Kumoricon Lite

Kumoricon is excited to host a one-day summer event: Kumoricon Lite!

When: Sunday, August 21, 2016 – 10:00am to 8:00pm

Where: Ambridge Event Center1333 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Portland, OR, 97232

What: A one-day event bringing you a miniature version of Kumoricon. Featuring panels, video gaming, arts and crafts, karaoke, tabletop gaming, and more!

Cost: $10 at the door. We accept cash, check, or money order. Registration opens 9:30am and runs until about 6:00pm. (Events run until 8:00pm.)

Want free admission? You can donate three manga volumes instead! Manga donations support Kumoricon's manga library. (See limitations and list of excluded titles below. No partial discount for less than three manga.)

Featured Panelists

Conventional Improv!

Established in 2009 in Portland, CI! has been entertaining audiences of all ages and sizes at several different conventions around the Pacific Northwest. CI! also streams live its flagship gaming show, Friday Night Gaming, featuring interactive games the audience can play with the crew! CI! is excited to be presenting at its home con once again!

Conventional Improv! presents: CI! Live! – Formerly known as Whose Line, it's the same improv show from your favorite people ever, Conventional Improv! Come join us for some of your favorite improv games and some of the best laughs you will have!

Conventional Improv! presents: Match Game – It's a return to one of the classics! Contestants attempt to match hilarious fill-in-the-blank questions with our six celebrities. There's a chance to win big prizes.

Jeannie "Ginx"

Back in 2009, Kumoricon was Jeannie's first convention. During that time, she wore normal street clothes, but in 2011 she decided she wanted to cosplay. She found that being in cosplay was more fun, and she made her first prop that year: a keyblade. After having so much fun (as well as garnering a compliment from Todd Haberkorn), she was hooked, making beautiful Princess Zelda armor, and moving forward from there.

After noticing a lack of panels for props and armor-making at Kumoricon, Jeannie decided to gather fellow con attendees and host some themselves. Since then, and hundreds of YouTube tutorials later, she has gone from Styrofoam and Mod Podge, to thermoplastics and resins. Her simpler tools have turned into a cabinet full of power tools—paintbrushes are now airbrushes. Making stuff for family and friends turned into shipping across the country to folks who saw her Facebook page. The process can be time-consuming, heartbreaking through fails, and full of injuries, but with the friends she has made and the fun she has had, she wouldn't trade it for anything.

Jeannie "Ginx" presents: "Mini" Weapons and Armor Making – A short weapons and armor creating presentation. Two different techniques will be demonstrated for creating two different gun props, lightweight broadswords, and graphic software for creating armor patterns. Plus, see a sneak peak at this year's full length panel in October.

Jeannie will appear as a co-moderator on Cosplay Workshop – Are you stuck on your cosplay? Looking for advice on how to tackle a construction issue? Come to this open discussion where you can seek advice from your fellow cosplayers, or share tips and techniques with each other!


Main Stage
Craft Panels
10:00-11:00am10-11am AMV Coloring
11:00-12:00pm11-12pm Kanzashi
12:00-1:00pm12-1pm Jeannie "Ginx"

"Mini" Weapons
Armor Making
Cat ears
(12:15 - 1:15)
1:00-2:00pm1-2pm Conventional

Match Game
(1:30 - 3:00)
2:00-3:00pm2-3pm Cosplay Contest
(Sign-up at event)
3:00-4:00pm3-4pm Origami
4:00-5:00pm4-5pm Karaoke Kumihimo
(4:15 - 5:15)
5:00-6:00pm5-6pm Conventional

CI! Live!
(5:30 - 6:30)
6:00-7:00pm6-7pm Karaoke Coloring /
Open Events
Video gaming
Tabletop gaming
Pocky, Ramune, and more for sale
(Food/beverage prices
approx. $0.25-$2.00)
Gaming Events
At-will 8-man Magic drafts – all day
Weiß Schwarz learn to play – all day
Weiß Schwarz tournament – 2pm
Super Smash Bros.
tournament – 2-7pm
(Sign-up at event)

Age policies and code of conduct:

Attendees under age 18 are required to bring a signed parent permission and liability release form:

Attendees under age 13 must also be accompanied by a parent at all times.

All attendees must follow the Kumoricon Lite Code of Conduct, which is similar to (but not identical to) the Kumoricon 2016 Code of Conduct.

Do I need to bring ID to Kumoricon Lite?

Yes, everyone must bring government-issued photo ID, even if you are registering at the door. ID must be valid (not expired).

Examples of acceptable forms of identification:

  • State-issued driver license
  • State-issued driver permit
  • State-issued identification card
  • Military ID
  • Passport

For attendees age 13 to 17 only, if one of the above forms of ID is not available, then school ID from the current or previous school year is acceptable.

If acceptable ID is not presented, you will not be able to enter Kumoricon Lite.

Is parent permission required to attend Kumoricon Lite?

Yes, for all attendees under age 18.

Do parents need to attend Kumoricon Lite with their children?

Yes, but only for attendees under age 13. For these attendees, parents or legal guardians must remain with their children at all times, and the parent or guardian must be a paid attendee as well.

How does parent permission work?
  1. Download the parent permission and release form – blank version for handwriting, or fillable version for typing your information.
  2. The parent or legal guardian signs the form.
  3. The attendee brings it with them to the event when registering or checking in. If the attendee is age 13 or over, the parent does not need to attend.

The permission form must be brought in person.

What are the details of the manga donation offer?

You can receive free admission by donating three manga volumes. Manga donations support Kumoricon's manga library.

  • Manga must be in gently used condition and without markings.
  • No library editions or samplers.
  • We accept either English or Japanese manga.
  • We accept any rating of manga including 18+.
  • Series need not be complete.
  • Three volumes are required for free admission—no partial discount for less than three manga.
  • An omnibus edition counts as one volume. Please contact us in advance to ask about special cases.
  • The free admission offer is only available at the door, not with pre-registration.
  • We reserve the right to exclude books or titles in our sole discretion. We ask that you arrive prepared to purchase admission just in case.
  • Due to the quantities of these titles, we are not accepting Attack on Titan, Bleach, Death Note, Fruits Basket, Fullmetal Alchemist, Hana-Kimi, Inuyasha, Love Hina, Naruto, or Vampire Knight. This list may be changed; please check back close to the event.
Can I donate manga in advance of the event to pre-register for free?

The offer to receive free admission in exchange for a donation of three manga volumes is only available at the door.

Can I pre-register for Kumoricon Lite?

Pre-registration closed after Aug 12. Registration is available at the door!

Can I pre-register by mail instead of online?

Registration by mail is not available for Kumoricon Lite.

Can I pay by credit/debit card when registering at the door?

Unfortunately, payment by card is not available at the door at Kumoricon Lite.

If paying by check or money order, please make it out to "Altonimbus Entertainment".

How do I join staff for Kumoricon Lite?

Please contact your coordinator, manager, or director with your regular Kumoricon position, or the position you are interested in at Open Positions, to inquire about open positions at Kumoricon Lite.

Kumoricon Lite staff receive free admission. Registered Kumoricon 2016 convention staff are not automatically eligible for a discount or free admission to Kumoricon Lite; however, we encourage you to consider staffing Kumoricon Lite!

I have another question that isn't answered here, or I need help with something.

We'll be happy to assist you!

For registration assistance or age policy questions, please email

For other code of conduct questions, please email

For event programming questions, please email