Kumori Ball and Kumori Prom Dress Code

Kumoricon is pleased to present two separate semi-formal dance events this year.

The Kumori Ball and Kumori Prom will be held on two separate days.

These are semi-formal events. To preserve the character of these dances, proper attire is required. If you are not properly attired, you will be turned away at the door. Below are some helpful guidelines, but if you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask us at We are happy to advise you, so if you are unsure just ask.

For the Kumori Ball, this dress code will be especially strictly enforced in the interest of keeping the event as close to a classical style ball as possible.


Comfortable shoes are required, so please choose something you will be able to dance in. For the Kumori Ball only, shoes must be closed-toe. For both events, sneakers must be clean looking and still in relatively good condition. Keep in mind you will be required to wear shoes the entire event so make sure your shoes are comfortable.


Non-formal fabrics such as flannel, denim, and Mylar shall not be allowed. Recommended fabrics are cotton, silk and other light weight and breathable, flexible fabric as you will be moving around a lot. At least half of your body must be covered in fabric – avoid bare midriffs and bare chests as those are unacceptable. Formal/semi-formal attire from East Asian countries is acceptable.

Female attire: Semi-formal attire includes prom dresses, evening gowns, cocktail dresses, and dressy separates. Skirts should be no shorter than knee-length and at least an inch off the floor for ease of movement.

Male attire: Minimum of a button down shirt and slacks are required.

Cosplay attire: Cosplay must meet the above set guidelines. Your cosplay does not need to be a specific character; generic cosplay will be accepted. A shinigami outfit is acceptable as it falls under traditional Japanese dress; generic street clothes are not. Military uniforms are accepted as formal wear.

Large props, wings, and weapons will not be allowed for the sake of safety requirements. If any part of your attire restricts your movement, you may be asked to remove it.

Whatever you decide to wear, it must be appropriate to wear in public and adhere to the minimum dress code standard as set forth in the Convention Policies. We will be sad to turn you away at the door, but we reserve the right to deny entry to anyone wearing inappropriate attire. There will not be a coat/bag check at the event, so please do not bring personal items with you. We will not be held responsible for any lost or stolen items at the event.

Above all, have fun and be safe!