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Posted November 19, 2006

After staying up until the wii hours of the morning, your dedicated Kumorican staff has acquired four convention Wiis. Kumoricon was interviewed on Portland’s local Fox 12 station while waiting in line for the Wiis!

Seen here are four convention Wiis, in addition to five additional Wii-motes (for the one additional system we have pre-ordered and will pick up later today). We will be acquiring Nunchuks, Classic Controllers, and component cables shortly, but they were out of stock today. Staff get to play with our Wiis at special events such as the holiday party. The rest of you get to play them at the con. :)



Posted November 19, 2006

Kumoricon is in line to buy convention Wiis. We arrived at Best Buy at 10:30pm, they are expecting around 100 units, and we are around 30 in line. We are staying here all night and we will be getting these systems! Those of you signed up as staff will be playing these at the Kumoricon holiday party.

Best Buy has been watching over us, providing us with free pizza, drinks, hot chocolate, coffee, and cookies. Thanks to general manager Sam and his awesome, courteous staff at the Beaverton, OR Best Buy for an awesome console launch experience!

Portland Police Bureau Sunshine Division

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