Kumoricon 2013 - Aug. 31 - Sep. 2 - Labor Day Weekend - The Anime Convention on the Columbia River - Hilton Vancouver Washington & Red Lion Hotel Vancouver at the Quay
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Artists Alley

Thank you to all the attendees, staff and artists who made Kumoricon's Artists Alley 2013 a huge success. Please check back later for details concerning 2014 Artists Alley.

In the meanwhile, feel free to visit the forums and keep up with the most current information and news within the Kumoricon community. –Artists Alley Team

Artist List

Guest Artists from Periscope
  • Ron Chan
  • Cat Ferris
  • Grace Allison
  • Terry Blas
Mascot Artist Winners 2013
  • Jacqueline Taylor
  • Elaine Huang
Participating Artists
  • Dancing Heron Illustration
  • Monkey Minon Press
  • The Gorgonist Illustration
  • Scuttlebutt Ink
  • CrabTank
  • Cari Corene
  • Super Orange LLC
  • Black Cat
  • Pete Ellison
  • Made in Hyrule
  • JEMS
  • Rachel Herb- Neterer
  • Ha-young Lee
  • Everblue Comic
  • Rocket Sushi
  • Meadowhaven
  • Modest Medusa
  • Portland Black
  • Wonder Weird
  • Jiselle Crawford
  • Dearest Darling
  • Elise Trihn
  • Nox Aeon
  • Decalzilla
  • Secret Dragon
  • Caitlin Like
  • Deadly Darlings
  • Little Blue Dragon
  • Cute Bytes
  • Bluessence
  • Shadow Stitch
  • Pau and Loma

FAQ for Artists

How big is the table and how many badges does it come with?

Artist can purchase the maximum of one (1) 6 ft table, which includes two (2) badges, for $80. Additional badges (maximum of 3) can be purchased at a discounted rate of $25 per badge. Payment will be due upon approval.

Can I sell food? Can share food with friends and attendees?

No. You are not allowed to sell manufactured or homemade food. You are allowed to have a bowl of wrapped candy for attendees to enjoy. You are also allowed to share your private food with friends. However, you are not allowed to sell or share hand-made food with attendees. This is a rule that is to protect you, the attendee, and the convention.

Am I allowed to have multiple artists selling at one table?

Yes. You will be given the chance to discuss this on the application form.

Can I sell fan art?

Yes. As long as your art is composed by your own hand (no tracing or related activities) and does not violate any copyright laws, you are allowed to sell it. You will be asked to remove any art that does not meet these qualifications.

I produce my own products, is that considered commercial production?

No. Anything that you produce with your own hands (physically or design and sent to a small company to produce for you) is perfect for Artists Alley. However, products produced by a company not owned by you or you did not have any hand in the design is not okay.

Can I display my yaoi/hentai or otherwise adult material?

You are allowed to have adult material at your table, but it must not be available for minors to see, touch or otherwise come into contact with. You may have a sign stating that you have such materials but you must checked their ID before allowing any attendee to see it. The Artists Alley Manager will also distribute pin-back buttons that will state "please ask me about my adult material". We will strictly enforce all of the adult material rules as detailed in the contract. If you still have questions, please contact the Artists Alley Manager.

What does it mean that Artists Alley applications are "lightly juried"?

Many shows, both conventions and otherwise, jury their applicants to some extent. Because there will be more demand then there is space, it is important to make sure there is a chance for anyone who wants to apply. This will not only allow for us to see all those who are interested in being involved with Kumoricon, but also helps to make sure that we have return artists present, as well as new faces that haven't been with our Artists Alley before.

I want to apply for Artists Alley, but I don't have any current pictures of my work. Should I apply now and send in updated pictures later?

No. When you apply, you need to have everything you want to submit ready to go. Make sure your gallery and/or website is up-to-date and represents your most current work.

Do you have a question not represented here?

Please email us at artists@kumoricon.org.

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Mascot art by Elaine Huang and Jacqueline Taylor