed under the circumstances;
  • A panelist or event asks you not to, or a sign prohibits it;
  • In theater rooms, or art in the Art Show or Artist Alley (except with prior artist permission)

Cosplay, clothing, and coverage

clothing coverage diagram

Costumes or outfits must cover…

For females: The groin, complete buttocks, and sides of the breasts

For males: Equivalent of a shorts-style swimsuit

Private parts must be fully covered and not visible or simulated.

Masks or face coverings may not be worn in hotel lobbies.

Footwear must be worn covering the bottom of the feet.

The following is not allowed in convention space:

  • Signage or clothing containing profanity, explicit or graphic language, slurs, insults, threats, solicitations, or room party advertisements
  • Costumes or props which are vulgar, obscene, graphic, or sexually themed
  • We may limit offensive or disruptive costumes, props, signs, or clothing in our sole discretion

Prop and weapon safety

Banned items:

  • Real firearms or ammunition (no exception for concealed carry)
  • Functioning projectile weapons, devices, or toys, including items meant to be thrown
  • Firearms or projectile items that look like they could be functioning from 10 feet away, even if they are non-functioning or are replicas
  • Paddles (all varieties—including "yaoi" or "yuri" paddles)
  • Live steel (sharp enough to cut)
  • Potentially dangerous props which are not part of a bona fide costume
  • Props wide or long enough to inhibit traffic

Peace-bonding: Any item or prop that could be used as a weapon, could be dangerous, or appears to be dangerous (even if it's not), must be peace-bonded. Peace-bonding is an agreement to carry your prop safely, and requires signing an acknowledgement of the requirements of safe carry. A staff member will attach a peace-tie to your item which signals to all staff that your item has been reviewed.

Where? Peace-bonding will be conducted near the registration area and in the Operations Office.

Examples of items requiring peace-bonding:

  • Toy sword made of foam
  • Replica sword made of dull steel
  • Replica firearm

Examples of items not requiring peace-bonding:

  • Purse
  • Bag
  • Teddy bear

Prop conduct:

  • Do not brandish or wave around prop weapons
  • Do not point prop firearms at anyone
  • Prop firearms must have a highly visible orange tip
  • Prop firearms and blades must always stay holstered, slung, or sheathed, except while posing for photos

Special exception for disabled projectile items: Projectile items or replica firearms are allowed only if they are, or have been made, permanently non-functional. "Permanently" means it is not possible to repair or restore the item to functionality. In most cases this means the item must be filled with glue and all moving parts rendered immobile.

Purchased items: If you buy a prop in the Exhibits Hall or Artist Alley, remember to get it peace-bonded, if needed. Also, exhibitors occasionally sell a few things that you can't carry around the con at all, like live steel swords. If you buy one of these, you need to immediately take it off-site or to your hotel room.


Any violation of this code of conduct or illegal action may be handled by a warning, temporary convention suspension, permanent membership revocation, or longer ban, in our sole discretion.

Allowable activity at the convention is at our sole discretion. If an authorized staff member tells you to stop doing something, remove an item, or leave an area, then it has the weight of this code of conduct, even if it's not printed in this code of conduct.


This code of conduct may be changed without notice. will always contain the latest version, and printed copies will be given upon check-in to the convention.