Four days. Over five thousand fans.

An unstoppable convention.

Welcome to the new, improved, and lengthened Kumoricon! Now at four whole days, you finally have the time to see everything you want to see, and to go everywhere you want to go! We are the largest anime convention in the Portland, OR, metro area, and you helped make us that way. The Kumoricon family is growing with every passing year, and it's all thanks to your efforts.

However, the extra time means that we need more staff. If you're as passionate about Kumoricon as we are and are willing to see what goes on behind the scenes over the course of the con (and even the whole year), come sign up on the Get Involved page and show up to a general meeting! Even if you can't make a definitive commitment to helping out, we still appreciate every volunteer who comes and helps out any way they can. If you're interested in volunteering instead of staffing, come on over to any general meeting, or simply show up at the info booth during con at your leisure.

Make sure to keep in touch with us! Follow our forums, Facebook, Twitter, and our news feed to get updates for Kumoricon, in addition to any guest of honor announcements, programming, or other events we'll be at! And don't forget to pre-register on our website!

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