Kumoricon - Oregon's Largest Anime Convention - Labor Day Weekend - September 4-6, 2010 - Hilton Portland and Executive Tower
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Most documents on this page are PDF files requiring Adobe Reader. All downloadable files are marked with their file type.

Many of these PDF files are forms which can be filled out using Adobe Reader. Forms requiring payment can be filled out in Adobe Reader, printed, and sent by mail. Most forms not requiring payment can now be emailed directly using Adobe Reader, without needing to print first.

Registration, Staff, and Organizational

Attendee Registration Forms

Please read and review the registration page for important registration information and policies before filling out these forms.

Mail-In Registration Form [fillable PDF] – To pre-register by mail to attend Kumoricon 2010, please fill in the fields, and print and mail with payment enclosed to the address on the form. All fields are required except “Badge Name”.

Parent Permission Form [fillable PDF] – Required to enter if you are from age 13 to 17. This form is a fillable PDF. Please fill in the fields, print, have a parent sign, and include with your mail-in registration, or bring it with you to the convention if you registered online or are planning to register at the door.

Staff Documents

There are two different types of membership pertaining to Kumoricon:

Kumoricon Event Membership – Includes attendance to the convention as its primary benefit. All attendees to Kumoricon become Kumoricon Event Members.

Altonimbus Entertainment Membership – This form of membership is granted to those who help produce, plan, and host Kumoricon; who meet the qualifications of staff; and who commit to one or more specific, named staff positions. Altonimbus Entertainment Membership includes Kumoricon Event Membership. Altonimbus Entertainment Membership includes other benefits, including voting rights in the organization. Such membership is governed by Article 8 of the Altonimbus Entertainment Bylaws as well as other organization policy.

Staff Members (Altonimbus Entertainment Members) need not separately register as attendees (Kumoricon Event Members). If you have already pre-registered as an attendee, you can change from an attendee to staff if you decide to become staff later and are approved. This is a considered an upgrade, and in that case, the difference between your attendee registration fee and staff dues will be refunded to you.

Staff Application Form [fillable PDF] – If you are new to Altonimbus Entertainment or Kumoricon—or you wish to explore new options for your continued participation in con—you may complete this form and return it to the Secretary, who will help arrange or provide appropriate information. Directors may also request or require applications as they choose.

Staff Membership Registration Form [fillable PDF] – If you have been in contact with your director or manager and after you have received director approval for a staff position, please fill in the fields and print this form, and bring it to a meeting or otherwise deliver to your director. The director must initial the form. Please pay the $10 staff membership dues by cash, check, or money order at a meeting, or arrange for the payment outside the meeting (please do not send payment without arranging first).

Staff Member Policies [web page] – Additional policies pertaining to staff and Altonimbus Entertainment Members. Qualifications, benefits, requirements, and membership miscellanea.

Programming and Operations


Contest information is available on the Contests page.

Panelist Forms

Event/Panel Form [fillable PDF | DOC] – This form allows you to apply to run a panel or event at the convention. Our schedules are built on these forms, so they are mandatory for all persons running a panel. This form is due no later than June 5, 2010. With our limited space, panels will be approved more selectively than in the past. Submitting a form does not automatically approve your panel. Your panel is only final if and when you receive written approval from the Panels Coordinator or Programming Director. More consideration is given to panel forms submitted earlier.

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