AMV Contest

Final Playlist

  1. Petaloso – AntaresHeart07
  2. Beat O'clock – Strat
  3. Hard-Knock Life – WhiteDex
  4. Dance is MOVE – Galia & Kitty
  5. Lone Cyborg X Lone Digger – Lingchi
  6. Do Your Thing – HanZh
  1. Geppu Dasu BOMB!!! – Rising Production
  2. We Fall – WhiteDex
  3. Every scar will be my throne – AntaresHeart07
  4. WRYYY Gonna Find You – LC_Lapen
  5. The Revenger – CacoVenom
  6. Closer to hell – xDieguitoAMV
  1. Ambush – Strat
  2. Light – xDieguitoAMV
  3. A Killer's Competition – Anime Mashup
  4. Dawn Will Break Again – SaberAMVz
  5. Blithe and Bonny – UnluckyArtist
  6. Slice Slice Revolution – drewaconclusion
  1. Scott Sterling MVF (Most Valuable Face) – Maboroshi Studio
  2. Friendship! – joycescookie
  3. Love Hurts – Rider4Z
  4. JUST DO IT!!! ft. Shia LaBeouf – King Redeem
  5. Dangodere – hamstar138
  6. - In Digestion – drewaconclusion
  1. Evergreen – StarTrinity009 / PixelBlended Studios
  2. I'm Still Learning About Life – HiddenWhiteFang
  3. Broken Alone – Tribel
  4. Rurouni Kenshin – Salamander
  5. The World Could Always Use More Heroes – Yatta Dante
  6. Never Quite Enough – Tigrin
  1. Diebuster: A Gainax Story – shorisquared
  2. Xenomorph – drewaconclusion
  3. Baccano Squad – Rider4Z
  4. Reform School Girls – Maboroshi Studio
  5. Paranoia Things – King Redeem
  6. Fate Zero Civil War – Ryan Tilp
The Melting Pot
  1. Sanctuary – SliceofLife
  2. Meet the witch – xDieguitoAMV
  3. Yoku – Rising Production
  4. Ananun – Iren S.S.
  5. Ghibli Gave Me Something – bopoko
  6. Fireflies – AntaresHeart07
Bonus Theme Halloween
  1. Horror In Halloween Town – HiyoriAMVs
  2. Fear Another Ghoul – Azukano
  3. Evil Eye – Allegoriest
  4. StraTerrexter – TritioAFB
  5. OH HELL NO – shorisquared
  6. Eternal Salvation – Rider4Z


Awards for:
  • Honorable Mention
  • Judges Choice
  • Coordinators Choice
  • Technical Effects

Contest submissions are now closed. For updates, please visit the AMV Forum.


There are seven categories for the 2016 contest:

  1. Upbeat / Dance Music: We're looking for fast-paced fun.
  2. Intensity: Action, suspense, conflict, triumph, and despair!
  3. Instrumental: Any style of AMV, but no words in the music.
  4. Comedy / Parody: Weird. Funny? Surprising!
  5. Trailers: Now playing at a Kumoricon AMV Contest near you…
  6. The Melting Pot: If your AMV doesn't fit another Category—Anything "Appropriate" goes!
  7. Bonus Theme "Halloween": To honor the new Kumoricon date, AMVs with Spooky, Scary, Suspenseful Fun!

Contest is PG-13.
We try to run a clean show. This includes no themes likely to insult or disparage by race, social class, religion, ethnicity, gender, or sexuality—because that's no fun for anybody.

Contest Rules

  • Anime: are Japanese animated productions featuring hand-drawn or computer animation (Video game footage is not anime).
  • You may include no more than 10% (of total duration) of non-anime (as defined above) video.
  • TV station logos ("bugs") and other commercial indices must be obscured or removed.
  • Bumpers for non-commercial indices such as studio names, creator names, and promotions for other AMV contests and AMV download sites are permissible.
  • Parody uses of commercial logos are acceptable.
  • No source subtitles allowed. Intentionally added subtitles are OK.
  • No more than 5 entries per person, with no more than 1 entry per Category.
  • Maximum file size: 330MB.
  • Maximum duration: 5:00 minutes.

Video Formats

To submit, you can upload a file, or send URLs for download links or download pages from AMV fan sites such as,,, etc.

We can also download from sendspace, dropbox and similar free services.
The download site must allow us to receive a stand-alone file playable by VLC Media Player.
We will not download from sites where we have to set up a user account.
We do not stream videos, so do NOT send YouTube or Vimeo links.

Acceptable file formats are: avi, mpg, mp4, and mkv.
Do not send mov, rm, or wmv files.


Submission e-mails must reach the coordinator's email by 4:30pm Pacific Daylight Time (UTC 23:30) on 01-September-2016.

A panel of judges will convene to review all entries and select up to six AMVs per category. The judges' decisions on the playlist is final.

All entries must have premiered or been created no earlier than January 1, 2014.

Entries that have been finalists in previous Kumoricon contests are excluded from the 2016 contest.


  • Each category will win one prize chosen by audience voting.
  • The audience will also choose a Best of Show winner.
  • The judges may make a Judges' Choice award, Technical Effects award, and the coordinators may award an Honorable Mention.

Therefore, between eight and eleven prizes shall be awarded for 2016.

A prize is usually an anime DVD or Blu-Ray, a manga or art book.

Where and How to Submit

Physical media (such as by mail) is not accepted at this contest.

Please use the form below.

By submitting an AMV, you grant Kumoricon and the Kumoricon coordinators unconditional permission to use, copy, share and show that AMV.

Let the Games Begin!!!

Send questions or issues to "Joe" at

Submissions are now closed.