Kumoricon - 9th Annual Anime Convention - Labor Day Weekend - Sept. 3-5, 2011 - Hilton Vancouver Washington & the Red Lion Vancouver at the Quay
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Soul Candy at Kumoricon

Posted August 30, 2010

Friday evening, Kumoricon will feature a one-day-only special performance by Soul Candy, an “otaku rock” band from Seattle. Soul Candy specializes in playing songs and music from your favorite anime series, new and old.

The performance starts on Friday at 8:30pm for attendees with full weekend badges. Attendees who have pre-registered can pick up their badges on Friday starting at 4:00pm. Starting on Friday at 6:00pm, we will sell at-the-door weekend badges for those who have not pre-registered. Only a limited number of weekend badges will be sold due to space limitations.

Soul Candy photo


Entire Convention Schedule Posted

Posted August 21, 2010

The entire event schedule for Kumoricon 2010 has been posted online.

You can browse in three different formats.

The most comprehensive view is the events list. View all events grouped by category with a description of each one. New this year, the event’s date, time, and room are listed directly within the description, so you don’t have to cross-reference the schedule.

The tabular grid format lets you see at a glance when all the events are. Hover your mouse over the text (or on a touch device, touch the text) to see the event’s full description.

Both of the above will be updated in real-time up to, and duration, the convention, if events are added, moved, or canceled.

You can also download a PDF version of the printed pocket programming guide. It is available in full resolution [PDF, 58MB], and reduced resolution [PDF, 4.0MB].


Announcing Sonny Strait, Kevin McKeever, Carl Horn

Posted August 17, 2010

Kumoricon welcomes guests of honor Sonny Strait, Kevin McKeever, and Carl Horn to its 2010 convention.

Sonny Strait is a comic artist and voice actor best known as Krillin in Dragon Ball Z, the first voice of Toonami’s mascot, TOM, Maes Hughes from Fullmetal Alchemist, and the current voice of Usopp from One Piece. Sonny’s Kumoricon visit is presented by CNBookings (www.cnbookings.com).

Kevin McKeever works as a marketing coordinator at Harmony Gold. His first work relating to Robotech was analyzing ratings and viewer demographics. He has continued working in theater and television production on numerous projects.

Carl Horn returns to Kumoricon as a manga editor at Portland’s own Dark Horse Comics.

Check out their extensive backgrounds on our guests of honor page. In addition, we have updated information on guests that we previously announced.


Disko Warp Presents Kumoricon 2010 Official Pre-Party

Posted August 17, 2010

Disko Warp Presents Kumoricon 2010 Official Pre-Party
+ “Anime Love Hardcore” Official CD Release Party!

Because one Kumoricon party is not enough!!

Ground Kontrol [http://www.diskowarp.com/

Graz (Reactionary/Donut Nook/Breakpop)
Breakcore / Happy Hardcore

Foxdye (Reactionary/Chickenhed)

Also check out the official launch of Disko Warp’s brand new CD “Anime Love Hardcore”, produced by Initial P!

See on:

Kumoricon forums

Disko Warp Presents Kumoricon 2010 Official Pre-Party!! +Anime Hardcore CD Launch


Charity Auction Gallery and Donors

Posted August 17, 2010

Help out a great cause, bid on one-of-a-kind items, and have a lot of fun at the Kumoricon Charity Auction! Donations from a variety of local and national businesses, as well as unique souvenirs, will be up for bid. All proceeds benefit the Sunshine Division, a local food bank.

Portland Police Bureau Sunshine Division - Helping Families Since 1923

Charity auction 2010 donations gallery Charity auction 2010 donations gallery [external link]

For a list of donors to the charity auction and to convention event prizes, please see our Charity Auction and Prize Donors page.

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Portland Police Bureau Sunshine Division

Our charity recipient:

Mascot art by Ha-Young Lee, Brenna Goche