Kumoricon - 10th Annual Anime Convention - Labor Day Weekend - Sept. 1-3, 2012 - Hilton Vancouver Washington & Red Lion Hotel Vancouver at the Quay
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Events and Schedule

Six Ways to View the Schedule

  • View the schedule chart online – This will be updated until and during the convention if there are changes.
  • Use the free Guidebook app for iOS and Android to view the Kumoricon schedule, maps, Twitter, photos, and more. Mark events to create a personalized schedule! After you install the app, search the guides for “Kumoricon”.
  • Read the event descriptions and times on below on this same web page.
  • The printed Program Book [32MB, PDF] – Every attendee receives one on check-in. Contains event descriptions, times, and maps.
  • The printed Pocket Programming Guide [3.8MB, PDF] – Every attendee receives one on check-in. Contains the schedule chart and maps.
  • Download the schedule charts [0.1MB, PDF] in 8.5×11 printable format, or just the viewing room charts [0.2MB, PDF].

The cosplay scavenger hunt grid is available.

Errata/changes to the schedule since the Pocket Programming Guide and Program Book were printed
  • You Don't Know Jack! (Sat 10:30pm - Sun 12:00am – Panel 2 (Heritage F – Hilton)) is now correctly marked as an age 18+ only event.
  • Added full Viewing Rooms schedule.


Convention Hours

The convention starts on Saturday at 7:00am and ends on Monday at 7:00pm (all events except Closing Ceremonies and Rant and Rave finish by 4:30pm; most by 4:00pm).

Convention events run between 7:00am and 3:00am each day.

Minor Curfew

Kumoricon policies apply a curfew to minors (anyone under age 18) from 12:00am to 6:00am. Please see the policies page for our full policies.

Registration Hours

Please see important details regarding registration check-in and hours on the registration page.

Two Charity Auctions

Every year, the Kumoricon community dedicates time, effort, goods, services, and significant funds toward bettering the lives of locals in the vicinity of our con through charitable donations. Our primary fundraiser is our Live Charity Auction, held mid-afternoon on Monday. We are proud to maintain the Sunshine Division as our beneficiary. For 87 years, the Sunshine Division has provided emergency food and clothing to those in need. The Sunshine Division is unique in that its food boxes are available 24/7, at every Portland police precinct, to anyone in need. The Sunshine Division welcomes volunteers, including kids, and maintains a charming, upbeat blog: http://sunshinedivisionblog.wordpress.com/. Come join the fun, bid on extraordinary prizes, and help give back to the local community. We also have a Silent Auction at the Red Lion!

Silent Auction

Saturday: 12:00pm-7:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am-6:00pm
Monday: closed

The Silent Auction is located in Poolside (Red Lion).

Live Auction

Monday: 1:30pm-4:30pm

The Live Auction is located in Discovery B/C (Hilton).

Viewing Rooms Hours and Location

Saturday: 7:00am-3:00am
Sunday: 7:00am-3:00am
Monday: 7:00am-4:00pm

Viewing rooms are located in Discovery E & D (Hilton).

Video Gaming Hours and Location

Saturday: 7:00am-2:00am
Sunday: 8:00am-2:00am
Monday: 8:00am-4:00pm

Staff permitting, console and tabletop gaming will be open Friday night for early attendees!

Video console gaming is located in the parking garage of the Hilton.

LAN gaming is located in Boardroom (Hilton).

Tabletop, RPG, and CCG Gaming Hours and Location

Saturday: 7:00am-3:00am
Sunday: 8:00am-3:00am
Monday: 8:00am-4:00pm

Tabletop, RPG, and CCG gaming are located in the parking garage of the Hilton.

Exhibitors Hall Hours and Location

Saturday: 10:00am-6:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am-6:00pm
Monday: 10:00am-2:00pm

The Exhibitors Hall is located in the Red Lion Ballroom.

Artists Alley Hours and Location

Saturday: 11:00am-7:00pm
Sunday: 11:00am-7:00pm
Monday: 10:00am-2:00pm

Artists Alley is located in the Centennial Center (Red Lion).

Art Show Hours, Location, and Rules

Saturday: 12:00pm-6:00pm (setup 8:30am-12:00pm)
Sunday: 8:30am-6:00pm
Monday: 8:30am-4:00pm (pickup only)

The Art Show is located in Quayside/Portside (Red Lion).

Art Show Rules for Bidders – Rules for bidders at the Kumoricon Art Show.

Manga Library Hours and Location

Saturday: 7:00am-2:00am
Sunday: 8:00am-2:00am
Monday: 8:00am-4:00pm

The Manga Library is located in Cedar (Hilton).

Chibi Room Hours and Location

Saturday: 11:00am-5:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am-5:00pm
Monday: 10:00am-3:00pm

The Chibi Room is located in Ash (Hilton).

Merchandise Booth Hours and Location

Saturday: 10:00am-6:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am-6:00pm
Monday: 10:00am-4:00pm

The Merchandise Booth is located in the East-facing lobby of the Hilton.

Info Booth Hours
Hilton Info Booth

Friday: 4:00pm-10:00pm
Saturday: 8:00am-10:00pm
Sunday: 8:00am-10:00pm
Monday: 8:00am-4:00pm

The Hilton Info Booth is located in the East-facing lobby.

Red Lion Info Booth

Saturday: 9:00am-6:00pm
Sunday: 9:00am-6:00pm
Monday: 9:00am-2:00pm

Programming Booth Hours

Saturday: 12:00pm-12:00am
Sunday: 10:00am-12:00am
Monday: 10:00am-2:00pm

The Programming Booth is located in the East-facing lobby of the Hilton, next to the Info Booth.

To get an 18+ age stamp when the Programming Booth is closed, please visit the Programming Office on the 3rd floor of the Hilton, open 24 hours.

Operations Office Hours

The Operations Office is open 24 hours while the convention is running.

The Operations Office is located on the third floor of the Hilton turning right down the hall from the elevators.

Hotel Event Space Map

Click on each map for a full size view. This map is present in both the program book and the pocket programming guide.

Please see the hotel page for a local food and area map.

Hilton Vancouver Washington

Hilton Event Space Map

Red Lion Hotel Vancouver at the Quay

Red Lion Event Space Map

Event Descriptions

Basic Information
Ticketed Events

Some events are “ticketed events”, which means that, to guarantee seating, you need to pick up a ticket earlier in the day to attend. Due to popular demand, all tickets may be given away sometime prior to the event. These tickets are free and can be picked up at the Programming Booth in the East-facing lobby of the Hilton on the same day as the event. (Some events require an extra fee to attend. Events which do not specify an additional fee, but are merely labeled “Ticketed Event”, do not require an extra fee.) Clarification: When the event starts, if there is extra space, non-ticket-holders will then be allowed to enter.

Age 18+ Events

In order to attend age 18+ events you’ll need a hand stamp. You need to bring your badge and photo ID to the Programming Booth in the East-facing lobby of the Hilton and you can get this stamp. If the Programming Booth has closed for the day, you can get the stamp at the Programming Office on the 3rd floor of the Hilton.

Line Restriction

Please do not line up for events more than 30 minutes before the event starts or seating begins. Specific events may have different line requirements, subject to change without advance notice.

Days in the schedule

Days listed in the schedule “switch over” at midnight. For example, an event that starts at 11pm on Sunday and runs for two hours will read: Sun 11:00pm-Mon 1:00am.

Beware of this for events that start at or after midnight. Even though con-goers think of convention days as being from “dawn to dawn”, for purposes of dates in this schedule days are “midnight to midnight”. For example, an event that takes place “Sunday night, after midnight, from 1am to 2am” will read: Mon 1:00am-Mon 2:00am.

Main Events
Opening Ceremonies

Sat 10:00am - Sat 11:00am – Main Events (Heritage A/B/C/D – Hilton)

Join us as we kick off our convention for a tenth year! Find out what's in store for the weekend.

Live Charity Auction

Mon 1:30pm - Mon 4:30pm – Live Events (Discovery B/C – Hilton)

Kumoricon partners with the Sunshine Division for a third year to bring you our annual Live Charity Auction. Come early for a chance to bid on exclusive, one-of-a-kind lots and stay late to bid on your chance to be next year's Badge #1! It's a lot of fun and best of all, it's for charity!

Silent Charity Auction

Sat 12:00pm - Sat 7:00pm – Charity Auction (Gull's Nest – Red Lion)

Come visit the Gull's Nest room in the Red Lion for Kumoricon's silent auction. Exclusive art prints and posters, unique anime goods, and collectibles are all being auctioned off for charity! Get there early to check out what's new and get a first look at some of the featured items in our Live Auction.

Silent Charity Auction

Sun 10:00am - Sun 6:00pm – Charity Auction (Gull's Nest – Red Lion)

Come visit the Gulls Nest room in the Red Lion for Kumoricon's silent auction. Exclusive art prints and posters, unique anime goods, and collectibles are all being auctioned off for charity! Get there early to check out what's new and get a first look at some of the featured items in our Live Auction.

Kumori Ball

Sun 8:30pm - Sun 10:00pm – Main Events (Heritage A/B/C/D – Hilton)

You are invited to attend the Kumori Ball! Come in all your finery—semi-formal or cosplay only, please. Bring a partner, find one among the other dancers, or dance with one of our hosts. Attendees must follow the dress code—staff reserves the right to deny entry to anyone inappropriately attired.

Kumoricon Dance

Sun 10:00pm - Mon 3:00am – Main Events (Heritage A/B/C/D – Hilton)

Sunday night get ready to strut your stuff. Join DJ DiscoSnake and DJ Gino Mari as the play a mix of some of your favorite music—with more cowbell!

Kumoricon J-Pop & K-Pop Dance Party! ~ Initial P vs. DJ Hojo

Sat 10:30pm - Sun 3:00am – Main Events (Heritage A/B/C/D – Hilton)

Join us immediately after The Slants for an all K-pop and J-pop dance party. Nothin' but HITS and DANCEFLOOR JAMS expertly mixed by Initial P and DJ Hojo.

Manga Library

Sat 7:00am - Sun 2:00am – Manga Library (Cedar – Hilton)
Sun 8:00am - Mon 2:00am – Manga Library (Cedar – Hilton)
Mon 8:00am - Mon 4:00pm – Manga Library (Cedar – Hilton)

Come sit, relax, and read your favorite manga in Kumoricon's very own manga library! Open from 8am to 2am all weekend, it's a great place to take a break from all the con chaos!


Sat 11:00am - Sun 12:00am – PhotoBooth (Birch – Hilton)
Sun 9:00am - Mon 12:00am – PhotoBooth (Birch – Hilton)
Mon 9:00am - Mon 11:30am – PhotoBooth (Birch – Hilton)
Mon 1:30pm - Mon 4:00pm – PhotoBooth (Birch – Hilton)


Oooo, ooooo, oooo, guess what!!!! Time for Kumoricon 2012 and year #4 of On The Spott PhotoBooth. This year PhotoBooth will run pretty much the same as last year. Same room, same no charge for PB time, free digital copies, and same general hours. Friday PB will be open in the afternoon/evening depending on when we arrive and how quick setup is. We plan to be open between 9 and 10 Saturday and Sunday morning. We will close about midnight each night, or when I am just about too tired to drive home for the night. PB will be closed during Opening Ceremonies, Closing Ceremonies and possibly during Cosplay Chess. Please have a USB drive with you so we can give you copies of your images from your time as a PhotoBooth guest.

Volunteer Meeting

Sat 11:00am - Sat 11:30am – Panel 5 (Hemlock – Hilton)

Want to help out the con staff for a few hours, but not sure what to do? Come to the volunteer meeting; speak with dedicated staff who will tailor your great contribution around the stuff you want to see anyway! It's one of the best ways to show Kumoricon your support!

Closing Ceremonies

Mon 4:30pm - Mon 6:00pm – Main Events (Heritage A/B/C/D – Hilton)

The final event of Kumoricon—contest winners are announced, highlights are replayed, and the venue and mascot for 2013 are revealed.

Rant and Rave

Mon 6:00pm - Mon 7:00pm – Live Events (Discovery B/C – Hilton)

Was there something you loved, or something you thought could be improved? Good feedback or bad, we want to hear your thoughts. Stop by after Closing Ceremonies to tell the staff what you thought of the con.

Guest Programming
10 Years of Kumoricon with Slightly Anime

Sat 3:00pm - Sat 5:00pm – Live Events (Discovery B/C – Hilton)

A look back at Kumoricon's past, hosted by Slightly Anime. We will be telling stories of drama and insanity from all the past Kumoricons we can remember (that would be all of them). Want to see some of the very first cosplay? How about some random hallway shenanigans from the early years? We have it all and more.

Concert – The Slants

Sat 9:00pm - Sat 10:30pm – Main Events (Heritage A/B/C/D – Hilton)

Some have called them "the hardest working Asian-American band" while others simply say they are "melt-your-face-off awesomeness", but for those of you who haven't heard: they are back! Taking to the Main Events stage at Kumoricon for a long-awaited encore, be prepared to dance, scream, and enjoy one of Portland's best success stories. They've toured the world, and now they return to the town, the convention and the fans that started it all. Chinatown dance rock, synth-pop, eletro-rock, whatever you want to call it, this is The SLANTS at Kumoricon!

Cosplay Music Videos (CMV)

Mon 11:30am - Mon 1:00pm – Live Events (Discovery B/C – Hilton)

You've all heard of AMVs but what about CMVs? Cosplay Music Videos have begun popping up everywhere and the members of Ninja Of The Night have collected some of their favorites to share with you! Come get acquainted with "Live Action AMVs"!

Dark Horse Presents

Mon 10:00am - Mon 11:00am – Live Events (Discovery B/C – Hilton)

Portland's own Dark Horse Comics has been publishing manga, Japanese artbooks, and light novels since the 1980s! Come and see what we're doing in the 2010s, including news, previews of our upcoming titles and information on the web and iPhone versions of our manga. Bring your questions, too!

Dating Like a Rock Star

Sun 1:30pm - Sun 2:30pm – Live Events (Discovery B/C – Hilton)

Learning how positive self-image and confidence can go away for attracting potential partners, how to get beyond the "friend zone", and learning when it's time to move on.

FMA: Through the Eyes of Maes Hughes

Sat 2:00pm - Sat 3:00pm – Main Events (Heritage A/B/C/D – Hilton)

It's never easy being backup to an unstable individual. Especially when he plays with fire. Oh! Have you seen the latest pics of my daughter! Isn't she adorable?! I will show you those later. I have a story to tell. It deals with the factual truth of what really happens in Central Command.

FUNimation Industry Panel

Sat 11:30am - Sat 12:30pm – Main Events (Heritage A/B/C/D – Hilton)

All the latest news and information from FUNimation, one of the leaders in North American anime.

FUNimation Sneak Peeks

Sun 11:00am - Sun 12:00pm – Main Events (Heritage A/B/C/D – Hilton)

Extended look and exclusive clips from FUNimation, one of the leaders in North American anime.

Guest of Honor and VIP Reception

Sat 6:30pm - Sat 8:30pm – Quay Restaurant at the Red Lion

If you want face time with all the guests in a more intimate setting, this is the event for you! Advance paid ticket required. Entry for VIPs is included in the cost of registration.

Holy Skit!

Sat 12:30pm - Sat 2:30pm – Live Events (Discovery B/C – Hilton)

Cosplay Guests Ninja of the Night discuss the ins and outs of skit writing, rehearsing, and performing cosplay skits! They will be going over the Dos and Don'ts and what to look out for when planning your next contest entry! Don't miss it!

How Being Asian Got Me In Trouble

Mon 12:30pm - Mon 1:30pm – Panel 1 (Discovery A – Hilton)

Simon Young, from The Slants, talks about experiences where Eastern and Western cultures have clashed… and how that has resulted in being banned from clubs, detained at an international border, and being accused of being racist towards himself!

Lauren Landa Autograph

Sat 2:30pm - Sat 3:30pm – Autographs (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Sun 12:30pm - Sun 1:30pm – Autographs (Parking Garage – Hilton)

Meet & Greet: The Slants

Sat 10:30pm - Sat 11:30pm – Panel 3 (Heritage E – Hilton)

Ever wondered how Simon takes his tea? Or what products Aron puts in his hair? Get up close and real with the men who make the music of The Slants. It's every Slants army member's dream! Find out what's new with the band and maybe even hear a road story or two.

Q&A with The Slants

Sat 11:00am - Sat 12:00pm – Live Events (Discovery B/C – Hilton)

An open, candid question-and-answer session where band members can talk about upcoming projects, tell tour stories, and answer questions about The Slants.

The Slants Autograph

Mon 10:00am - Mon 11:00am – Autographs (Parking Garage – Hilton)

Slightly Anime Dating Game

Sat 10:00pm - Sun 12:00am – Live Events (Discovery B/C – Hilton)

The Slightly Anime Dating Game is a 1970s-style game show. We pick people out of the audience to compete for our "prize" cosplayers. The Date is a lie, so you have no reason not to come, participate, and laugh.

Slightly Anime Dating Game 18+

Mon 12:00am - Mon 2:00am – Live Events (Discovery B/C – Hilton)

(Age 18+ only—ID stamp required—see Programming Booth)

The 18+ Slightly Anime Dating Game is a 1970s-style game show. We pick people out of the audience to compete for our "prize" cosplayers. The Date is a lie, so you have no reason not to come, participate, and laugh.

Some Time with Guest Lauren Landa

Sat 12:30pm - Sat 1:30pm – Main Events (Heritage A/B/C/D – Hilton)

Lauren Landa discusses her various roles in both anime and video game titles such as Madoka Magica, Redline, Familiar of Zero, Soul Calibur V, BlazBlue, Tales of Graces, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, and more! Be sure to bring your questions!

Sonny Strait Autograph

Sat 12:30pm - Sat 1:30pm – Autographs (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Sun 10:30am - Sun 11:30am – Autographs (Parking Garage – Hilton)

State of the Industry

Sun 12:30pm - Sun 1:30pm – Main Events (Heritage A/B/C/D – Hilton)

Folks from different areas of the anime and manga industry lay it on the line for fans—the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Voice Acting

Sun 2:00pm - Sun 3:00pm – Main Events (Heritage A/B/C/D – Hilton)

Join voice actors from around the industry to learn how they got started and what's really involved in the business.

We Shadows

Sun 12:00pm - Sun 1:00pm – Live Events (Discovery B/C – Hilton)

Finally! The long awaited sequel to A Midsummer Night's Dream. Sorry Shakespeare, we could wait no longer. Come listen to Sonny talk about his journey in writing this comic that blends elements from The Ugly Duckling, Arthurian legend and A Midsummer Night's Dream into a modern day, wacked out tale of its own with snappy dialogue, dead-on comic timing and trippy visuals.


Sun 3:00pm - Sun 4:00pm – Live Events (Discovery B/C – Hilton)

You WILL believe that a voice actor CAN draw! Sonny Strait is here to tell you how it's done and how to have fun doing it.

What the Phở?

Sun 10:30am - Sun 11:30am – Live Events (Discovery B/C – Hilton)

Food fans unite! The Slants help you discover new types of Asian cuisine, how to find quality eateries, and answer questions about the dishes you've always been afraid to try yourself.

AMV Show

Sat 4:00pm - Sat 5:00pm – Main Events (Heritage A/B/C/D – Hilton)

(Ticketed event—see Programming Booth)

Before the contest, come and watch the "best-of" collection of AMVs created within the last year.

AMV Contest

Sat 5:00pm - Sat 7:00pm – Main Events (Heritage A/B/C/D – Hilton)

(Ticketed event—see Programming Booth)

AMV Show: Before the contest, come and watch the "best-of" collection of AMVs created within the last year.

AMV Contest: Kumoricon's Anime Music Videos competition, created for fans, by fans. Entries are grouped into categories, and you the audience vote for your favorite videos. Come see how your video does, or just sit back and watch! Winners will be announced during Closing Ceremonies.

AMV Off-Hours Show

Mon 12:00am - Mon 6:00am – Viewing 2 (Discovery E – Hilton)

Later in the evening, this selection of AMVs may contain audio with more explicit lyrics or exposure than the regular contest and show. This is NOT a HENTAI show.

AMV Overflow Show

Mon 8:00am - Mon 10:00am – Panel 1 (Discovery A – Hilton)

If you missed the original contest, or want to take another look, join us for a replay of some of the contest favorites (as previously determined by audience vote), and a selection of past AMV Show entries and winners.

Cosfluff: Plus-Sized Cosplay

Sat 5:00pm - Sat 7:00pm – Panel 4 (Oak – Hilton)

Come join us in exploring the wonderful world of Plus Sized Cosplay! We will go over several topics, including the Dos and Don'ts of cosplaying for larger body types, makeup and hair styles, self-esteem and bullying in the cosplay community, ways to improve your cosplays and how to design your cosplays around your body type, healthy eating and dieting, and so much more! All are welcome to come and enjoy!

Cosplay Chess

Mon 11:30am - Mon 1:30pm – Main Events (Heritage A/B/C/D – Hilton)

(Ticketed event—see Programming Booth)

Come see your favorite characters battle it out on a giant chessboard stage! Cosplay Chess is an event where convention attendees in cosplay serve as the pieces, and at the direction of two chess masters, will move, fight, and die, live on stage. The combats are not pre-scripted—anything can happen!

Cosplay Chess Pre-Meeting

Mon 10:00am - Mon 11:30am – Main Events (Heritage A/B/C/D – Hilton)

Meeting for Cosplay Chess participants. This is an opportunity to discuss battle techniques and work out strategies. Mandatory for all participants.

Cosplay Contest

Sun 4:30pm - Sun 7:00pm – Main Events (Heritage A/B/C/D – Hilton)

(Ticketed event—see Programming Booth)

Whether you prefer competing as a contestant on stage or viewing the skits and costumes from the audience, the Cosplay Contest is Kumoricon's main costume event where entrants compete for recognition and top prizes. Join in the fun yourself, or cheer on your favorite characters as they perform original skits and dazzle the audience with amazing costumes.

Cosplay Contest Pre-Meeting

Sat 9:00pm - Sat 10:00pm – Panel 4 (Oak – Hilton)

First official meeting for all Cosplay entrants, and FINAL DEADLINE for all Cosplay entry forms. Costume Workmanship slots and Skit technical rehearsal slots will be assigned. The Cosplay Coordinator will describe the technical rehearsal and costume workmanship judging processes. At least one member of each group must be present or the group will be disqualified. Costumes NOT required at this meeting.

Cosplay Costume Judging

Sun 11:00am - Sun 3:00pm – Panel 5 (Hemlock – Hilton)

Costume Workmanship judging for costume entries in Cosplay Contest. During the cosplay pre-meeting, entrants will be assigned a time slot for judging. Be sure to arrive at least 5-10 minutes prior to your scheduled time slot. Costumes REQUIRED.

Cosplay Green Room

Sun 4:00pm - Sun 7:00pm – Panel 2 (Heritage F – Hilton)

The Cosplay Green room is the room reserved for Cosplay Contest entrants to wait in during and 1/2 hour prior to the Cosplay Contest. A video feed from Main Events room will be provided to allow entrants to view the other entries while waiting for their time on stage.

Cosplay Technical Rehearsal

Sun 7:30am - Sun 10:30am – Main Events (Heritage A/B/C/D – Hilton)

Technical rehearsal for ALL Cosplay entrants. This is a quick walk-through of the Cosplay Contest to coordinate ninja assistance, adjust lighting, and test music and audio. Costumes NOT required at this meeting.

Cosplay Contest Feedback

Mon 11:30am - Mon 12:30pm – Panel 2 (Heritage F – Hilton)

An opportunity for participants in the Cosplay Contest to discuss what did and did not work in this year's Cosplay Contest. The Workmanship judges will be present to provide feedback and suggestions for the Workmanship entries.

Cosplay Scavenger Hunt

Join the hunt! Keep your eyes open and on the lookout for clues as you wander the convention. For more information, please check in the pocket guide, or go to the Programming Booth.

Cosplay Skits 101

Sat 1:30pm - Sat 3:00pm – Panel 1 (Discovery A – Hilton)

Have you competed in the Cosplay Contest before? Do you want to? No matter what your circumstance, come and join us to learn a few tips, tricks, and techniques for writing, recording, making, and performing your award-winning skit!

Cosplaying Parents

Sat 3:30pm - Sat 4:30pm – Panel 4 (Oak – Hilton)

To promote parents who like to cosplay. To provide some information for parents who have kids that are into anime and cosplaying. To show parents that they are never too old to cosplay.

Hall Cosplay

Once again, our Hall Cosplay Staff will be roaming the halls on the lookout for outstanding costumes and cosplayers. Act your part, or just have fun—you never know where they will be!

How to Make Cat Ears

Sat 9:30am - Sat 10:30am – Workshop (Pine/Spruce – Hilton)
Sun 8:30am - Sun 9:30am – Workshop (Pine/Spruce – Hilton)

Come to this workshop and learn how to make your own purrrrfect cat ears! Materials are provided, and instructors will be there to help you along. Space is limited, so be sure to come early. (For those who cannot attend the panel, you will be able to purchase the materials and make your own ears at the cat ear table in the Vancouver Hilton garage, next to Video Gaming).

Intro to Cosplay: A Field Guide to Costumed Survival

Sat 10:30am - Sat 12:00pm – Panel 2 (Heritage F – Hilton)

So, you've decided that giant swords, neon hair, and miles of ruffles sound like your idea of a good time—but you don't know where to start. Maybe you tried it that one time twelve hours before con… with hilarious results. No idea what to do when a camera's shoved in your face?

I've spent ten years learning the ropes and I want to help. From figuring out what you really want out of your cosplay experience to how to win the war between animation and reality, let me show you there's more to cosplay than hot glue and hope!

Introduction to Cosplay Bodypainting

Sat 1:30pm - Sat 3:00pm – Panel 5 (Hemlock – Hilton)

An overview of the basics of bodypainting, from the minor to the magnificent. Topics will include surface preparation and masking, paint application tips and tricks, as well as a section on fixatives and topcoats (avoid staining that epic costume you spend 100 hours sewing and learn how to sleep—yes, SLEEP, in full body makeup). Whether you're looking for guidance on making an exquisite Dark Mark or trolling around Homestuck-style, there's a little something for all. Experienced artists are also welcome; come share your favorite tricks with newcomers, and maybe learn a few yourself.

Introduction to Cosplay Lighting

Sat 3:30pm - Sat 5:00pm – Panel 5 (Hemlock – Hilton)

As cosplay evolves, so must the cosplayer. With the increasing complexity of character designs and digital effects, the seasoned cosplayer must use ever more sophisticated techniques in order to produce a finished design that truly ~pops~. Where once was a flashlight and a piece of cellophane, today you find advanced circuitry, fiber optics, and more. Come join us as we cover the range of the possible, with tips on both basic wiring to light your first LED to designing a collapsible circuit to create that MacBook sleep effect. "All are welcome", from beginner to expert, and remember: Head towards the Light.

Kumoricon Fashion Show

Mon 2:30pm - Mon 3:30pm – Main Events (Heritage A/B/C/D – Hilton)

The 2012 Kumoricon Fashion Show will showcase the latest in Lolita, J-rock/J-pop, and Japanese traditional dress as well as costumes from all genres. Any outfit that fits within the Kumoricon dress code is eligible to be shown during the Fashion Show. Sign up 30 minutes prior to stage time. All participants will have up to 30 seconds to showcase their outfit on stage—no skits and no judging, just fun.

Prop Weapons: Making, Materials, Methods, & Madness

Sat 12:30pm - Sat 2:00pm – Panel 2 (Heritage F – Hilton)

A panel of Kumoricon Forum guest speakers to discuss the four Ms of prop weapon production: Making, Materials, Methods, and Madness. We will show you the Dos and Don'ts of making your props. What materials you can use and where to get them. Tools of the trade and the methods we employ. And the "OMG con is in a week and I'm still laying down resin!" madness.

Open Mic

Sat 7:00am - Sat 11:00am – Karaoke (Alder – Hilton)
Sat 2:00pm - Sun 2:00am – Karaoke (Alder – Hilton)
Sun 8:00am - Mon 2:00am – Karaoke (Alder – Hilton)
Mon 8:00am - Mon 4:00pm – Karaoke (Alder – Hilton)

Come sing your heart out, or have a seat and relax. Last, but most of all, enjoy the music!

Karaoke Cosplay Hybrid

Sat 7:30pm - Sat 9:30pm – Live Events (Discovery B/C – Hilton)

See cosplay and karaoke collide once again at Kumoricon's Cosplay Hybrid contest. Contestants will put on skits, perform artistic acts, and go for audience appeal, all the while performing songs to complement their performance. be goofy, be serious, the point is—have fun with your music!

Kumoricon Idol

Sat 7:30pm - Sat 9:30pm – Live Events (Discovery B/C – Hilton)

Listen as contestants perform beautiful Japanese songs. Idol contestants are judged on vocal ability and talent.

Karaoke Contest Auditions

Sat 11:00am - Sat 2:00pm – Karaoke (Alder – Hilton)

General Programming
Anime Debate

Mon 11:30am - Mon 12:30pm – Panel 4 (Oak – Hilton)

Edward Elric or Roy Mustang? CLAMP or Shonen Jump? Mario or Sonic? Have you ever wanted to decide once and for all, which is best? In Anime Debate, you can do exactly that. Fans will be given a chance to debate various subjects ranging from major topics like the "Best Anime Character" to the more interesting, such as "Weirdest Moment in an Anime."

Anime Murder Game

Sun 6:00pm - Sun 8:30pm – Panel 3 (Heritage E – Hilton)

Bored? Tired? Got nothing better to do? Then pass your time laughing and having fun trying to figure out who killed who with your own assumptions and ways on how one person killed the other! No need for shyness cause who knows you might be the Killer! Or maybe you're already the victim.

Anime Murder Game 18+

Sun 12:00am - Sun 2:30am – Panel 3 (Heritage E – Hilton)

(Age 18+ only—ID stamp required—see Programming Booth)

Bored? Tired? Got nothing better to do? Then pass your time laughing and having fun trying to figure out who killed who with your own assumptions and ways on how one person killed the other, except in a little more perverted manner! No need for shyness cause who knows you might be the Killer! Or maybe you're already the victim.

Anime That Scarred Me for Life

Sun 8:00pm - Sun 10:00pm – Live Events (Discovery B/C – Hilton)

Come share your stories of soul crushing moments from your favorite shows. Part therapy, part comedy, always a bit weird. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll hear at least one person blame a certain video store's lax age restrictions on renting anime for ruining their childhood.

Ballroom Dancing Lessons

Sun 1:30pm - Sun 2:30pm – Panel 3 (Heritage E – Hilton)
Sun 2:30pm - Sun 3:30pm – Panel 3 (Heritage E – Hilton)
Sun 3:30pm - Sun 4:30pm – Panel 3 (Heritage E – Hilton)

Feeling a little shy on the dance floor for the Kumori Ball? A ballroom dance class is planned earlier that day for those of you who would like to learn a few moves, meet potential dance partners, or just brush up on your technique. There will be three one-hour sessions.

Bishounen Shounen-Ai

Sun 9:30pm - Sun 11:30pm – Panel 2 (Heritage F – Hilton)

Discussion about the latest shounen-ai anime, manga and games. Free prizes for those who like to participate in fun games.

Bleach Captain's Meeting

Sat 4:00pm - Sat 5:00pm – Panel 2 (Heritage F – Hilton)

Join the Bleach captains for a debriefing on the overall Aizen incident.

Bressler's Game Show Panel!

Sun 9:00am - Sun 10:30am – Panel 2 (Heritage F – Hilton)

Bressler returns to Kumoricon with NEW game shows! And because we want the most people to attend, we are putting them all in one panel! Staples like Press Your Luck will be there, plus a debut of a NEW game! Come for the games, stay for the raffle at the end!

Cat Ear Making

Sat 11:00am - Sat 2:00pm – Cat Ears (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Sat 4:00pm - Sat 7:00pm – Cat Ears (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Sun 11:00am - Sun 2:00pm – Cat Ears (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Sun 4:00pm - Sun 7:00pm – Cat Ears (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Mon 11:00am - Mon 2:00pm – Cat Ears (Parking Garage – Hilton)

Interested in making a pair of cat ears for yourself but missed the panel? You're in luck! Come to the Cat Ear Booth near Registration and choose from a variety of colors and styles of ears to make. Open all three days, as long as supplies last. Cost: $1

Copyrights and Your Comics, Fanfic, and Art

Sun 3:30pm - Sun 4:30pm – Panel 4 (Oak – Hilton)

Portland attorney Matthew Abts discusses copyright law and your creative works, including how to register and protect your own work, and when you can and can't use the work of someone else (fair use). Matthew is a small business attorney whose clients include DeviantArtists, webcomicers, T-shirt printers, and video game creators, both in and outside the United States. His website is OregonStartup.com.

Curse You Anime!

Sun 7:30pm - Sun 9:30pm – Workshop (Pine/Spruce – Hilton)

Have you ever pretended to be Excalibur from Soul Eater while sitting like L from Death Note and talking like Mieu from Tales of the Abyss? Well now here's your chance! Or better yet, here's your chance to make your friends! The party game, Curses!, has been redesigned to be anime-themed. Play to curse your friends or play to become your favorite characters from various animes! Either way, it's guaranteed to keep the laughs coming!

D.Gray-man Improv Show

Sat 5:30pm - Sat 6:30pm – Panel 2 (Heritage F – Hilton)

Lavi, Lenalee, and Komui has decided to put on an improv show. Lucky for you guys you can participate in some of their fun games such as Park Bench, Freeze, Dinner Plate, and Puppets. Come and enjoy the show.

Doctor Who Fandom Celebration: Tiptoe Through the TARDIS

Mon 1:00pm - Mon 3:00pm – Panel 2 (Heritage F – Hilton)

Cybermen, Time Lords, and Daleks, oh my! Win Whovian prizes for your best cosplays, props, fan creations (fics, filks, Trock, art, crafts, vids), line readings, scene recreations, or flirting a la Captain Jack Harkness. Share your memories, jokes, trivia savvy, curiosity, and collectibles relating to any of the 50 years of classic and new Doctor Who and related series (Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures, K-9). Photoshoots will take place during and after the panel!

Dubious Medusa – The Webcomic Panel

Sun 3:30pm - Sun 5:30pm – Panel 5 (Hemlock – Hilton)

Popular, local webcomic creators Jake Richmond (author and artist for Modest Medusa) and Ben Hsu (author for Dubious Company) return to Kumoricon. Join them as they give an in-depth talk about what it means to run a webcomic: from how to get started, to seeing your book in print, as well as other general advice for up and coming webcomic creators.

Fangirl/Fanboy Support Group

Sun 2:30pm - Sun 3:30pm – Panel 2 (Heritage F – Hilton)

The Fangirl/Fanboy Support Group is back! Come and learn about fan etiquette, glomp etiquette, have a squee-tastic time and of course fan stories! So come one, come all for a fantastic time!

Fight for Your OTP! (One True Pairing) – A Pairing Debate Panel

Sat 9:30pm - Sat 10:30pm – Panel 5 (Hemlock – Hilton)

Have an intense love for a pairing? Feel as if you're the biggest shipper out there? Do you want to rant and debate how your pairing is better than all the rest? Categories range from slash to crack to crossover to canon couples. Let's see if you can win the audience's hearts with your ship!

Gamer Girls 3: Co-Op is a Lifestyle

Mon 10:30am - Mon 12:00pm – Panel 1 (Discovery A – Hilton)

The Gamer Girls panel is back, and this year Ally does not game alone! Talk to and ask questions about games and the girls who play them. Meet the women who keep dice next to their lip-gloss and have opinions about everything from efficient leveling to cheat codes. What's a gamer girl? Do they exist? Should the industry care about girls who game? Be at this panel and find out!

Gamer Glory Stories

Sun 12:30am - Sun 2:30am – Panel 2 (Heritage F – Hilton)

(Age 18+ only—ID stamp required—see Programming Booth)

Some people believe that moments of sheer epicness should be re-enacted or, at the very least, re-told. We are some of those people. We want to hear them all! Anything from an anguishing TPK to a cool scene in a LARP, the crown jewel in your card collection to that raid in your MMO that went horribly awry (or was perfect), that character you created that you want to be like or whose massive powers people have to flee from to that sweet headshot you got without even using VATS. Those are your epic glory stories as a gamer and we think that they are awesome—so awesome, in fact, they deserve to not only be shared but to earn prizes too! (For extra bonus prizes then we'd recommend cosplay, telling a story in character or re-enacting it with a friend!)


Sun 11:00pm - Mon 12:30am – Panel 1 (Discovery A – Hilton)

(Age 18+ only—ID stamp required—see Programming Booth)

A basic discussion of hentai and the different types. Come join us and share your favorite titles as well as discuss upcoming ones! We will be viewing one or two episodes of one as well as have a brief reading from one of our manga!


Sun 12:00am - Sun 1:30am – Panel 4 (Oak – Hilton)

(Age 18+ only—ID stamp required—see Programming Booth)

A hentai viewing room with a twist! The audience gets to take turns dubbing over the hentai! This panel will be cleared of people after 30 minutes to give other people the chance to try it out as well. So if it's full please come back 30 minutes after it starts to get in.

Hetalia World Meeting

Sat 8:00pm - Sat 11:00pm – Panel 1 (Discovery A – Hilton)
Sun 4:30pm - Sun 7:30pm – Live Events (Discovery B/C – Hilton)

Calling all nations and non-nations! The world is in crisis and issues need to be discussed! Topics from obesity and yaoi, whether you join to become the hero or to try to make others one with Russia; come along and join the debate!

The HetaStuck Panel

Mon 10:00am - Mon 11:00am – Panel 4 (Oak – Hilton)

A panel for fans who like both Hetalia AND Homestuck, and like to mix them up together should the opportunity arise. Do you want to meet other HetaStucks? Do you want to see what a face-off between Dave Strider and Sweden would be like, or find out what would happen if Francis hit on Rose Lalonde? Karkat versus England, who is more tsundere? If these sorts of questions have been nagging at you, the HetaStuck panel is the place to find out. Trolls, humans, muggles, anthropomorphic blob/alien/animal things, all are welcome, as long as you bring your sense of humor, and are prepared for an interesting ride.

Hip Hop Workshop

Mon 10:00am - Mon 11:30am – Panel 3 (Heritage E – Hilton)

It's time to break it out! Get your funky side grooving with this hip hop dance workshop. Learn a choreographed dance to an anime-based hip hop song! Come on, have fun and break a sweat!

Improv Fighting for Cosplay Chess

Sat 7:30pm - Sat 9:30pm – Panel 3 (Heritage E – Hilton)

Have you entered Cosplay Chess without knowing how to attack or wish to know how to improve your abilities to entertain during the fights? Well, this is the panel for you. Here, you will learn different techniques on how to fight, including throwing punches, using props, and how to react with a non-fighting character. There will also be a session to discuss possible attacks for your characters. So come on by and be ready to FIGHT!

Improvisational Acting Workshop

Sat 3:30pm - Sat 5:30pm – Panel 1 (Discovery A – Hilton)

Looking to get in to the world of improvisational acting? How about improving on what you already know? Maybe you want to add a new level to your scripted acting? Or you're possibly just looking for something fun to do? Then come and join us for improvisational acting workshop! Learn about the finer points of improv acting while having fun and meeting new people!

Japanese Candlestick Making

Mon 10:00am - Mon 12:00pm – Panel 5 (Hemlock – Hilton)

Candlestick charting is a graphical method of depicting the open, low, high, and closing prices of commodities to predict price stability and future movements. The method was developed in Osaka in the early 18th century for trading rice futures, but was only introduced to Western exchange traders in the 1980s.

Kingdom Hearts Unlocked: The world ends with who, kupo?

Sun 10:00am - Sun 1:00pm – Panel 1 (Discovery A – Hilton)

As each month passes, Tetsuya likes to tease us about releases, hidden secrets, unknown truths, and the more you try to keep up the more you feel like you are falling behind, kupo? Well how about we make things easier for you and get all the characters from every world, and bring them to you just so you can understand what is going on, kupo! Sadly our funds can't support this, but how about coming down and joining the Kingdom Hearts Unlocked team again this year for an all new update on the newest news of the world of Kingdom Hearts! Let us explain what is going on, while we have some fun with some contests for the audience! One lucky winner will win an awesome prize, while the two runner-ups get exclusive Square Enix merchandise! Now doesn't that sound nice, kupo!

Kumori Pub Quiz

Sat 6:00pm - Sat 8:00pm – Workshop (Pine/Spruce – Hilton)

Come and play a six round trivia game about anime, manga, general Japanese knowledge and more! Win fabulous prizes, but the real prize is bragging rights. Either make a team of four beforehand, or meet up with some fellow geeks at the panel. If you have the best team name we may throw chocolate at you or something.

Kumoricon Forum Meet-up!!!

Sun 12:30pm - Sun 2:00pm – Panel 2 (Heritage F – Hilton)

Wanna meet the people behind the silly avatars on the forums? Are you curious about joining the forums? Up for some fun games? Here's your chance! The forum "family members" can get to know each other in a group setting at this panel. You'll love it!

Kumoricon Retrospective

Sat 11:30am - Sat 1:00pm – Panel 1 (Discovery A – Hilton)

We reminisce about old Kumoricons—how this all started from TUNAC onwards.

Kumoricon Stand-Up Comedy

Sat 8:30pm - Sat 10:00pm – Panel 2 (Heritage F – Hilton)

We're back! For the third straight year, we present time to sit back and laugh away at the crazy tales and jests of your fellow otaku! Past Kumoricons and other con experiences, cosplay mishaps, food, non-nerds, and social interactions are among the many things you'll hear about! Come on in, get cozy, and bring some tissues, because you'll be crying with laughter! (Or close to it). XD

Let Us Tell You About Homestuck

Sat 6:00pm - Sat 7:30pm – Panel 1 (Discovery A – Hilton)

You may have noticed in recent years that cons have been overrun with hordes of grey people with candy corn horns, and guys in blonde wigs and aviator shades. And you may have asked yourself, what exactly is this "Homestuck"? Come to our informative panel to learn more about the series—or, if you're already a fan, for fun games, trivia, and maybe even some prizes!

Making Your Own Webcomic

Sat 7:30pm - Sat 8:30pm – Panel 4 (Oak – Hilton)

Here you'll learn what goes behind the production of an online publication. Jon Nielsen and Josh Rivas of Massive Pwnage will talk about how to effectively maintain your work online and how to establish and keep a fanbase. You also learn all about how they process a script, make artwork, and develop their website! Whether you've just got an idea, or you want to learn more about the craft, this is the panel to attend.

Miniskirt Army

Sat 7:00pm - Sat 8:00pm – Panel 2 (Heritage F – Hilton)

Roy Mustang's dream: a world where all female officers have to wear TINY miniskirts! It is Travis Willingham's dream too. We, the Miniskirt Army, are bringing this dream to life one skirt at a time. We are the few, the TALL, the Miniskirt Army… join us.

Miniskirt Army Uncensored

Sun 9:30pm - Sun 10:30pm – Panel 1 (Discovery A – Hilton)

(Age 18+ only—ID stamp required—see Programming Booth)

You know us… we wear the skirts. You love us, might even worship us secretly. Now get to know the REAL us. It's time to take off the uniform (leaving on the skirt) and talk about who we really are.

Murder in the Veil

Sun 8:00pm - Sun 10:00pm – Panel 4 (Oak – Hilton)

A Homestuck-based murder mystery comedy show starring everyone's favorite type-quirky trolls. Can you help Prosecutor Terexi figure out the killers? Only Doc Scratch knows for sure.

My Little Brony: Friendship is Awesome!

Sat 2:30pm - Sat 3:30pm – Panel 2 (Heritage F – Hilton)

A great way to get your questions answered about the fandom and show if you are a curious potential brony or just confused by the entire idea. Also a great way for already bronies to meet other bronies! So come play games, laugh, and sing! After all this panel is magic!

Oftenly Renamed Panel

Mon 12:00am - Mon 2:00am – Panel 2 (Heritage F – Hilton)

A panel designed to focus on audience driven discussions, where the audience decides what the next topic is. We take on everything from con related topics, to anime, to even real encounters of the "normal" kind. Won't you join us?

Once Upon an Anime

Mon 12:30pm - Mon 1:30pm – Panel 5 (Hemlock – Hilton)

In this panel, people will take turns telling a story about an experience that relates to anime. Then everyone else will have to guess if it's true or false. After the storyteller gives the answer, anyone who guessed right gets a point and the storyteller will get a point for each wrong guess. Whoever has the most by the end of the game will receive a prize.

Online RP 101

Sun 10:30am - Sun 12:00pm – Panel 4 (Oak – Hilton)

This panel will be going over the basics of online roleplay in the forum, chat, and Livejournal/Dreamwidth mediums. We will be discussing finding games, apping into them, codes of conduct, and other essential elements to online roleplaying.

Adult Online Roleplay 101

Mon 12:30am - Mon 2:00am – Panel 5 (Hemlock – Hilton)

(Age 18+ only—ID stamp required—see Programming Booth)

We will be covering what is considered adult roleplay and examining the different factors that make a roleplay adult. We will also be going over basic ground rules and tools one can use to help make adult RP more comfortable for oneself and others.

Otaku Over 25 – We're Back

Sat 8:00pm - Sat 9:00pm – Panel 5 (Hemlock – Hilton)

Shonen, sholo, seinen, josei; anime for adults or anime for children, or does it really matter? Come join us in an open forum as we discuss what it means be an older anime fan. All subjects are open from relating to a younger fandom, participating in the anime fandom, cosplay, to the anime we love.

Outrageous Tropes in Anime

Sun 10:30pm - Mon 12:30am – Panel 4 (Oak – Hilton)

(Includes gun gaffes!) Share your favorite over-the-top unbelievable scenes, tropes, and settings from recent shows and older works as well. Hilarity ensues…

Panelist Meeting

Sat 9:00am - Sat 10:00am – Panel 5 (Hemlock – Hilton)

Running a panel this year at Kumoricon? Come to this meeting to learn more about running panels during the convention as well as to ask any questions you may have. If you have any last minute tech needs or just want to confirm what you requested, this is also the place to get it taken care of.

Parade Planning

Mon 2:00pm - Mon 3:00pm – Panel 5 (Hemlock – Hilton)

We are trying to get the word out about Kumoricon, so we want to use parades as advertising! Come on in and help brainstorm! We want to hear about local parades, and try to work it so we can be in one!

Parent's Guide to Anime

Sat 10:00am - Sat 11:00am – Panel 5 (Hemlock – Hilton)

This is a panel for all those selfless parents and guardians that come every year, yet don't know much about anime. We will help you understand the rating systems, where to get anime for your kids, how to supervise what they're watching, and best of all, answer your questions. Find out what is so great about anime to begin with and how you can be a part of your child's world.

Photography: Inside Your Camera

Sat 8:30am - Sat 9:30am – Panel 1 (Discovery A – Hilton)

If you've ever gotten blurry shots, out of focus subjects, or overexposed/underexposed photographs, this is the panel for you. Part 1 of this multi-part panel will cover the mechanics of how your camera works, how to avoid any mistakes you might be making with your camera, and how to get that perfect effect you're looking for.

Photography: Lighting and Position

Sun 9:00am - Sun 10:00am – Live Events (Discovery B/C – Hilton)

Most of what makes a great photograph occurs outside of the camera. Part 2 of this multi-part panel will cover the technical and artistic aspects of lighting and position, with direct examples and plenty of time for questions. It's recommended that you attend the previous panel before this one.

Photography: Personal Style

Mon 9:30am - Mon 11:00am – Panel 2 (Heritage F – Hilton)

Photography is all about attention, how and where you distribute your attention will profoundly affect the results you get. Part 3 of this multi-part panel will focus on where your attention will tend to go for the different styles of photography. It's recommended that you take the previous two panels before this one.

Prince of Tennis: Crack the Love

Sun 7:30pm - Sun 9:00pm – Panel 2 (Heritage F – Hilton)

From the original manga to the anime, the musicals, the radio programs, themed Nico Nico shows, seiyuu festas, the Chinese drama and character CDs to the new manga series and anime, what makes Prince of Tennis so awesome? There will be spoilers for the original Prince of Tennis and for Shin Prince of Tennis, but staged so you can leave when we get to where you are.

Psychology 360

Sat 10:30am - Sat 11:30am – Panel 4 (Oak – Hilton)

Or, "Applying Basic Psychological Concepts to Understand Characters Better".

Ever wonder "Why did they do that?" This might be the answer. Highlighting: Saiyuki, Trigun, Fruits Basket, Host Club, FMA, and many others. Improve your fanfiction and make better original characters.

Random Panel of Doom

Sun 4:00pm - Sun 7:00pm – Panel 1 (Discovery A – Hilton)

The Random Panel of Doom is back and better than ever. We had a whole year to purge ourselves of our sanity. We are now big balls of crazy wrapped in a masochistic psyche. From this point on, all your opinions will be twisted and later used against you! Fool!!!!

Religion in Anime

Sun 1:30pm - Sun 3:30pm – Panel 1 (Discovery A – Hilton)

A returning popular panel about religious symbols, settings, costumes, and tropes as they are depicted in anime. Panelists come from a very diverse religious mix; all fans are welcome.

Risembool Rangers

Sat 5:30pm - Sat 6:30pm – Panel 5 (Hemlock – Hilton)

Come hear about our leader Vic Mignogna, Edward Elric, what the fanclub is, and play some more trivia with us.

The Roast of Jon Bressler

Sun 7:30pm - Sun 9:00pm – Panel 1 (Discovery A – Hilton)

(Age 18+ only—ID stamp required—see Programming Booth)

You know him. You love him. You also probably hate him? Anyway, one of the most beloved (good job if you read THAT with a straight face) guys from Kumoricon and Sakura-Con is going to get the roast he deserves, that troll. Join the Whose Line cast, as well as appearances by other folks from both Kumori and Sakura! (WARNING: REALLY BAD LANGUAGE AND JOKES WILL BE SAID HERE.)

Sake Tasting Panel

Sun 3:00pm - Sun 5:00pm – Workshop (Pine/Spruce – Hilton)

(Age 21+ only—ID required at door)
(Ticketed event—see Programming Booth)

Kumoricon is proud to welcome back Portland's sake sommelier Marcus Pakiser for a fourth year. Marcus will talk about making sake and the various types of sake. A sampling of traditional Japanese sakes as well as American sake will be tasted. Advance ticket purchase required at the Programming Booth. Ticket fee: $10 (ID required at the door)

Sell Your Music! with Initial P

Sat 1:30pm - Sat 3:00pm – Panel 4 (Oak – Hilton)

Initial P, music producer and owner of the Disko Warp label, gives you a crash course in selling your music online. Discussion topics will include distributing your music through iTunes and Bandcamp, licensing, how to legally release cover songs, accounting, and the all-important PROMOTION! This panel is great for any aspiring music producers or singers who want to know more about the business.

Soul Eater 101

Sat 12:00pm - Sat 1:00pm – Panel 5 (Hemlock – Hilton)

Join DWMA teachers, students, and a certain legendary sword for a class demonstration! Discuss the anime and manga, test your symmetrical drawing skills, get instructions from an expert on proper Shinigami-chops, and learn how to be the coolest Death Scythe ever. Prizes are going to be awarded to winners of our mini-contests and all panelists will be open to answering your questions and telling you all about the world of Soul Eater. Anyone is welcome to come!

Swap Meet

Mon 2:00pm - Mon 4:00pm – Panel 1 (Discovery A – Hilton)

Did you get three of the same Gashapon in the Exhibitors Hall? Have volumes 1, 2, and 4 of Naruto and are looking for 3? Come to the Swap Meet and try your luck! Bring your unwanted wall scrolls, figures, anime, manga, and anything else to trade. (Remember, this is intended for trading; if money must be used to even out a trade, please keep it under $5.)

Team Haberkorn

Sun 10:00am - Sun 11:00am – Panel 5 (Hemlock – Hilton)

Team Haberkorn is an official fan site created by and dedicated to Todd Haberkorn! Proceeds help out the animals at Acadiana Humane Society. This panel will present information on how to get involved with Team Haberkorn and answer questions from fans. Also, there will be lots of trivia, prizes, a compilation of scenes from Todd's works, games, and so much more! It's sure to be fun for everyone! Stop by and become a Haberkornian today!

東 Touhou Project Panel 方

Sun 6:30pm - Sun 7:30pm – Panel 4 (Oak – Hilton)

Heard of Touhou? Want to find out more about Gensokyo and Danmaku? Or maybe you just want to hang out with other fans? All are welcome to the Touhou Project Panel! There, we'll have things set up for new, veteran, and any other type of Touhou fan, so swing on by and say hello!

U.S. West Taekwondo

Mon 9:00am - Mon 10:00am – Main Events (Heritage A/B/C/D – Hilton)

Blocks, kicks, and self-defense techniques—come see the students of U.S. West Taekwondo demonstrate the basic elements of Taekwondo.

Ultimate Anime Crossover

Sun 5:00pm - Sun 6:00pm – Panel 4 (Oak – Hilton)

Have you ever wanted to do an anime crossover based on your own fan fiction or fan art? At Ultimate Anime Crossover, you can bring your own work to share with others. Everyone will then look over each other's work and come up with their own creative ways to connect it all into one epic story.

Voice Acting and Shakespeare

Sat 10:00pm - Sat 11:30pm – Panel 4 (Oak – Hilton)

Always wanted to be a voice actor? Come and get some instruction on how to use your voice as an instrument to embody text. We'll be experimenting with Shakespeare and the Alexander technique.

Where Fanfic Goes to Die

Sat 11:30pm - Sun 1:30am – Panel 1 (Discovery A – Hilton)

(Age 18+ only—ID stamp required—see Programming Booth)

Come one, come all, and witness the terror! The horror! And the lulz! Come ready with your Dramamine and your sense of humor—we're going to read the worst fanfic that's out there. Please keep in mind that this is all done in lighthearted fun and no insult is intended.

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Sat 5:30pm - Sat 7:00pm – Live Events (Discovery B/C – Hilton)

Congratulations! You have made it to the part of the fan panels guide right before Yaoi and right after Slightly Anime Dating Game! You know what you should do? Treat yourself to Kumoricon's BEST (and only, shut up, we're cool) improv panel! Anything can happen here, because of your suggestions—we can even have a guest crash and make them be a Godzilla movie! You don't want to miss this!

Whose Line Is It [CENSORED]!!!!!!!!

Sun 10:00pm - Sun 11:30pm – Live Events (Discovery B/C – Hilton)

(Age 18+ only—ID stamp required—see Programming Booth)

Hi, I'm Sterling Archer, the world's most famous secret agent. Know how I am so awesome? I used to do Whose Line with Bressler and his friends. Plus he let me swear like an ADULT. AN ADULT. So no, you can't go, little kid. The wee baby Seamus can't go, and neither can you. But if you are an adult, you should go. Because those guys are pretty awesome. Now leave me alone, I have a Burt Reynolds movie marathon I am finishing up on.


Sun 12:30am - Sun 2:30am – Live Events (Discovery B/C – Hilton)

(Age 18+ only—ID stamp required—see Programming Booth)

A basic discussion of yaoi and the terminology used in it. Come join us and share your favorite titles as well as discuss upcoming ones! We will be viewing one or two episodes of one as well as have a brief reading from one of our manga!

You Don't Know Jack!

Sat 10:30pm - Sun 12:00am – Panel 2 (Heritage F – Hilton)

(Age 18+ only—ID stamp required—see Programming Booth)

This is the game where con culture and pop culture COLLIDE. Are you prepared for Dis or Dats, Impossible questions, and screwing your opponent? Then join us at Kumoricon 2012!


Mon 1:00am - Mon 2:30am – Panel 1 (Discovery A – Hilton)

(Age 18+ only—ID stamp required—see Programming Booth)

A basic discussion of yuri and the terminology used in it. Come join us and share your favorite titles as well as discuss upcoming ones! We will be viewing one or two episodes of one as well as have a brief reading from one of our manga!

LARP Gaming
What is LARP?

LARP, or Live Action Role Playing takes role-playing games to the next level. Instead of sitting around your table, rolling dice, you dress as your character, act as your character, speak as your character. Think of it as a mesh of role-playing games and drama (theatre, TV, movies, anime, etc.). For the games below, you don't need to know how to act. If you get the general idea of "playing pretend" you have all you need to know. All the rules will be explained to the players at the beginning of games, and a Storyteller (that's the person in charge) will always be available if you have any questions. Costumes are highly encouraged (we'll be dressed up, so should you!).


Sun 11:30am - Sun 1:00pm – Panel 3 (Heritage E – Hilton)

Amtgard is a battle-gaming and live-action fantasy role-playing and boffer combat game, primarily based in the United States as well as other countries (Germany, Croatia, Canada, Korea, and a few more). In short, we are a combat LARP based around medieval fantasy. This panel will consist of a quick intro to the rules, basic boffer combat, and an open Q&A at the end.


"Kill" your friends before they "kill" you. Complete special missions. And WIN PRIZES!!!!! All while enjoying the convention.

Assassins Check-In

Sat 12:00pm - Sat 1:00pm – Panel 4 (Oak – Hilton)
Sat 6:30pm - Sat 7:30pm – Panel 5 (Hemlock – Hilton)
Sun 12:30pm - Sun 1:30pm – Panel 4 (Oak – Hilton)
Sun 6:00pm - Sun 7:00pm – Panel 5 (Hemlock – Hilton)

Boffer Event

Sat 10:00am - Sat 11:00am – Panel 3 (Heritage E – Hilton)
Sun 10:00am - Sun 11:00am – Panel 3 (Heritage E – Hilton)
Sun 4:30pm - Sun 5:30pm – Panel 3 (Heritage E – Hilton)
Mon 12:00pm - Mon 1:00pm – Panel 3 (Heritage E – Hilton)
Mon 1:30pm - Mon 2:30pm – Panel 3 (Heritage E – Hilton)

Need to blow off some steam, or burn some energy? Test your skill in grand melee as well as your tactics in a small group scenario. Combat will be safe and structured. One-on-one, small-group, and last-man-standing scenarios will be played out. Padded weapons will be provided; no outside weapons will be allowed. Waivers will be required to participate, and those under 18 years must have a parent or guardian sign the waiver.

Cosplay Crossover: The Floating Vagabond

Sun 9:00pm - Mon 2:00am – Panel 3 (Heritage E – Hilton)

You're already dressed up in costume as your favorite character? Then come and play them in this silly, fun live-action role-playing game, along with other characters from all over time and space. Granted, that happens a lot at The Floating Vagabond, the odd little bar in the middle of space with the special time/space portal built in. Meet new people, have a drink and maybe try to find your way home (or just hang out and enjoy!).

Hogwarts Quidditch Cup

Sat 2:00pm - Sat 7:00pm – Panel 3 (Heritage E – Hilton)

It's that time of year again, and the four houses of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry are gearing up for another round of Quidditch! It's just a bit of friendly competition, but everyone wants their own team to come out on top. Who will walk away with the Hogwarts Quidditch Cup? Show your house pride and aerial skills in the wizarding world's most popular sport. Keep an eye out for that Snitch, and help lead your team to victory!

LARP Pokémon Battle Tournament

Sat 11:30am - Sat 1:30pm – Panel 3 (Heritage E – Hilton)

Fill the role of a "cosplaymon trainer", or the cosplaymon themselves as you battle your way to fame and bragging rights in this Pokémon-inspired tournament LARP. Waivers will be required to participate, and those under 18 years must have a parent or guardian sign the waiver.

Chibi Room

The Chibi room is a place for exploring the natural cultural curiosity of children and teens through simple arts and crafts. Be it by coloring manga style artwork or recreating their own Japanese style garden, the Chibi Room will help nurture the ever growing creative bonds through simple arts and crafts. For a schedule of activities, please see the pocket guide.

Please remember that children ages 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

Kumihimo: Promise Bracelets & Rings

Sat 12:00pm - Sat 2:00pm – Chibi Room (Ash – Hilton)
Sun 11:00am - Sun 1:00pm – Chibi Room (Ash – Hilton)
Mon 11:00am - Mon 1:00pm – Chibi Room (Ash – Hilton)

Kumihimo is a Japanese form of braid-making. A Japanese promise ring or bracelet is a symbol of good luck. Make one for yourself, or give it to a friend or loved one.


Sat 11:00am - Sat 12:00pm – Chibi Room (Ash – Hilton)
Sat 3:00pm - Sat 4:00pm – Chibi Room (Ash – Hilton)
Sun 10:00am - Sun 11:00am – Chibi Room (Ash – Hilton)
Mon 1:00pm - Mon 3:00pm – Chibi Room (Ash – Hilton)

During these periods we will have manga-style artwork and traditional items used or seen commonly to color.


Sat 2:00pm - Sat 3:00pm – Chibi Room (Ash – Hilton)
Sun 1:00pm - Sun 3:00pm – Chibi Room (Ash – Hilton)

We have a fairly good sized selection of items that we will be going over and learning how to fold.

Sumie and Fans

Sat 4:00pm - Sat 5:00pm – Chibi Room (Ash – Hilton)

Create your own sumie style painting, or make a Japanese-style fan.

Koi Fish Kites

Sun 3:00pm - Sun 5:00pm – Chibi Room (Ash – Hilton)

Make a koi kite to fly from a pole or hang.


Mon 10:00am - Mon 11:00am – Chibi Room (Ash – Hilton)

Create your own construction paper lantern.

Art and Craft Panels
Anime Paper Doll Dress-up

Sat 4:30pm - Sat 5:30pm – Workshop (Pine/Spruce – Hilton)

We'll provide the outlines, you provide the inspiration. Leave the workshop with a fully jointed paper doll dressed in your choice of costume. We'll have several doll templates to choose from; you get to customize it into the character of your choice.


Sun 6:00pm - Sun 7:00pm – Workshop (Pine/Spruce – Hilton)

You see them on the chests of the military, on the headbands of the brave, on the sashes of the wise. There's always some sign of what or who a person is. In this panel we will be making badges, pins, rank insignia, or patches. We'll be using hot glue and needles (but no sewing!) so little fingers shouldn't come alone. If you can't find the badge you want, why don't you come make it?

Bunnies, Buttons, and Badgers

Mon 1:30pm - Mon 3:00pm – Workshop (Pine/Spruce – Hilton)

Call them softies, plushies, stuffies or just good ol' stuffed animals, plush toys are amazing to make and quite the rage. This panel is for people with a bit of sewing know-how who want to learn how to make and modify a four-legged friend pattern. Several patterns will be on hand to choose from, or make up your own! Basic sewing skills helpful, but not required.

Chibi Drawing

Sun 10:00pm - Sun 11:00pm – Workshop (Pine/Spruce – Hilton)

Sometimes we just want to draw adorable chibis! If you're looking for some tips and hints on how to make your chibi maximum cute, come to this panel!


Sat 11:00am - Sat 12:00pm – Workshop (Pine/Spruce – Hilton)

Want to make a dolly but don't have the time? Is your pocket crying out because you don't have a little friend to carry around? Is your life less fulfilling because you just aren't covered in chibis?? Have no fear, CHIBISPLOSION is here! Using a bit of sewing and the magic of needle felting, we will create tiny chibi versions of anyone you wish.

Dolly Making

Sun 10:00am - Sun 12:00pm – Workshop (Pine/Spruce – Hilton)

Come make dollies with us! We will supply the felt, stuffing, needles and know-how, you supply the fingers and frontal lobes. Each person will get to make their very own dolly, and be able to dress it, too! Beginning crafters welcome. Tiny fingers may need help with sewing and scissors. Who will you make to take home with you?

Let's Do Origami!

Sat 8:30pm - Sat 10:30pm – Workshop (Pine/Spruce – Hilton)
Mon 11:00am - Mon 1:00pm – Workshop (Pine/Spruce – Hilton)

Do you like paper? Do you like to fold paper? Then this is the panel for you! All experience levels are welcome, from first-timers to origami veterans. Learn to fold the elusive crane and much more! Stay until the end for a special surprise!

Photoshop 101

Sat 3:00pm - Sat 4:00pm – Workshop (Pine/Spruce – Hilton)

Even if you're not an artist, Photoshop and other programs can be used to contribute to the artistic fan community in other ways. LiveJournal and other blogging sites use 100x100 icons, banners are great for advertising (or just telling the world about your favorite show), and sometimes an e-greeting card can be all it takes to cheer a friend up. Learn some simple methods of creating awesome graphics to use just about anywhere! (Includes a segment on coloring black and white images.)

Traditional Art Methods

Sun 11:30pm - Mon 12:30am – Workshop (Pine/Spruce – Hilton)

Like to draw, but find your art is lacking something? Then let Jeni teach you the ways of traditional art methods! Combining Western-style aesthetics to anime-style artwork, this workshop will give you a breakdown of how to use hue, value, and shading to make your art pop, as well as a basic lesson on proper anatomy to help with those annoying little proportion issues.

Voodoo Dolly Making

Mon 8:30am - Mon 10:30am – Workshop (Pine/Spruce – Hilton)

Regular dollies not your style? Do you like the horror, the splatterpunk, the undead? Come join us for the darker version of our dolly making class. We'll be making voodoo and zombie dolls, with less emphasis on costumes and more on brains, guts, and the magic that holds them all together. All ages welcome, as long as you don't mind a little stuffing showing.

Writing Panels
Anime Mad-lib!

Sat 11:00pm - Sun 12:00am – Workshop (Pine/Spruce – Hilton)

An old Kumoricon classic, a silly game of mixed up stories and anime characters! Players are given a ridiculous story with blank spaces, and others give them prompts to fill in the blanks and create an even sillier story!

The Art of Short Stories

Sat 12:30pm - Sat 2:30pm – Workshop (Pine/Spruce – Hilton)

Tips on writing all forms of short stories, such as standalones and drabbles. Assisting with story plotting and form will be available.

Fan Art Contest Meet-up

Mon 2:30pm - Mon 3:30pm – Panel 4 (Oak – Hilton)

Meet up with other participants in the Kumoricon Fan Art Contest and talk about drawing, get critiques, tips, and tricks from other fan art lovers, or just have fun! Contest results will be announced during the panel.

Fanfic Contest Meet-up

Mon 1:00pm - Mon 2:00pm – Panel 4 (Oak – Hilton)

A time for the Kumoricon Fan Fiction Contest authors to meet, discuss fan fiction reading and writing, and get critiques on their work from the judges. Contest results will be announced during the panel.

Fanfic Writing 101

Sun 2:00pm - Sun 3:00pm – Panel 4 (Oak – Hilton)

Experts in the art of fanficcing will explain the basics of writing good fanfiction, lend some helpful tips and tricks, and be willing to answer any questions you may have. Both newcomers to the fanfiction world and seasoned writers are welcome!

Advanced Fanfic Writing

Mon 1:00am - Mon 2:00am – Panel 4 (Oak – Hilton)

Some fanfics are like a good novel. However the fans who write them aren't just superbly talented and unreachable. With some tricks, tips, a lot of practice, and good criticism, anyone's writing (including yours!) can be of that level.

Fanfiction Bedtime Stories

Sun 10:00pm - Mon 12:00am – Panel 5 (Hemlock – Hilton)

Tired from a long day of Kumoricon fun? Grab your pillows, bring a blanket, and join us for an evening of fun and fanciful stories, starring your favorite fictional characters! Print out your own stories and take a turn reading them out loud! Didn't bring your work along? Borrow a staff laptop and look it up online! All writers are welcome… just don't forget to warn for spoilers!

Filk It Up!

Sun 9:00pm - Sun 10:00pm – Panel 5 (Hemlock – Hilton)

Whether you're a first-time filker or a veteran performer, everyone is welcome to come filk up the con with your own original anime and gaming song parodies! Try out a new song in a friendly setting, get feedback on your lyrics and performing skills, chat with other filkers, or just drop by to watch the fun! 'Cause, baby, we perform this way.

Filking 101

Sun 11:00am - Sun 12:00pm – Panel 2 (Heritage F – Hilton)

Are you wild for Weird Al? Do you sing along with Doctor Demento? Have you always wanted to try writing a song parody, but weren't sure how to start? Drop by to hear a rundown of the basics of "filking" (fandom song parodies), see a sample performance by FilkAeris, and participate as we write and perform a brand-new anime filk right here at the con!

Scenes from a Hat

Sun 12:30am - Sun 1:30am – Workshop (Pine/Spruce – Hilton)

A Creation Station classic! Scenes from a Hat is a fanfiction, fanart, and fan improvisational theater contest wherein participants are challenged to produce a piece of written, drawn, or performed fanwork inspired by a written prompt, but the results that they produce will be for adult eyes only. Prizes will be given to the best participants!

Story, Story, Die!

Sun 7:30pm - Sun 8:30pm – Panel 5 (Hemlock – Hilton)

A Creation Station classic! Story, Story, Die is a round-robin story game with a twist! Groups of people get together to tell a story out loud based on prompts given by the audience, but should a person fail to come up with the next part of the story in a timely manner they are "killed" by the crowd calling out "Story, Story, DIE!"

Video Gaming
Open Video Gaming/LAN Computer Gaming

Sat 7:00am - Sun 2:00am – Console Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Sun 8:00am - Mon 2:00am – Console Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Mon 8:00am - Mon 4:00pm – Console Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)

Located at the Hilton Vancouver Washington, Console Gaming and Legacy LAN Gaming are back at Kumoricon, now better than ever!

Down in the parking garage, Console Gaming will be offering a wide selection of titles of both old and new across all of the current generation systems for your enjoyment. Itching for some Gundam? Tetris Attack? Naruto? Check out console signups for a late night tournament slot. We'll be throwing together some side tournaments over the weekend!

Be sure to check out our hosted tournaments for popular hits such as Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Persona 4 Arena, and Soul Calibur—times can be found in the schedule.

On the 2nd floor, Kumoricon offers LAN computer gaming with open play to our attendees. We feature games like Minecraft, Earth's Special Forces, Magicka, and Tribes: Ascend. Casual gamer looking to kill a few minutes? Hardcore gamer looking to crush your foes? You've come to the right place!

Battle the Pokémon Video Game Expert

Sat 12:00pm - Sat 12:30pm – Console Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Sat 4:30pm - Sat 5:00pm – Console Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Sun 12:00pm - Sun 12:30pm – Console Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Sun 4:30pm - Sun 5:00pm – Console Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Mon 12:00pm - Mon 12:30pm – Console Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)

Test your team against our Pokémon expert! Battle to try to win your very own gym badge for free.

Learn to Play – The Competitive Side of Pokémon Video Games

Sat 10:30am - Sat 11:30am – Console Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Sun 10:30am - Sun 11:30am – Console Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Mon 10:30am - Mon 11:30am – Console Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)

If IVs and EVs mean nothing to you, swing by to learn about the competitive world of Pokémon VG. Learn tips and helpful information on how to breed your very own competitive team without the use of Pokésav or Action Replay.

Persona 4 Arena Tournament

Sun 1:00pm - Sun 3:00pm – Console Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)

Pokémon Video Game Tournament – 4 vs 4 Double Battles

Sat 12:30pm - Sat 1:30pm – Console Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Sun 12:30pm - Sun 1:30pm – Console Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Mon 12:30pm - Mon 1:30pm – Console Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)

Want to know what it's like to compete in an official Pokémon tournament? Come play in our free competitive structure tourney. Each person selects 4 Pokémon to fight with and uses them in a double battle. You could win Dream World ability Pokémon!

Pokémon Video Game Tournament – 6 vs 6 Single Battles

Sat 2:30pm - Sat 3:30pm – Console Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Sun 2:30pm - Sun 3:30pm – Console Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Mon 2:30pm - Mon 3:30pm – Console Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)

More used to playing single battles? Want to try it out? Test your team against other con members in our free 6 vs. 6 tourney! You could win Dream World ability Pokémon!

Soul Calibur V Tournament

Sun 4:00pm - Sun 6:00pm – Console Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Heat 1

Sat 12:00pm - Sat 1:00pm – Console Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Heat 2

Sat 1:00pm - Sat 2:00pm – Console Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Heat 3

Sat 2:00pm - Sat 3:00pm – Console Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Heat 4

Sat 3:00pm - Sat 4:00pm – Console Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Tournament

Sat 4:30pm - Sat 6:00pm – Console Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Tournament

Sun 10:00am - Sun 12:00pm – Console Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)

Tabletop/RPG Gaming
Open Tabletop/RPG Gaming

Sat 7:00am - Sun 3:00am – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Sun 8:00am - Mon 3:00am – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Mon 8:00am - Mon 4:00pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)

Located in the Hilton parking garage, Tabletop Gaming will be open for the duration of con for anyone to play CCGs, RPGs, or any of the board and card games available. Open Play opportunities are available at all hours. Don't see your favorite game on the schedule? Be sure to check Tabletop Gaming for additional gaming events not listed below.

Guardian Games

Celebrating its seventh year in Portland's gaming community, Guardian Games is Portland's grandest game store. We've survived two moves, an epic windstorm, and a brutal recession, so we're here to stay! Come check us out as Tabletop Gaming's 2012 in-room vendor, drop by our retail store at 303 SE 3rd Ave, or visit us online at www.ggportland.com.

With 14,000+ game items in stock every day, if we don't have what you're looking for, let us endeavor to find it. From the latest and greatest, to the nostalgic and ancient, we love games and the people who play them! Our goal is to bring the community together. Guardian's monthly calendar is jam-packed with recurring and special events to fit every gamers needs. You name it, we play it!

The Portland Pokémon Thunder Gym

Come join the Thunder Gym for free Pokémon fun! Get your picture taken with your favorite Unova Pokémon at our AR photo booth. Participate in our trading card and video game tournaments to win great prizes. Don't miss out on our giveaways, raffles, and so much more!

Board and Card Games

Once again, GameStorm is bringing their famous library of hundreds of board and card games to Tabletop Gaming at Kumoricon. Drop by the parking garage of the Hilton to play a few games and check out the selection. Look for orange cones to find a game that need more players to start, or check out a game yourself and place an orange cone on your table to attract players.

GameStorm is an annual gaming convention that takes place in the Hilton every March. GameStorm 15 will be March 21-24, 2013. See our web site at www.gamestorm.org or follow us on twitter at https://twitter.com/gamestormcon

Dominion Deck Building Game

Sat 8:00pm - Sat 10:00pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)

You are a monarch, like your parents before you, a ruler of a small pleasant kingdom of rivers and evergreens. Unlike your parents, however, you have hopes and dreams! You want a Dominion! But wait, several other monarchs have had the exact same idea. You must race to get as much of the unclaimed land as possible, fending them off along the way. To do this you will hire minions, construct buildings, spruce up your castle, and fill the coffers of your treasury. Your parents wouldn't be proud, but your grandparents would be delighted.

Fallout Equestria Miniatures Game

Sat 3:00pm - Sat 5:00pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Sun 3:00pm - Sun 5:00pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Sun 6:00pm - Sun 8:00pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)

The worlds of Fallout and My Little Pony collide in a game where you take control of a character in the blasted wastes of Equestria and fight to survive. Choose your role in a team of four and duke it out with the other team for dominance in a custom-built combat system striving to emulate the feel of the Fallout games. Why ponies? Well, little candy-colored equines shooting at each other in a magically blasted wasteland are just adorable little things, aren't they? Plus the magic inherent in Equestria adds a whole new dimension to the Fallout formula.

The game is 4 vs. 4, with each team having 4 different pre-built characters that the players can choose from. The roles the players can pick up are: Soldier, Mage, Medic, and either Demolitions expert or Magical Energy Weapons expert. We fight until one team remains. Miniatures will be provided.

Brought to you by Stable-Tec, the best in post-apocalyptic survival technology! Reserve your spot in a Stable today!


Sat 5:00pm - Sat 7:00pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)

The card game with ever changing rules! It starts out simple, with just the Basic Rule card: draw one card and play one card during each player's turn. But New Rule cards quickly make things chaotic. Even the object of the game will change as you play, as players swap out one Goal card for another. Can you Rocket to the Moon before someone changes the goal to Death by Chocolate?

Midnight Munchkin

Sun 12:00am - Sun 2:00am – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Mon 12:00am - Mon 2:00am – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)

It's midnight, and the munchkins come out to play! Come join us for an epic round of Steve Jackson Games' Munchkin card game. Play with cards from every available Munchkin set and expansion! Feel the effects of sleep deprivation! In these wee hours, who knows what might happen… but some things are certain. You will kill monsters. You will steal the treasure. And you will stab your buddy in the back.

Munchkin Tournament

Sat 2:00pm - Sat 4:00pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Sun 12:00pm - Sun 2:00pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Sun 5:00pm - Sun 7:00pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Mon 10:00am - Mon 12:00pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)

Come compete in a three-day, four-round Munchkin event. Each round will be played with a different combination of Munchkin sets and expansions. Backstab the competition to the grand prize!

Munchkin: Pirates vs Ninja

Sat 11:00am - Sat 1:00pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Sun 3:00pm - Sun 5:00pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)

Declare your allegiance in this cosmic struggle! Combining Munchkin Fu and Munchkin Booty from Steve Jackson Games' popular Munchkin card game line, this event promises to be a historic moment in the ultimate showdown for supremacy. The line has been drawn. Will you karate chop your buddy or make him walk the plank?

Ninja Burger

Mon 12:00pm - Mon 2:00pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)

Now you can join the elite Ninja Burger delivery team! As a Ninja Burger trainee you will learn the secrets of stealth, swordsmanship, and customer service as you deliver tasty burgers and fries throughout the world. You will bring honor to your franchise. Failure is not an option.

Puzzle Strike

Sun 8:00pm - Sun 10:00pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)

Puzzle Strike is a card game played with cardboard chips instead of cards that simulates a puzzle video game called Puzzle Fighter that, in turn, simulates the fighting game Street Fighter that is emulated in Puzzle Fighter. If you don't understand any of that, that's ok! Just choose one of ten playable characters and get ready for back-and-forth craziness and wild combos in this unique deck building game.

Whack a Catgirl

Sun 10:00am - Sun 11:00am – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Mon 3:00pm - Mon 4:00pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)

Neko-chan, the catgirl, is cute… therefore she must be pelted with various objects! Plushies, water, fangirls, you name it! Build up an arsenal of items to throw at the catgirl, or use them as bait to lure her over. The player with the most points at the end is Champion of Everything. And you want that.

CCG Tournaments

Tournament duration, promos, and prizes will be based on the number of participants. Registration starts one hour before the event.

Legend of the Five Rings CCG Constructed Tournament

Sun 10:00am - Sun 2:00pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)

Bring an Emperor Edition deck and come play in our L5R CCG constructed tournament. Entry fee: none.

Magic: the Gathering Chaos Draft Tournament

Sun 9:00pm - Mon 3:00am – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)

A fun alternative to a normal draft, in a Chaos Draft each player chooses three 15-card booster packs from any set or expansion to draft with. There will be a variety of packs available, but if you want to open packs from a particular expansion (such as Unhinged) you may want to bring your own. Entry Fee: about $10 (includes 3 booster packs), but may vary based upon the price of packs chosen.

Magic: the Gathering Commander Tournament

Sun 12:00am - Sun 3:00am – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)

Bring your favorite EDH (aka Commander) deck and compete in this variant multi-player constructed tournament. Entry fee: none.

Magic: the Gathering Draft Avacyn Restored Tournament

Sun 10:00am - Sun 4:00pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)

Draft is a staple format for trading cards games in which players take turns selecting cards out of three packs and then building a deck on the spot. Players will be selecting cards out of booster packs from the Avacyn Restored set. This is a DCI sanctioned event. Entry fee: $10.

Magic: the Gathering M13 2HG Sealed Deck Tournament

Mon 10:00am - Mon 3:00pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)

Grab a partner and join us for a Two-Headed Giant Sealed Deck tournament using Magic 2013. Each team receives eight booster packs to construct two decks with. This is a DCI sanctioned event. Entry fee: $25.

Magic: the Gathering M13 Draft Tournament

Sat 5:00pm - Sat 11:00pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)

Draft format using booster packs from the latest core set, Magic 2013. This is a DCI sanctioned event. Entry fee: $10.

Magic: the Gathering Modern Tournament

Sat 12:00pm - Sat 4:00pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)

Modern is the newest constructed format for Magic: the Gathering. Decks are built using cards from sets printed in or after Eighth Edition and the first Mirrodin Block. In other words, any card with the new (or modern) card frame. This is a DCI sanctioned event. Entry fee: none.

Magic: the Gathering Standard Tournament

Sun 5:00pm - Sun 9:00pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)

Bring a Standard Legal deck and come play in this MTG constructed tournament. This is a DCI sanctioned event. Entry fee: none.

Pokémon TCG Booster Draft

Sat 4:00pm - Sat 6:00pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Sat 9:00pm - Sat 11:00pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Sun 4:00pm - Sun 6:00pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Sun 9:00pm - Sun 11:00pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)

See who's the best deck builder! Each player receives six booster packs which they will use to build a 40-card deck. Prizes available! Entry fee: $20.

Pokémon TCG Theme Deck Challenge

Sat 1:00pm - Sat 3:00pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Sun 1:00pm - Sun 3:00pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Mon 1:00pm - Mon 3:00pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)

Test your Pokémon card game skills in this fun, casual tournament. Battle against others using provided theme decks. Entry fee: none.

Unlimited Pokémon Tournament

Sat 8:00pm - Sat 10:00pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Sun 8:00pm - Sun 10:00pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)

Have your Pokémon deck on you? Come play in our unlimited tournament. Feeling rusty? Attend one of our Learn to Play events to get a refresher.

World of Warcraft TCG Raid Deck Challenge

Sat 5:00pm - Sat 7:00pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)

Experience raiding content through the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game. Play the role of a hero as you storm Icecrown Citadel with your friends against the evil that has plagued Northrend for too long. Play as Highlord Tirion Fordring, Lady Jaina Proudmoore, or Queen Sylvanas Windrunner and battle against the Lich King! Each player takes a deck, and the three heroes of Azeroth team up to free the land from the threats of Icecrown Citadel. Entry Fee: none.

Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Constructed Tournament

Sat 10:00am - Sat 2:00pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Sun 8:00pm - Mon 12:00am – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)

Bring an Advanced Format legal deck and come play in our Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG constructed tournament. Entry fee: none.

Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Sealed Tournament

Sat 7:00pm - Sun 12:00am – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Mon 10:00am - Mon 3:00pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)

Each player receives 5 booster packs to construct a deck with. Entry fee: $20.

Tabletop Events
Learn to Play – The Pokémon Trading Card Game

Sat 11:00am - Sat 12:00pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Sat 7:00pm - Sat 8:00pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Sun 11:00am - Sun 12:00pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Sun 7:00pm - Sun 8:00pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Mon 11:00am - Mon 12:00pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a real live Pokémon master? Now you can! Swing by for one of our Learn to Play sessions to find out all you need to know to get started in the Pokémon TCG.

Pokémon AR Photo Booth

Sat 10:30am - Sat 2:00pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Sat 6:00pm - Sat 10:00pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Sun 10:30am - Sun 2:00pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Sun 6:00pm - Sun 10:00pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Mon 10:30am - Mon 2:00pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)

Take home a great Kumoricon souvenir! Come get your picture taken free with your favorite Unova Pokémon.

Pokémon Art Contest Selection

Sat 5:00pm - Sat 5:30pm – Console Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Sun 5:00pm - Sun 5:30pm – Console Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)

Come by to help vote for the winners of our art contest. The winners each day will be chosen by the crowd so make sure to send all your friends to vote for your piece!

Pokémon Creative Center

Sat 10:00am - Sat 4:00pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Sun 10:00am - Sun 4:00pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Mon 10:00am - Mon 4:00pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)

Come show off your coloring and artistic skills. Enter your piece into the contest for a chance to win for free. Winners will be chosen at 5pm, so make sure to come vote for your favorite!

Pokémon Raffle

Sat 6:00pm - Sat 6:30pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)
Sun 6:00pm - Sun 6:30pm – Tabletop Gaming (Parking Garage – Hilton)

Want to win awesome Pokémon stuff? Well you've come to the right place! The more Pokémon events you participate in throughout the day, the more raffle tickets you will earn. So come on by and play in a free tourney, learn how to play the game, and have some fun!

Viewing Rooms
Acchi Kocchi (1-3, Sub)

Sat 11:30am - Sat 12:45pm – Viewing 2 (Discovery E – Hilton)

AKB0048 (1-3, Sub)

Sun 1:00pm - Sun 2:15pm – Viewing 2 (Discovery E – Hilton)

Aquarion (1-3, Dub) – 15+

Mon 8:45am - Mon 10:00am – Viewing 2 (Discovery E – Hilton)

Area no Kishi (1-3, Sub)

Sun 10:45am - Sun 12:00pm – Viewing 2 (Discovery E – Hilton)

Basilisk (1-3, Dub) – TV-MA

Sun 11:45pm - Mon 1:00am – Viewing 1 (Discovery D – Hilton)

Ben-To (1-3, Sub)

Sat 9:00pm - Sat 10:00pm – Viewing 2 (Discovery E – Hilton)

The Big O (1-3, Dub) – 13+

Sun 12:00pm - Sun 1:00pm – Viewing 2 (Discovery E – Hilton)

Big Windup! (1-3, Dub) – G

Mon 7:00am - Mon 8:00am – Viewing 1 (Discovery D – Hilton)

Black Cat (1-3, Dub) – 13+

Mon 11:45am - Mon 12:45pm – Viewing 1 (Discovery D – Hilton)

Bleach (1-3, Dub) – 13+

Sat 10:00pm - Sat 11:15pm – Viewing 2 (Discovery E – Hilton)

Case Closed (1-3, Dub) – 13+

Sun 6:45pm - Sun 8:00pm – Viewing 1 (Discovery D – Hilton)

El Cazador de la Bruja (1-3, Dub) – TV-MA

Sun 9:15pm - Sun 10:15pm – Viewing 1 (Discovery D – Hilton)

Chihayafuru (1-3, Sub)

Sun 4:15pm - Sun 5:30pm – Viewing 1 (Discovery D – Hilton)

Choyaku Hyakunin Isshu: Uta Koi (1-2, Sub)

Sun 10:00pm - Sun 10:45pm – Viewing 2 (Discovery E – Hilton)

Clannad (1-3, Dub) – 13+

Sat 10:30am - Sat 11:30am – Viewing 2 (Discovery E – Hilton)

Claymore (1-3, Dub) – TV-MA

Mon 1:00am - Mon 2:00am – Viewing 1 (Discovery D – Hilton)

Cowboy Bebop (15-17, Dub) – 13+

Sun 12:45am - Sun 2:00am – Viewing 1 (Discovery D – Hilton)

D.Gray-man (1-3, Dub) – TV-14

Mon 10:00am - Mon 11:00am – Viewing 2 (Discovery E – Hilton)

Dirty Pair (1-3, Sub)

Mon 10:30am - Mon 11:45am – Viewing 1 (Discovery D – Hilton)

Disgaea (1-3, Dub) – TV-PG

Sun 10:45am - Sun 12:00pm – Viewing 1 (Discovery D – Hilton)

Dragon Ball Z Kai (1-3, Dub) – TV-PG

Sat 6:30pm - Sat 7:45pm – Viewing 2 (Discovery E – Hilton)

Eden of the East: King of Eden (Movie, Dub)

Sun 8:00pm - Sun 9:15pm – Viewing 1 (Discovery D – Hilton)

Eureka Seven (1-3, Dub) – 13+

Sat 10:30pm - Sat 11:45pm – Viewing 1 (Discovery D – Hilton)

First Episode Theater

Sat 5:30pm - Sat 7:30pm – Viewing 1 (Discovery D – Hilton)

Fruits Basket (1-3, Dub) – 12+

Sat 7:00am - Sat 8:00am – Viewing 1 (Discovery D – Hilton)

Full Metal Panic (1-3, Dub) – TV-14

Mon 8:00am - Mon 8:45am – Viewing 2 (Discovery E – Hilton)

Futakoi (1-3, Sub) – T

Sat 9:15am - Sat 10:30am – Viewing 1 (Discovery D – Hilton)

Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2nd GIG (1-3, Dub) – 13+

Sun 2:00am - Sun 3:00am – Viewing 1 (Discovery D – Hilton)

Ginga e Kickoff!! (1-3, Sub)

Sun 7:00am - Sun 8:15am – Viewing 2 (Discovery E – Hilton)

Gundam SEED (1-3, Dub) – 13+

Sun 2:15pm - Sun 3:30pm – Viewing 2 (Discovery E – Hilton)

GUNxSWORD (1-3, Dub) – 13+

Mon 9:30am - Mon 10:30am – Viewing 1 (Discovery D – Hilton)

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san (1-2, Sub)

Sun 10:45pm - Sun 11:30pm – Viewing 2 (Discovery E – Hilton)

Hatenkou Yugi (1-3, Sub)

Mon 11:00am - Mon 12:15pm – Viewing 2 (Discovery E – Hilton)

Hungry Heart: Wild Striker (1-3, Sub) – 12+

Mon 8:00am - Mon 9:30am – Viewing 1 (Discovery D – Hilton)

Hunter x Hunter (2011) (1-3, Sub)

Sun 12:00pm - Sun 1:00pm – Viewing 1 (Discovery D – Hilton)

Hyouka (1-3, Sub)

Sun 5:30pm - Sun 6:45pm – Viewing 1 (Discovery D – Hilton)

Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne (1-3, Sub) – 12+

Sat 2:45pm - Sat 4:00pm – Viewing 2 (Discovery E – Hilton)

Kara no Kyoukai (Sub) – 18+

Mon 2:00am - Mon 3:15am – Viewing 1 (Discovery D – Hilton)

Kaze no Stigma (1-3, Dub) – 14+

Mon 12:15pm - Mon 1:30pm – Viewing 2 (Discovery E – Hilton)

Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple (1-3, Dub) – 14+

Mon 12:45pm - Mon 2:00pm – Viewing 1 (Discovery D – Hilton)

Kill Me Baby (1-3, Sub)

Sun 8:15am - Sun 9:30am – Viewing 1 (Discovery D – Hilton)

Kimi to Boku. (1-3, Sub)

Sat 1:45pm - Sat 3:00pm – Viewing 1 (Discovery D – Hilton)

Kodocha (1-3, Dub) – TV-PG

Sun 7:00am - Sun 8:15am – Viewing 1 (Discovery D – Hilton)

Koi to Senkyo Chocolate (1-3, Sub)

Sun 4:30pm - Sun 5:45pm – Viewing 2 (Discovery E – Hilton)

Kuroko's Basketball (1-3, Sub)

Sun 9:30am - Sun 10:45am – Viewing 2 (Discovery E – Hilton)

Love Hina (1-3, Dub) – 16+

Sat 11:15pm - Sun 12:15am – Viewing 2 (Discovery E – Hilton)

Master of Martial Hearts (1-3, Dub)

Sun 1:15am - Sun 2:45am – Viewing 2 (Discovery E – Hilton)

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (1-3, Dub) – 13+

Sat 3:00pm - Sat 4:15pm – Viewing 1 (Discovery D – Hilton)

Minami-ke (1-3, Sub)

Sun 9:30am - Sun 10:45am – Viewing 1 (Discovery D – Hilton)

Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse (1-3, Sub)

Sun 12:15am - Sun 1:15am – Viewing 2 (Discovery E – Hilton)

Myself; Yourself (1-3, Dub)

Mon 1:30pm - Mon 2:45pm – Viewing 2 (Discovery E – Hilton)

Negima (1-3, Dub) – 13+

Sun 3:30pm - Sun 4:30pm – Viewing 2 (Discovery E – Hilton)

Nishi no Yoki Majo: Astrea Testament (1-3, Sub) – T

Sat 11:45am - Sat 12:45pm – Viewing 1 (Discovery D – Hilton)

Oda Nobuna no Yabou (1-3, Sub)

Sun 8:45pm - Sun 10:00pm – Viewing 2 (Discovery E – Hilton)

One Piece (1-3, Dub) – 14+

Sat 8:15am - Sat 9:30am – Viewing 2 (Discovery E – Hilton)

Outlaw Star (1-3, Dub) – 13+

Sat 11:45pm - Sun 12:45am – Viewing 1 (Discovery D – Hilton)

Paradise Kiss (1-3, Dub) – 16+

Sun 3:15pm - Sun 4:15pm – Viewing 1 (Discovery D – Hilton)

Peacemaker (1-3, Dub) – TV-MA

Sat 8:30pm - Sat 9:45pm – Viewing 1 (Discovery D – Hilton)

Peach Girl (1-3, Dub) – 13+

Sat 1:45pm - Sat 2:45pm – Viewing 2 (Discovery E – Hilton)

Polar Bear Café (1-3, Sub)

Sat 8:00am - Sat 9:15am – Viewing 1 (Discovery D – Hilton)

Puella Magi Madoka Magica (1-3, Dub) – 13+

Sat 4:00pm - Sat 5:15pm – Viewing 2 (Discovery E – Hilton)

Ranma 1/2: Big Trouble in Nekonron, China (Movie, Dub) – 13+

Sun 7:30pm - Sun 8:45pm – Viewing 2 (Discovery E – Hilton)

Revolutionary Girl Utena (1-3, Dub)

Mon 2:45pm - Mon 4:00pm – Viewing 2 (Discovery E – Hilton)

Romeo x Juliet (1-3, Dub) – 13+

Sat 12:45pm - Sat 1:45pm – Viewing 2 (Discovery E – Hilton)

Sacred Blacksmith (1-3, Dub) – TV-MA

Sun 10:15pm - Sun 11:45pm – Viewing 1 (Discovery D – Hilton)

Saint Seiya Omega (1-3, Sub)

Mon 2:00pm - Mon 3:00pm – Viewing 1 (Discovery D – Hilton)

Scrapped Princess (1-3, Dub) – 13+

Sat 12:45pm - Sat 1:45pm – Viewing 1 (Discovery D – Hilton)

Shin Prince of Tennis (1-3, Sub)

Sun 8:15am - Sun 9:30am – Viewing 2 (Discovery E – Hilton)

Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan (1-3, Sub)

Sun 2:00pm - Sun 3:15pm – Viewing 1 (Discovery D – Hilton)

Smile Precure! (1-3, Sub)

Sat 5:15pm - Sat 6:30pm – Viewing 2 (Discovery E – Hilton)

Spice and Wolf II (1-3, Dub) – 14+

Sat 10:30am - Sat 11:45am – Viewing 1 (Discovery D – Hilton)

Sword Art Online (1-3, Sub)

Sat 7:45pm - Sat 9:00pm – Viewing 2 (Discovery E – Hilton)

Tanken Driland (1-3, Sub)

Sat 9:30am - Sat 10:30am – Viewing 2 (Discovery E – Hilton)

Tantei Gakuen Q (1-3, Sub) – 12+

Sat 7:00am - Sat 8:15am – Viewing 2 (Discovery E – Hilton)

Tenchi Muyo: Ryo-Ohki (1-3, Dub) – TV-PG

Sun 5:45pm - Sun 7:30pm – Viewing 2 (Discovery E – Hilton)

The Third: The Girl With The Blue Eye (1-3, Dub) – 15+

Mon 3:00pm - Mon 4:15pm – Viewing 1 (Discovery D – Hilton)

To (Dub)

Mon 7:15am - Mon 8:00am – Viewing 2 (Discovery E – Hilton)

Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE: Spring Thunder (1-2, Dub)

Sun 1:00pm - Sun 2:00pm – Viewing 1 (Discovery D – Hilton)

Yu Yu Hakusho (1-3, Dub) – TV-PG

Sat 7:30pm - Sat 8:30pm – Viewing 1 (Discovery D – Hilton)

YuruYuri (1-3, Sub)

Sat 4:15pm - Sat 5:30pm – Viewing 1 (Discovery D – Hilton)

Zombie Loan (1-2, Sub) – T

Sat 9:45pm - Sat 10:30pm – Viewing 1 (Discovery D – Hilton)

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