Kumoricon - Oregon's Largest Anime Convention - Labor Day Weekend - September 5-7, 2009 - Hilton Portland and Executive Tower
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Event Schedule

Online Live Schedule

The schedule is now available online for viewing in your web browser (no Adobe Reader needed). You may also find that you can view this from your cell phone, smart phone, or Internet communications device:


If schedule changes occur during the con, they will be updated on the live schedule. Also follow our Twitter feed for live announcements of schedule changes: http://twitter.com/Kumoricon

Pocket Programming Guide

All attendees will receive this book upon check-in to Kumoricon. It contains the schedule, hotel map, exhibitors hall/artist alley booth list, map and list of local restaurants, and more. Download it here:

Errata/changes to the schedule since the pocket guide was printed:

  • Added event: Shounen-ai Panel (Saturday, 9:00pm-12:00midnight, Rounds)
  • Added event: Cosplay Church (Sunday, 8:30am-9:30am, Live 1)
  • Delayed event: Anime Hunters (new time, 30 minutes later: Saturday, 2:30pm-4:00pm, Live 1)
  • Change to event map: The exhibitors hall must be reached via the ramp from level B. The map in the program book and pocket guide incorrectly stated that the elevators could be taken directly to the exhibitors hall level.
  • Change to food/area map: The block marked “2″ in the upper right should actually be marked “7″. The block marked “2″ in the upper left is correct.


Convention Hours

For the first time, Kumoricon will have events running 24 hours!

The convention starts on Saturday at 8:00am and ends on Monday at 5:00pm.

Kumoricon policies apply a curfew to minors (anyone under age 18) from 12:00midnight to 6:00am. Please see the policies page for our full policies.

Registration Hours

Please see important details regarding registration check-in and hours on the registration page.

Viewing Room Hours

Viewing rooms run 24 hours starting Saturday at 8am to Monday at 5pm.

Gaming Hours

Console, tabletop, RPG, and CCG gaming run 22 hours during the convention:

Saturday: 8:00am-6:00am
Sunday: 8:00am-6:00am
Monday: 8:00am-4:30pm (exact end time varies per room; see schedule)

Exhibitors Hall and Artist Alley Hours

Saturday: 11:00am-6:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am-6:00pm
Monday: 10:00am-2:00pm

Art Show Hours

Saturday: 12:00noon-6:00pm (setup 9:00am-12:00noon)
Sunday: 10:00am-6:00pm
Monday: 10:00am-4:00pm (pickup only)

Art Show Rules

Art Show Rules for Bidders

Manga Library Hours

Saturday: 8:00am-2:00am
Sunday: 8:00am-2:00am
Monday: 8:00am-4:00pm

Chibi Room Hours

Saturday: 10:00am-5:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am-5:00pm
Monday: 10:00am-3:00pm

Photo Booth Hours (located in the Chibi Room)

Saturday: 6:00pm-2:00am
Sunday: 6:00pm-2:00am

Info Booth Hours

The Info Booth is open for the same hours as registration on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. For these hours, please see the registration page.

Operations Office Hours

The Operations Office is open 24 hours starting Saturday at 8am to Monday at 5pm.

Times for Selected Major Events

Opening Ceremonies: 10:00am-11:00am (Main Events)
Cosplay Fashion Show: 12:00noon-2:00pm (Main Events)
AMV Contest and Show (ticketed event): Seating starts 3:30pm; Contest runs 4:00pm-6:00pm; Show runs 6:00pm-7:00pm (Main Events)
Guests of Honor VIP Dinner (extra cost tickets/VIP badges only): 6:00pm-8:00pm (Rounds)
Concert: Last Stop Tokyo and Soul Candy (ticketed event): 9:00pm-11:00pm (Main Events)
Dance: 11:00pm-3:00am (Main Events)


Cosplay Contest (ticketed event): Seating starts 4:30pm; Contest runs 5:00pm-8:00pm (Main Events)
Masquerade Ball (Mask required! See full dress code): 10:00pm-12:00midnight (Main Events)
Dance: 12:00midnight-3:00am (Main Events)


Cosplay Chess: 12:00noon-3:00pm (Live Events)
Charity Auction: 1:00pm-3:30pm (Main Events)
Art Show Auction: 12:00noon-1:00pm (Creation Station Panel)
Swap Meet: 3:00pm-5:00pm (Workshop)
Closing Ceremonies: 3:30pm-5:00pm (Main Events)
Rant and Rave: Directly following Closing Ceremonies; may start prior to 5:00pm (Main Events)

Hotel Event Space Map

Click on the map for a full size view. This map will be present in the pocket programming guide.

Hotel Event Space Map

Please see the hotel page for a local food and area map.

Event Descriptions

Basic Information
Ticketed Events

For events which require tickets, they can be picked up at the Info Booth during convention hours.

18+ Events

In order to attend 18+ events you’ll need a hand stamp. You need to bring your badge and photo ID to the Info Booth and you can get this stamp.

Line Restiction

Please do not line up for events more than 30 minutes before the event starts or seating begins.

Main Events
Opening Ceremonies

Join us as we kick off our convention for a seventh year! Find out what events are in store for the weekend.

Charity Auction

Help out a great cause, bid on one-of-a-kind items, and have a lot of fun at the Kumoricon Charity Auction! Donations from a variety of local and national businesses, as well as unique souvenirs will be up for bid. All proceeds benefit p:ear, a local youth arts outreach program. Don’t miss it. some lots will be age restricted and will require government ID to complete the purchase. To see items for bid, visit the gallery pages.

Kumoricon Dance

Two dances, one on Saturday night and the other Sunday, will keep your feet moving all night and into the early morning hours. Come listen to the live DJs, and get ready to strut your stuff!

Masquerade Ball

You are invited to attend our Masquerade Ball. Come to mingle and dance, and at midnight see who you were dancing with as masks are removed. The dress code is semi-formal or cosplay, and you must wear a mask. (Kumoricon Staff reserve the right to deny entry to anyone inappropriately attired. Please see this page for rules).

Volunteer Meeting

Want to help out the con staff for a few hours, but not sure what to do? Come to the volunteer meeting, speak with dedicated staff who will tailor your great contribution around the stuff you want to see anyway! It’s one of the best ways to show Kumoricon your support!

Closing Ceremonies

The final event of Kumoricon—contest winners are announced, highlights are replayed, and the mascot for 2010 is revealed.

Rant and Rave

Was there something you loved, or something you thought could be improved? Good feedback or bad, we want to hear your thoughts. Stop by after Closing Ceremonies to tell the staff what you thought of the con.

All-Weekend Events
Catch the Barrel

Pirates vs Ninjas!! Who will come out on top for the honor and glory of being the bucket champion? Now with 100% more sudden death showdowns! A champion will be declared at closing ceremonies…will it be you?

Barrel Game Rules

Cosplay Scavenger Hunt

Join the hunt! Keep your eyes open and on the lookout for clues as you wander the convention. For more information, please go to the Info Booth.

Hall Cosplay

Once again, our Hall Cosplay staff will be roaming the halls on the lookout for outstanding costumes and cosplayers. Act your part, or just have fun&emdash;you never know where they will be!

AMV Contest

(Ticketed event)

Kumoricon’s Anime Music Video competition, created for fans, by fans. Entries are grouped into categories, and you the audience vote for your favorite videos. Come see how your video does, or just sit back and watch! Winners will be announced during Closing Ceremonies.

AMV Show

Immediately following the contest, stay and watch the “best-of” collection of AMVs created within the last year.

AMV Iron Chef Participant Check-In

Participants and their friends meet and are given an overview of this year’s AMV Iron Chef challenge. Review previous entries, peruse music and video sources, and then create a mini masterpiece on the fly!

AMV Iron Chef Showing

A showing of the creations made by the AMV Iron Chef participants, and the audience votes for the winner.

Off-Hours AMVs

(Age 18+ only, ID stamp required)

A mix of last year’s AMV Contest overflow, and selected works. Includes AMVs having more explicit lyrics or more suggestive imagery than the typical AMV contest and show entries.

AMV Overflow Show

If you missed the original contest, or want to take another look, join us for a replay of some of the contest favorites (as previously determined by the audience vote), and a selection of past AMV Show entries and winners.

Advanced Cosplay: Accessories, Props, and Hardware

Need something for your costume that you can’t run through a sewing machine? Stumped on how to make it? This is the panel for you! Wings, crazy make-up effects, lights, armor, and jewelry—anything goes. Bring lots of questions!

Cosplay 101

Just starting to gain an interest in dressing up as your favorite characters, but have no idea how to go about it? This panel will answer your questions from where to shop for costume pieces, what to buy, and how to learn the skills you’ll need to make those special touches to whatever you’re wanting to wear. We’ll teach you the difference between making a Halloween costume and actually becoming a character for cosplay!

Cosplay Chess

Come see your favorite characters battle it out on a giant chessboard stage! Coplay Chess is an event where convention attendees in cosplay serve as the pieces, and at the direction of two chess masters, will move, fight, and die live on stage. The combats are not pre-scripted—anything can happen!

Cosplay Chess Pre-Meeting

Meeting for Cosplay Chess participants. This is an opportunity to discuss battle techniques and work out strategies. Mandatory for all participants.

Cosplay Choreography Contest

There are always so many dance skits in the cosplay contest that you could have a whole contest devoted to them. This is it. Stories told through dance!

Cosplay Contest

(Ticketed event)

Whether you like to compete or just to see costumes being presented, the Cosplay Contest is Kumoricon’s main constume event. Various individuals and groups will present their costumes and entertaining skits. At the end of the contest, prizes will be announced for outstanding entries.

Cosplay Contest Rules

Cosplay Fashion Show

Do you like cosplay? Are you tired of waiting in line for the cosplay contest? Do you have a cosplay you want to show off? If so, come to Kumoricon’s first ever Cosplay Fashion Show, where anybody can show off their cosplay. Handmade or store bought, young or old, large or small, ninja or pirate—all are welcome. If you want to compete, sign up for the judging portion where prizes will be involved.

Hosted by BangBangNeko… see you there cosplayers!

Cosplay Pre-Meeting

Meeting for Cosplay entrants. This is the time to ask the Cosplay Coordinator questions about skit content and weapons use; sign up for Costume Workmanship slots, Photography slots, and Skit technical rehearsal slots; and hear and last minute announcements. At least one member of each group must be present. Final deadline for all entries: all entry forms, waivers, and CDs must be turned in to the Cosplay Coordinator. Costumes are not required at this meeting.

Cosplay Props and Weapons Crafting

Have you gotten together that perfect costume, but are missing that integral weapon, wand, or armor piece? This is the panel for you. We will have an overview of various materials and techniques that are used on projects big and small, and are acceptable by convention standards. Be sure to bring a note pad and pen for all the tips!

Cosplay Skits 101

So you have a costume and now you want to go on stage. Excellent! But what to do? Come to this panel and find out how best to have fun and entertain an audience. Tips will be included on stage technique, sound and lighting, what to expect backstage in a contest, and what to do if something goes wrong (this is show business after all…)

Crossplay 101

This panel is a discussion and introduction into the world of crossplay, or cosplaying an anime/game/original character of the opposite sex. Panelists will discuss their history of their crossplays, and will answer questions from the audience about the who, what, why, and hows of the subject, and also invite other crossplayers to share their secrets and experiences. It’s a fun type of panel to learn about expanding your cosplay horizons. A slide show may also be available, so come see what it’s all about!

Crossplay: Tuck Everlasting

(Age 18+ only, ID stamp required)

The late night panel on crossplay last year was crazy and wild, so we’re bringing it back this year! What you always wanted to know about crossplay, you can ask here without being shy or embarrassed. Crossplayers will be happy to answer questions, reveal secrets, or maybe even more. Just see what it takes to go from female-to-male and male-to-female. We may even have a slideshow, plus maybe something extra for good measure! Now is your chance to untuck the truth!

Cuddly Cosplay

Do you have a plushie that’s been begging for a chance to appear on stage? A teddy bear ready to emote as Ichigo from Bleach, or perhaps My Shinigami Pony? Give it the opportunity to strut! It’s a cheesy cosplay presentation just for them! Make an outfit for the plushie. We will have sound (a boombox) for CDs and a “followspot” flashlight. If you forget to bring music, you may sing or the audience may provide random sound effects at their whim.

The Basics of Wig Styling, with PatentRenoSmirk

Want to create a beautiful wig for your cosplay, but don’t know where to start? Are you too afraid to touch the wig you bought for fear of ruining it? Ever wonder how some people create such perfect, gravity defying spikes? Well, I can attempt to help you. In this panel, I will discuss not only where to find wigs, but how to select the one that will work for the style you need. But that’s not all! I will share with you the styling tricks I have learned with the use of demonstrations and step-by-step tutorials. So come on down and learn the basics of wig styling, the PatentRenoSmirk way!

How to Make Cat Ears

Come to this workshop and learn how to make your own purrrrrfect cat ears! Materials are provided, and instructors will be there to help you along. Space is limited, so be sure to come early. (For those who cannot attend the panel, you will be able to purchase the materials and make your own ears at the Kumoricon booth in the dealer’s room).

Patterning and Advanced Sewing for the Cosplayer

Tired of making your costumes from store bought patterns that never fit you properly and just don’t look right? Want to make your costumes look spectacular even up close? Then this is the panel for you! We will be giving an overview of how to drape a pattern from scratch to fit you, how to alter existing patterns, and a few advanced hand sewing techniques to make your costumes stand out from the rest.

Persocom Ear Workshop

Ever wanted to have persocomm ears like Chii or Freya? Come to this panel and learn how easy it is to create your own! Space will be limited, so get there while you can.

Open Mic

This year, the Karaoke Lounge can be found on the 23rd floor! Come and check out the view of the city while you enjoy open mic. Sing your heart out, or have a seat and relax, but most of all, enjoy the music!

Open Mic Karaoke Rules

21+ Karaoke

(Age 21+ only, ID required)

For the first time, come experience karaoke at Kumoricon as it should be—with alcohol. The hotel bar in the lounge will be open for you to purchase drinks that you can enjoy in the Karaoke Lounge while enjoying the performances.

Karaoke for Newbies

Want to try karaoke, but not sure where to start? Join us as for this panel where we will help you figure it out—you will be singing in no time!

Karaoke Cosplay Hybrid

See cosplay and karaoke collide once again at Kumoricon’s Cosplay Hybrid Contest. Contestants will put on skits, perform artistic acts, and go for audience appeal, all the while performing songs to complement their performance. Be goofy, be serious, the point is—have fun with your music!

Karaoke Contest Rules

Kumoricon Idol

Listen as contestants perform beautiful Japanese songs. Idol contestants are judged on vocal ability and talent.

Karaoke Contest Rules

Chibi Room—for our attendees age 12 and under

The Chibi room, a crafty option for children, will have many choices this year ranging from drawing and coloring anime and manga to making rain charms, dolls and even fish kites. This room is intended for younger Kumoricon attendees and is a safe space for learning many types of Japanese art forms. Children will be able to learn how to write their names in katakana, fold origami and even learn how to speak some Japanese! For a schedule and description of activities, please see the pocket guide or ask at Info Booth.

Please remember that children ages 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

Manga Library

Come sit, relax, and read your favorite manga in Kumoricon’s very own manga library! Open from 8am to 2am all weekend, it’s a great place to take a break from all the con chaos!


Saturday: 6 pm-2 am
Sunday: 6 pm-2 am

Got a great costume you are really proud of? Want the best pics to brag to your friends about? Did you know Kumoricon has a professional photo studio available?

Join us in the Chibi Room after it closes, and spend a few minutes in front of the lens of our photographer “Spott”. Your face and costume could help promote Kumoricon 2010. Plus, your images will be available to you online after the convention. Remember to leave your e-mail address with the studio assistant to receive direct links to the private Kumoricon photo galleries.

Guest Panels
Anime Hunters

(Note delayed start time in schedule)

Once again, The Anime Hunters return to Kumoricon for another year of fun! Come and join the entertainment at their panel where you can catch the premier of the latest episode of their online series, and possibly the last of the first season! Prizes will be given away, and you will get to ask them the questions you have always wanted to ask. What those questions are, we have no idea! Hm, now that’s a scary thought. So come and have fun with The Anime Hunters!

About Cynthia

Learn how Cynthia Martinez got into voice acting, and hear other interesting stories about her experiences, at this fun panel.

Censorship and “Obscenity” in Manga

In 2009, Christopher Handley, a manga collector in Iowa, pleaded guilty to charges of possessing obscene manga, after a three-year ordeal which began when the U.S. Postal Service opened a package he received from Japan. Meanwhile, censorship is a fact of life in mainstream manga, affecting everything from nudity in Naruto to pot leaves in Shaman King. Why is manga censored in America, and what do the laws really say about what you can and can’t show? Jason Thompson and other industry guests discuss the legal, moral and economic aspects of this complicated issue.

Character—Head to Toes

Learn some techniques to stretch the boundaries of your acting abilities. Create characters you might not think you were capable of. For those of you who have heard “you’ve got a great voice” or “you’re a really good actor, you should get into voiceover”, learn how to take the next step. This workshop will show some of the tricks Kirk and Julie Thornton have learned in their 30 years as working professionals and students of acting.

Character Design Workshop with Svetlana Chmakova

See Svetlana’s creative process as she creates a character design with help from the audience.

Concert—Last Stop Tokyo

(Ticketed event)

Founded by some members of The Slants, this band features some familiar faces rocking with a different sound. Paying homage to The Ramones and all of their inspired offspring, Last Stop Tokyo captures the pure rock spirit

Concert—Soul Candy

Listen to anime theme songs covered by this up and coming ‘Otaku Rock’ group. They have played some great shows since forming about a year ago, and we are pleased to welcome them to Kumoricon.

Dark Horse Industry Panel

Join Carl Horn and other industry representatives from the manga licenser and comics publisher in our own backyard! Find out what exciting projects are coming from this great company, which just walked away from Comic-Con International with the lion’s share of the Eisner Awards.

Dark Horse Translating Panel

Join Michael Gombos, Dark Horse’s own Director of Asian Licensing and translator of Neon Genesis Evangelion, and other local Dark Horse translators as they talk about what it’s like to be in the business of translating for anime and manga.

Dubbing Workshop

Learn some of the techniques used at studios like Studiopolis, Animaze, Saban, Disney and Bang Zoom to lay down professional “Dubs”. Kirk Thornton, who has acted, written, and directed for all these studios and more will give a crash course on the ABC’s of dubbing and get as many behind the mic as time allows to dub scenes from Naruto and Bleach.

Girl Genius Radio Theater

Done in the style of old-time radio productions, come listen as Studio Foglio brings their creations to life in front of a live audience.

Guests of Honor VIP Dinner

(Tickets are $75)

Dinner with the guests! If you want face time with all the guests in an intimate meal, this is the event for you. This is a ticketed event, so be sure to purchase your tickets at the Info Booth. Entry is included in the cost of VIP registration.

King of RPGs: Tabletop Throwdown!

Calling all magic-users, role-players and D&D fans! King of RPGs, coming in January 2010 from Del Rey Manga, is the stirring saga of two college freshmen: a guy recovering from a World of Warfare addiction, and another boy whose life goal is to become THE GREATEST DUNGEON MASTER IN THE WORLD! Join author/gamemaster Jason Thompson, for a King of RPGs tournament adventure full of monsters, heroism and the everpresent possibility of a gruesome death because you had a bad die roll. The best role-players (or, alternately, the survivors) will receive fabulous prizes! Beginners welcome. Dice and characters provided.

NOTE: 10 slots only—Sign-up sheet in Tabletop

Kurokami Experiment

Bandai is releasing this show in the US and Japan at the same time. Come find out about this interesting experiment in simultaneous release from the producer’s point of view.

Late-Night Yaoi Readings

(Age 18+ only, ID stamp required)

Two mystery panelists. Dozens of Boy’s Love graphic novels. Join us for an exploration of the sophisticated world of yaoi manga as our panelists read aloud from classic scenes of bishonen romance. Audience suggestions of reading material are gladly accepted. Only the ring finger knows what will happen.

Look Back in Manga: Carl Gustav Horn and Jason Thompson talk PULP

From 1997 to 2003, VIZ published the underground/seinen manga magazine, PULP, which featured the first English appearances of critically acclaimed manga artists such as Junko Mizuno (Little Fluffy Gigolo Pelu) and Junji Ito (Uzumaki). Today, the spirit of PULP lives on in VIZ’s new IKKI line of alternative manga (one of the original proposed titles for IKKI was PULP Japan), in violent, sexual seinen (men’s) manga like Crying Freeman and Oldboy, and in experimental/art manga like Disappearance Diary and Tokyo Zombie. Jason Thompson and Carl Gustav Horn, two of the original editors of PULP magazine, talk about manga and about what it was like to work in the industry in the mysterious future (?) year of 199X.

Manga: The Complete Guide Z

In 2006, former SHONEN JUMP editor Jason Thompson quit his job, locked himself in his apartment for a year, drew the blinds, and read every single manga published in English. The result: the encyclopedic book Manga: The Complete Guide. Three years later, “Manga: The Complete Guide” has been nominated for an Eisner Award, Thompson is Manga Editor for Otaku USA magazine, and he’s working on an original manga from Del Rey, King of RPGs. Featuring a special announcement about the update to Manga: The Complete Guide!

Meet Svetlana

A humorous overview of the life and work of Svetlana Chmakova. Learn all about the projects she has worked on. There will be Q&A at the end.

Q&A with Cynthia Martinez

Take this chance to learn more about Cynthia. Prepare your most interesting questions and interact with her.

Q&A with Kirk Thornton

This is your opportunity to learn more about Kirk, as he answers questions from you, the audience.

Q&A with Toshi Yoshida

Toshi has a lot of experience in the anime industry. Come and find out more about how anime works from a producer’s point and view.

The Secret History of Manga in the U.S.

It’s been more than thirty years since the first manga was translated into English! But how much do you REALLY know about manga? From MixxZine to Raijin, from Astro Boy to Tenjho Tenge, discover the bizarre secrets of translated manga in this visual time machine full of dreamers, censors, antiwar activists, and ninja. Narrated by Jason Thompson.

Studio Foglio: Girl Genius

Girl Genius is the “gaslamp fantasy” story created by Phil and Kaja Foglio. Join them for this Q&A session on their popular webcomic.

Translating for Anime and Manga

Toshi has worked on translations for a number of anime and manga series. Come and learn about being a translator in the industry.

Video Game Tournaments
  • Super Smash Brothers BRAWL!
  • Mario Kart Wii
  • Blazblue
  • Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core+
  • Street Fighter IV
  • Soul Calibur IV
  • Rock Band 2
  • Dance Dance Revolution
  • Defense of the Ancients: All-Stars
  • Starcraft
  • Pokémon Battle Revolution
  • (More may be announced at Con)
Tabletop Gaming

Located on the 3rd floor in the Forum and Cabinet rooms, as well as on the 23rd floor, Tabletop Gaming will be open for the duration of con for anyone to play CCGs, RPGs, Go or any of the board or card games available.
This year GameStorm, an annual local convention that focuses on board and role-playing games but features games of all kinds, has provided Kumoricon with access to their Game Library, allowing attendees to check out and play hundreds of different games. GameStorm staff will be on hand to provide assistance. Come check it out!

Anime CCG Meet & Greet & Swap

Starting with Ani-Mayhem in 1996, there have been many anime based CCGs released over the years. From .hack//enemy to Zatch Bell, come share your anime CCG experiences with fellow gamers, trade cards, and play a few games.

GO! Kumoricon

Play GO (known as igo in Japan, baduk in Korea, weiqi in China)—the strategy board game loved by Fujiwara no Sai and familiar to fans of Hikaru no Go. All levels welcome, beginner to advanced. A little history plus the simple rules, and you’ll be playing the game!

Open Play

Bring yourself, your friends and your favorite card, board or role-playing game—or try playing one of ours. We will have a variety of games available for your tabletop gaming needs during our open play hours.

Open Play (21+ Only)

(Age 21+ only, ID required)

Beginning at 11:00pm each day on the 23rd floor, all gaming events will include access to the hotel bar. Gaming and Alcohol… they were basically made for each other.

Steve Jackson Games

As Steve Jackson Games produces card and board games designed for small groups of people, space at these events may be limited.

Burn in Hell

In the card game Burn in Hell you try to assemble the tastiest Circles of history’s sinners by collecting the souls of the damned. Trade souls with your rivals or just steal the ones you need. Collect groups of Mass Murderers, Cannibals, even Clerics… or build sets of the Seven Deadly Sins.


FRAG is the first ever First Person Shooter… without a computer. Spawn into a map, pick up weapons and equipment, and go FRAG your buddies! And if you should get FRAGed yourself, just respawn and come back shooting!

King’s Blood

King’s Blood is a fast-paced card game in which players create a royal genealogy by playing cards that add members to the family tree and others that manipulate their lives. You decide who gets married, born, exiled, or assassinated. King’s Blood was originally published in Japan by Fujimi Shobo Co., Ltd.

Midnight Munchkin

It’s midnight, and the munchkins come out to play! Come join us for an epic round of Steve Jackson Games’ Munchkin card game. Play with cards from every available Munchkin set and expansion! Feel the effects of sleep deprivation! In these wee hours, who knows what might happen… But some things are certain. You will kill monsters. You will steal the treasure. And you will stab your buddy in the back.

Munchkin: Pirates vs. Ninja

Declare your allegiance in this cosmic struggle! Combining Munchkin Fu and Munchkin Booty from Steve Jackson Games’ popular Munchkin card game line, this event promises to be an historic moment in the ultimate showdown for superiority. The line has been drawn. Will you karate chop your buddy or make him walk the plank?

Munchkin: User Request

Join us for a game of Munchkin where you choose the cards. Mix and match different sets and expansions or go with the tried and true. Requests will be met on a first come, first served basis. However, with the vast array of Munchkin at our disposal we should be able to fill multiple requests at once.

Ninja Burger

Inspired by the website www.ninjaburger.com, the Ninja Burger card game pits you against fellow trainees in a Ninja Burger store. Learn the secrets of stealth, swordsmanship, and customer service as you deliver tasty burgers and fries to some very unusual places. You will bring honor to your franchise! Failure is not an option!

SPANC: Space Pirate Amazon – Ninja Catgirls

In the card game SPANC you gather your crew of Space Pirate Amazon Ninja Catgirls and embark on one Caper after another. Defeat every challenge the galaxy throws at you, pick up Toys, grab Loot, and watch your tail… Because the other catgirls want what you’ve got! Illustrated by Guest of Honor Phil Foglio.

Steve Jackson Games: User Request

Come enjoy a casual play experience with the SJ game of your choice. Play an old favorite or try something new. Requests will be met on a first come, first served basis. However, with so many games on hand, you are sure to find something to tickle your fancy!

Collectible Card Games

Registration for tournaments starts one hour before the event. Duration and prizes will be based on the number of participants.

Pokémon TCG Tournament

Bring your Modified Format legal deck and come play in a Pokémon TCG constructed tournament.

Entry fee: none.


Legend of the Five Rings, or L5R, is set in the Emerald Empire, a land where honor is a force more powerful than steel. With both a CCG and RPG to its name, this fantasy Asia setting takes the majority of its inspiration from the mythology and conflict of feudal Japan.

L5R CCG Demo

The L5R CCG is the second oldest CCG still in print. With a new base set just released, now is the perfect time to learn how to play this CCG classic.

L5R CCG Tournament

Bring your Celestial Legal deck, and come play in a L5R CCD constructed tournament.

Entry fee: none.

Chaos Booster Draft

(21+ only, ID required)

An alternate way to draft MTG, in a Chaos Draft each player chooses any three 15 card booster packs to draft with. There will be a variety of packs available, but if you want to open packs from a particular expansion (such as Unhinged) you may want to bring you own.

Entry fee: about $10 (including a choice of 3 booster packs) but may vary based on packs chosen.

Elder Dragon Highlander

(21+ only, ID required)

A variant constructed format, EDH is one of the most enjoyable ways to play Magic to date. For the complete rules as well as a list of banned cards, please visit the official website at www.dragonhighlander.net/rules.php.

Entry fee: none.

Magic 2010 Booster Draft

Come join us for a draft of MTG’s newest Core Set, Magic 2010. Drafting is a great way to play Magic and get new cards. No previous drafting experience required.

Entry fee: $10 (includes 3 booster packs).


Bring your Standard Legal deck and come play in a MTG constructed tournament.

Entry fee: none.

Theme Deck

Bring a copy of any MTG theme deck ever printed, along with its name and deck list, or purchase one on-site, and come play in this constructed tournament.

Entry fee: none.


Warlord: Saga of the Storm is an epic fantasy card game that uses a fun and interesting mix of both CCG and RPG mechanics. The main Warlord CCG event at Kumoricon is the last of 16 Summer Campaign events taking place in six different countries this year, and is sanctioned by the game’s manufacturer, PHOENIX Interactive GmbH, based out of Münster, Germany. Official prize support includes exclusive promo cards, medals, and the chance to help design a card that will strengthen the winner’s faction against the faction of their choice. Duration and prizes for all events will be based on the number of participants. Registration for all Warlord tournaments begins one hour before each event and entry is free.

Each tournament will have a number of Swiss paired rounds dependant on turnout, with final placement being determined by standings after the last round of Swiss pairings.

Ancients Format

Bring your Ancients Format legal deck and play in this limited open Warlord CCG constructed tournament. Rules for this format can be found at www.warlordccg.de/blog/rules/ancients-format-rules/. The winner of this event will receive a copy of the Scarlet Rose Cohort, one of only seven copies ever printed!

Doubles Format

Teams of two players will compete head to head in this Warlord CCG constructed tournament using the standard Doubles Format rules.

Kerebus Format

Bring your Standard Fourth Edition legal deck along with any previously printed Warlord legal deck for construction and come play in this variant Warlord CCG constructed tournament.

Partners in Crime

Bring your Standard Fourth Edition legal deck including two Warlords from the same faction and come play in this variant Warlord CCG constructed tournament. These Warlords will begin the game in play adjacent to one another in rank three.

Sealed Deck

Participants will receive one Warlord CCG Fourth Edition sealed deck from which they will construct a 50 card deck to compete in this tournament. This is a great opportunity to experience the Warlord CCG for the first time.

Summer Campaign Main Event

Bring your best Fourth Edition legal deck and compete in this Warlord CCG Summer Campaign constructed tournament. Medals will be awarded to first through third place and top of faction. The winner of this event will also have their name printed on a card that they will help design for an upcoming Warlord CCG expansion!

LARP Gaming
What is LARP?

LARP, or Live Action Role-Playing takes role-playing games to the next level. Instead of sitting around a table, rolling dice, you dress as your character, act as your character, and speak as your character. Think of it as a mesh of role-playing games and drama (theatre, TV, movies, anime, etc.). For the games below, you don’t need to know how to play a role-playing game; you don’t even need to know how to act. If you get the general idea of “playing pretend” you have all you need to know. All the rules will be explained to the players at the beginnings of games, and a Storyteller (that’s the person in charge) will always be available if you have any questions. Costumes are highly encouraged (we’ll be dressed up, so should you!).

Tales from the Floating Vagabond: Bar Wars

You’ve secretly eloped with your mob-boss’ daughter. If that wasn’t bad enough, when you go to enter the honeymoon suite, you end up entering another portal in time and space; into a bar called The Floating Vagabond. All manner of creatures are there from all over the Galaxies that arrived the same way. What will you do? What will you say? What will you…drink?

Join other as you all try to find your ways home. But until then, try and have fun without getting maimed in the process!

There is a max of 40 players for this game.

Blood Hunt: Deathbringers vs. Reckoners

With the creation of XXXXXX, a synthetic blood compound, vampires have come “out of the closet”. And while most are content to live a “normal” life drinking genetically created blood, the revealing of the vampires has allowed for a darker, much more ruthless evil to arise: those vampires that don’t believe in “human laws”.

You get to pick a side. You can be a Deathbringer, one of the vampires that have turned from human civilization to create their own far superior rules. Or you can be a Reckoner, a human devoted to bringing around the extinction of the far darker vampire beasts. Both will strategize and battle for their views and claims to existence.

If you’d like to dress up for this game, costumes can come from any genre, as long as it’s dark! Props will be provided for guns (squirt guns without water, don’t want to ruin the silk!), knives (plastic toy daggers), etc.

There is a max of 60 players for this game.

Are You The Thing?

You are all scientists in an arctic base, there is some evil alien presence there who is infecting you all, find it and destroy it before you all become the Thing!!

There is a max of 30 players for this game.

General Programming
About the Shakuhachi

Come learn about the Japanese “zen flute”, the shakuhachi, featuring Hanzaburo Araki, the world’s only 6th generation shakuhachi player. He’ll be discussing the history and artistry of this ancient instrument.

Anime Christmas

Christmas comes early in this game inspired by musical chairs. People will pass around a large present. When the music stops, the person holding the gift will unwrap a layer which will contain a gift or a penalty.

Anime Jeopardy 3.0

Everyone’s favorite game show with an anime* twist!

*MAY also include topics such as video games, j-music, and other things related to the internets that people attending this convention would typically be interested in. Also, the rules of traditional Jeopardy may be obscured to fit our needs.

Anime Jeopardy Contestant Selection

For all those who would like to take part in Anime Jeopardy, you must attend this panel to take the Anime Jeopardy Contestant Selection Exam. A short test will be administered in order to find the best qualified contestants to take part in the 2009 Anime Jeopardy panel. The test can be taken any time during this panel, limit one per person. Results will be announced at the official 2009 Anime Jeopardy panel later the same day.

The Anime List

Have you ever wanted to discuss once and for all the best and biggest anime subjects? In this panel, we discuss our favorite choices on various anime subjects and vote on which ones are the best. Whether it’s a major subject like The Greatest Anime Story, or a unique subject like the worst-dressed character, the Anime List is for you.

The Anime Match Game

Sounds like another dating game but it’s not! Match Game is a madlibs type game show. Fill in the blanks of a phrase, match the answer with a panel of celebrities, and comedy ensues. Hosted by former Bakazoku members, be prepared for laughs as contestants match their answers with hilarious results.

Anime Swimsuit Contest

(You must be 18+ to be a contestant.)

An anime themed swimsuit contest, consisting of 3 rounds with 2 winners, a judges’ choice and crowd favorite. 1st round is in character introductions, 2nd round is talents and 3rd round is questions from the crowd. At the end all the contestants come up onto the stage for group photos and the picking of the 2 winners.

Anime That Scarred Me For Life

Back again for more tales of sorrow and mind scorching trauma. Bring your favorite stories from anime that made no sense or left you in pain. Share with others and spread the joy of anime that scarred you for life.

Apples to Apples—Con Edition

Have you played Apples to Apples? Ever wish there was a convention version of the game? Well, you’re not the only one. Come play Red vs Green, a version of Apples to Apples which incorporates all of your favorite fan subjects, from cosplay to Final Fantasy to beyond.

Asian Ball-Joint Dolls

Okay, so what’s up with those big dolls people carry around? Where do they come from? How much do they cost? How do you get one, and then keep from destroying it? What do people DO with them anyway? Curious? Come to the panel to find out what the deal is. Doll owners are encouraged to bring their dolls to show them off—I mean, compare different companies, that’s right…

Ask Me Anything

Hosted by our con chair, Beau. “Show up and ask me anything, no really, anything! I’ll answer as truthfully as the law allows.” Possible surprise guests!!

Axis Powers Hetalia PJ Party of Awesome

The Awesome Forces (a historically inaccurate alliance) cordially invite nation-tan and people alike to a night full of games, hi-jinks and the viewing of the Hetalia anime and MAD videos. Only requirements: come clad in your most presentable, and patriotic PJs, and bring your sense of competition and nation pride.

BangBangNeko Show

BangBangNeko is back again to entertain you with their own variety show, featuring the Duel for the Bishounen/Bishoujo of Kumoricon! Audience participation is encouraged, so come join the fun.

Cake On a Plane

The debut of the cosplay group “Cake on a Plane”! Cosplaying from the series Strawberry Panic! this year, they are hosting this panel. Come meet the members and find out who they are! Play nifty games! Have fun and BE AWESOME. ‘Cause they like that kind of thing.

Ballroom Dancing Lessons

Feeling a little shy on the dance floor for the Masquerade? A ballroom dance class is planned earlier that day for those of you who would like to learn a few moves, meet potential dance partners, or just brush up on your technique. There will be two sessions—Tango and Swing.

Catboys & Catgirls After Dark

(Age 18+ only, ID stamp required)

Discussion of catboys and catgirls in adult anime and manga.

Catboys & Catgirls in Anime

A discussion of the appearance of catboys and catgirls in anime.

Catboy at the Con Fan Panel

Fan panel to meet Catboy at the Con creator Kenneth “The Catboy” Siefring. Discussing past comics and questions about future ones.

D. Gray-man Discussion

An open forum to discuss the D. Gray-man anime and manga. Will contain spoilers for later chapters and episodes.

Did Your Favorite Anime Jump the Shark?

Has your favorite anime series reached its peak? In this panel, we discuss various anime series and whether or not they took a turn for the worse and how they did it. If you’d like to discuss whether or not your favorite anime series has jumped the shark, panel is for you.

Family Feud: The Otaku Version: Auditions

Family feud returns, and this time teams will be selected in advance! This is the time for teams of 4 to be gathered and chosen for the actual games. Whether a family, group, cosplay group, or just a bunch of friends, come on over and become a part of the fun!

Family Feud: The Otaku Version: Survey

Family feud returns, but this year the surveys will be done here at Kumoricon! Come over and help us out. Let your voice be heard! (P.S. if you do the survey, you can still audition for the game.)

Family Feud: The Otaku Version: The Game

Family Feud returns! 3 games! 6 teams! An endless amount of fun! Come and watch the otaku adaption of the popular game show!

Forum Meet Up Panel

If you have ever posted on Kumoricon’s forum, then come on by and meet some of your fellow forum folks face to face. There’ll be all sorts of crazy games and inside jokes and you may even get some explanations if you’re new to it all.

Girl Genius Dating Game

This is not your usual convention dating game, it’s more of a show. Come and see some of your favorite Girl Genius characters cosplayed onstage as we perform a “what if” scenario straight from television. If you like Studio Foglio’s comic, or just like mad science and romance, then you won’t want to miss the show!

The Gong Show

(Age 18+ only, ID stamp required)

Do you have a talent? Feel the excitement of sink or swim; come to the Gong Show and either feel the rush of applause or get…. The GONG!


(Age 18+ only, ID stamp required)

Join Anime Vice Editor-in-Chief Gia Manry (and perhaps some surprise guests!) as she hosts a discussion and viewing panel on DIRTY DIRTY ANIME PORN. With no cat-calls, dirty limericks, or dramatic readings… maybe.

I Saw You Kissing That Catgirl!

A look at the dating scene at Anime Conventions. Have you ever met or tried meeting someone at con? Or have you ever brought your significant other to the con with you? Or do you have friends that come with you and have a nasty habit of cheating on their boyfriend/girlfriend? If you answer yes to any of these questions, you most likely have an interesting story to tell about the drama that comes from relationships at con. Come join us to share your stories, and we’ll share ours.


Are you LGBTQ or an ally? Come meet people like yourself and talk about convention experiences, being queer in the otaku community, and many other things! Everyone, whatever their identity, is welcome, but derogatory comments of any sort will not be tolerated. (Please be aware that although we may talk about them, this is NOT a yuri/yaoi/etc. panel.)

Let’s Voice Act! A Beginner’s Guide

Join professional voice actress Kristy Kay for two hours of intensive acting, coaching and microphone time in a workshop designed to improve on your microphone skills in hopes of bettering your abilities to audition and get roles in both an amateur and professional setting. This workshop will be limited in number of participants, but anyone can watch!

Miniskirt Army

Roy Mustang’s dream: a world where all female officers have to wear TINY miniskirts! It is Travis Willingham’s dream too. We, the Miniskirt Army, are bringing this dream to life one skirt at a time. We are the few, the TALL, the Miniskirt Army. Join us.

Miniskirt Army Uncensored

(Age 18+ only, ID stamp required)

You know us. We wear the skirts. You love us. Might even worship us secretly. Now get to know the REAL us. It’s time to take off the uniform (leaving on the skirt) and talk about who we really are.

Naruto Faceoff

Do you love Naruto? This game is for you! Fans and cosplayers will be tested in a friendly, fun tournament to prove how much of a dedicated fan they are through questions, impersonations, you name it. There will be a grand prize at the end for the biggest fan! Come by and watch with your friends as hilariousness ensues!

Naze Nani Kumoricon

What is Altonimbus Entertainment? How does Kcon run? Why are things structured as they are? How do people get started working on Kcon stuff or running panels? How can I get involved? Can I get good resume builders out of taking on roles with Kcon? Sit down with someone who has worn many hats with Kcon and ask (almost) whatever you want.

Oftenly Renamed Panel

Audience driven discussion panel (PG-13, With other fun and random interruptions of (tame) mayhem.) in which topics are chosen by the audience about the con, about anime, and about anything that is con related. (i.e. Anime, Cosplay, venders, gaming tourney’s) and so much more…

Ouran Host Club Tea Party

(Ticketed event, extra cost)

The Ouran High School Host Club is hosting a tea party that all are welcome to attend. Come spend a while with your favorite host! Expect: tea, extravagance with a little commoner thrown in, and the crazy antics the club is known for.

Para Para 101—Beginner’s Guide

Do you love dancing in a group? Do you ever get on the dance floor and feel shy because you can’t think of any moves? Then Para Para is for you! Kristy and Steve, both seasoned paralists and members of the unit S/M will be on hand to teach you the ways of this synchronized Japanese club dance styles. Learn the basics of the dance style, the history of and culture behind it, and two dance routines!

Dances being taught: Help Me by David Dima and Nanten Nodoame no Uta by Nantenman

Para Para 201—Intermediate (Techno)

Building on the foundation learned from previous dance experience, a good sense of rhythm, or from the Para Para 101 class, this panel will feature Kristy and Steve from the Para Para troupe S/M teaching techpara; a form of para para done to techno and 90s dance. These routines will be a bit harder and will include elements of freestyle. If you want to learn a couple of moves for the dance or if you just want to see what is cool in Japanese clubs, this panel is a must!

Parent’s Guide to Anime

This is a panel for all those selfless parents and guardians that come every year, yet don’t know much about anime. We will help you understand the rating systems, where to get anime for your kids, how to supervise what they’re watching, and best of all, answer your questions. Find out what is so great about anime to begin with and how you can be a part of your child’s world.

Parody Fanfic Improv

(Age 18+ only, ID stamp required)

Come one, come all for 2 hours of madness as we re-enact scenes from some of the worst fanfic that’s out there! Bring your emesis basin and Dramamine, but don’t forget your sense of humor.

*No harm is intended during this panel to the authors of these fanfics, it’s all meant to be enjoyed in good, lighthearted fun.

Pocky Club Presents

Pocky club is a group of cosplayers and otaku who spread happiness, brotherhood, and peace through cosplay and Pocky. Join the fun as we discuss club activities, the history of Pocky itself, and new flavors. Samples will be available.

Press Your Luck—Otaku Edition

Welcome to the second playing of PYLOE in 2009! We gave away a bunch of prizes at Sakura-Con, and now we invade Portland and Kumoricon for EVEN MORE of BIG BUCKS AND NO WHAMMIES. Four games, and prizes to the winners of each game!

Ramen Fire Bowl Attack!

Do you think you have what it takes to survive until the finish? Can you handle the heat? Then come test your abilities. Or if you’re weak, just cheer the others on. Consisting of 3 heats, contestants will compete to see who can handle the most fiery hot bowls of ramen.

Random Panel IV

They’re facing the ultimate challenge. They’re fighting for your sanity. They could have stopped… they could have saved their buttons. But now, the only thing they can do is walk away…

When East meets West, the Random Panelists will remain. Coming Summer of 2009, Random Panel IV!

The Randomness of the Internets

This panel is never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you. Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye, never gonna tell a lie and hurt you.

Back for a second year, it’s the Randomness of the internets with even more random!

Religion in Anime

Free-form discussion on symbols and imagery of religious content in the anime you’re watching.


This is a game of dodgeball that’s between the Risembool Rangers and the Miniskirt Army. The game was founded in a parking lot at the Middle Tennessee Anime Convention, which was the game that Vic his song “The Legend of Middle Tennessee” off of. Now the game is played at cons all over the country and is officially brought to the NW for the first time at Kumoricon! (Waivers will be required to participate. Minors can participate with a parent’s/guardian’s permission.)

Risembool Ranger Panel

The Risembool Rangers are a fan club for voice actor Vic Mignogna, who’s known for voicing such famous anime characters as Edward Elric in Full Metal Alchemist, Dark Mousy in DNAngel, and Fai Flourite in Tsubasa Chronicles, as well as many others. The fan club currently has over 9,000 members and this panel is a show of typical things that Rangers do both at the cons and between them—and, of course there will be lots of talk about Vic and lots of attempts to recruit new members!

Sake Tasting Panel

(Age 21+ only, ID required, ticketed event, extra cost)

Sake2me baby!!! might have been from a TV show in the 60’s, but it is now back! Experience two different types of sake from this new line of sake from Japan. In addition we will taste organic sake, sake from Akita (the #1 market per capita in consumtion in Japan). Also experience TYKU—you will have to be there to see! Other details include sake history, sake production, and a list of sake to look for in the Portland Market. (This is a ticketed event—see the Info Booth for more information).

Slightly Anime Dating Game

The Slightly Anime Dating Game is done in the form of the 1970s game show with audience participation. There will be cosplayers, there will be innuendo…and there will be laughs! Come join us for a few hours of fun. Bring your costumes, your dirty minds, and your sense of humor to this game and hopefully you’ll be the lucky one getting a picture with one of our “prize” contestants!

Super Sentai 101

Power Rangers came from Japan? Not exactly. Attend and learn some of the differences between the American and Japanese shows. Learn what Tokusatsu is, the origins of Super Sentai. In this video information panel you will see 2 to 3 episodes/movies/specials per series. First half will be scheduled, second half will be open to request. Series will range from classic (1975 to 1992), to Power Ranger era (1993 to present), to the newest: Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.

Swap Meet

Did you get three of the same gachapon in the dealer’s room? Have volumes 1, 3 and for 4 of Naruto and are looking for 2? Come to the Swap Meet and try your luck! Bring your unwanted wallscrolls, figures, anime, manga, and anything else to trade. (Remember, this is intended for trading, so keep sales under $10 please.)

Swashers with a Swish

Join us for an hour of fun with Swashers™, foam weapons in the shape of swords, katanas, spears, daggers, wakizashis, tantos, and battle axes made specially by Cloud Dragon Armoury with Hero’s eXperience! After a short amount of time reviewing Swasher™ safety rules, you’ll have the opportunity to take a swing (literally) at your friends, your enemies, your head panelist… basically anyone you can drag in to have a little fun with you at this panel. Come, check us out and take a swish of our Swashers while you’re at it! (Waivers will be required to participate. Minors can participate with a parent’s/guardian’s permission.)

Taekwondo Demonstration

Blocks, kicks, and self-defense techniques—come see Master Ostin and his students as they demonstrate the basic elements of Taekwondo.


(Age 18+ only, ID stamp required)

When you just can’t get enough, there’s always something more… Come get your yaoi-tastic fun time, and share your love of bishies with fellow convention-goers~!


(Age 18+ Only – ID stamp required)

So everyone loves yaoi right? What about yuri? Yuri always seems to be forgotten. This will be the ultimate panel for yuri! Panel to include a introduction to yuri and its forms followed by Yuri Hentai theater!

Creation Station

A staple at Kumoricon, the Creation Station has been the place to go for all your fanfiction and fanart needs. Join your fellow creative fans in a space dedicated to the pursuit of art. From writers to artists to 3D crafters, all levels of skill are welcome.

Art Panels
Adult Art: How to Draw Pr0ns

(Age 18+ only, ID stamp required)

Save the tatas, fight censorship! Here’s your one-stop source for how to draw adult art. Solo, het, homosexual and group will be featured. A contest will follow.

Art Contest

Sponsored by Copic! Come and show off your mad art skills at the Creation Station’s annual Art Contest. This contest will run throughout the convention, so drop on by the Creation Station’s art room and create a masterpiece, or bring by art pieces that you’ve already drawn! Copic has provided inking pens and markers for use in the Creation Station, so come by and use ours or bring your own! All entries will be showcased. Prizes will be awarded at the end of the con.

Art Critique

Ever noticed the lack of real feedback on the fansites? So have we. The Creation Station’s veteran writers and artists will be available to offer constructive feedback on your work. Just bring your art or writing for some one-on-one feedback.

Artist’s Alley 101

Do you love hanging out in the ‘Alley’, and now want to make the leap to setting up an art table yourself? From the business aspects (sales tax? pricing?) to how to print and display your items, to facing others’ biases about what constitutes anime art, Artist’s Alley veteran Cassie Richoux will give you a head start.

Character Design Basics

Have you ever wondered what makes the bad guy look so evil? Or the hero look so good? Then this is the panel for you. Come learn the basics of character design that every artist should know, to use physical characteristics to help create your unique and dynamic characters.


Do you think that smaller is better? Would that character just be OH SO CUTE… if he was 20% normal size? Want to make and itty-bitty kitty, a cutey-wooty monster or a face-punchy fighter of doom? You can do this and more in ChibiSPLOSION, where we will sew a small character for you to customize. The pattern is only two pieces, so don’t be intimidated by your lack of 1337 sewing skills, but some sewing experience is useful. WARNING: This panel may be full of SQUEEEE as people complete their tiny little darlings. You have been warned. (Also, that’s a challenge to someone to make a horrifying chibi… there may be a prize in it for you!)

Developing Your Own Art Style

Eager to establish yourself as an artist? Whether you’re ready to market your work, or are just getting started, you’re best bet is to develop a unique, recognizable style all your own. Prize-winning artist Wade Taylor provides advanced tips to help you play your strengths and find your niche. Workshop primarily addresses hand-drawn art.

Digital Art

If you’re wondering how to make your line art, coloring, and background all fit together in a work of art, this is the panel for you! Digital art will go through the basics of going from sketches to a finished, digitally-colored work that you’ll be proud to show off to your friends.

Fandom Bears Workshop

This workshop will show you the basics of teddy bear making, and then let you jump right in and customize a bear for your favorite fandom! Using Needle Felting, as well as soft doll making, sewing, and coloring techniques we will re-imagine these second-hand stuffed toys into whatever we wish. The level of complexity is up to you! You can also choose to make a plushie straight from wool… the possibilities are endless!

All ages, though we will have pointy objects about. Please bring your own bear, if you possibly can, though we will have some available.

Fic-into-Art Contest

So much of fanfiction is inspired by fan art, and vice-versa. This contest is a open invitation for artists to observe the fics being written in the Creation Station throughout the con and illustrate the story. This contest is on-going, so feel free to drop by the rooms any time to participate.

How NOT To Draw Anime and Manga

Anime and manga art that makes you cringe, or just doesn’t grab you. We’ve all seen it. And if we’re artists, we’ve probably all done it, even if we haven’t known it. Learn how to avoid going back. Prize winning artist Wade Taylor will help you tiptoe through the landmines that could sink your well-intended art, whether you are an aspiring manga-ka, anime production artist, or total newbie.

How to Mini Panels: Art

Continuing with last year’s new ‘How-to-Minis’, our experienced artists will be offering a selection of half-hour workshops for those who are looking to learn how to draw in an anime/manga style or looking to improve their work. Workshops will be available in the following subjects: Faces, Girls, Boys, Eyes, Weapons, Jewelry & Accessories, and Clothing.

Photoshop Layer Masks

A quick step-by-step instruction on using layer masks to create a cleaner final picture in Photoshop.

Plushie Making Workshop

Have you ever wanted to make your own plushie but never knownwhere to start? Or have you ever wished that you had a new outfit for your prized plushie? This workshop will show you the basics of how to sew your own plush dolls and make clothes for them! We’ll provide the materials, so you can start from scratch or make something for another plush. Artists of all skill levels are welcome; those with experience can bring their stumpers to our veteran doll maker, but even if you’ve never touched a needle and thread before, you’ll be sewing up your own doll in no time!

Webcomics 101

Webcomics are for geek geniuses, mad artists, and catboys (or catgirls). Come learn how to become all of the above :) Learn how to start your very own new webcomic, or to polish an existing one. Internet sites, promos, programs, file sizes, and other pertinent info will be shared by the creator of Catboy at the Con.

Writing Panels
Adult Fanfiction Bedtime Storied

(Age 18+ only, ID stamp required)

A continuation of Fanfiction Bedtime Stories for the after-hours crows, and fics with more adult themes and content. This event is for mature audiences only.

Adult Scenes From a Hat

(Age 18+ only, ID stamp required)

Just like the Creation Station classic, but for mature audiences. Scenes from a Hat is a fanfiction, fanart, and fan improvisational theater contest wherein participants are challenged to produce a piece of written, drawn, or performed fanwork inspired by a written prompt, but the results that they produce will be for adult eyes only. Prizes will be given to the best participants!

Advanced Fanficcing

Some fanfics are like a good novel. However the fans who write them aren’t just superbly talented and unreachable. With some tricks, tips, a lot of practice, and good criticism, anyone’s writing (including yours!) can be of that level. Join the Creation Station’s seasoned ficcers to learn how to elevate your fic from good to great.

Anime Exquisite Corpse

Based on the popular Victorian parlor game, Exquisite Corpse is a Round-Robin style fanfiction or fanart collaboration. Audience observation and participation is encouraged; anyone may join in at any point!

Art-Into-Fic Contest

So much fanfiction is inspired by fanart and vice-versa. This contest is an open invitation for writers to be inspired by the art being created in the Creation Station throughout the con. This contest is on-going, so feel free to drop by the rooms anytime and scribble out something inspired by your fellow con-goers.

Beta Reading: The Art, the Science, the Sheer Glee!

Love to read? Write? Want to professionalize, but not sure how? Curious how and why others write or edit? Then this panel is for you! Experienced beta readers, contest judges, and professional editors lead discussion of how, why, and with whom writers and editors should connect to revise written works, not only to perfect those works, but also to build lasting connections, and for pure enjoyment.

Beta Time

A chance to network, build working relationships, and get feedback, amongst authors, beta-readers (editors), artists, and fans. Contest judges will also be available to answer questions about Creation Station contests, and to accept entries for any CS contests still open.

Citrus and You: A Fandom Guide to Smut

(Age 18+ only, ID stamp required)

Lemon, Lime, Kumquat! Is this writing or fruit salad? The mysteries of fandom smut explained in simple, easy to comprehend terms; along with writing and drawing all things risque!

Critiques of Fan Creations: Where to Aim, How Not to Flame

There’s far more to critiquing fanart and fanfiction than emoticons, OMGs, and flames. Eager to provide constructive criticism? Yearning to hear what folks really think of your work, but needing a little guidance to respond to it graciously? Tips on how to provide constructive critiques, how to reply to them professionally, and how to interpolate them into your work, from artists, authors and betas who judge fanfic and fanart contests at cons.

Epic to Novel

Have you put so much free time and energy into epic fanfiction and want to share it with the world? So many other fanfic authors have felt the same as you and rewrote, reworked, and tried to publish their former fanfiction as original fiction. The transition can be easy and painless with a few easy rules. Join the Creation Station as they take an Epic to a Novel!

Fandom and Popular Culture

What is fandom; where did it come from? In Fandom and Popular Culture we’ll look at how fandom has changed since the days of Kirk and Spock, how fans create fandoms, and how fandoms affect the current world of fanfiction.

Fanfiction Basics

Experts in the art of fanficcing will explain the basics of writing good fanfiction, lend some helpful tips and tricks, and be willing to answer any questions you may have at the following panel: Fanfiction Q&A. Both newcomers to the fanfiction world and seasoned writers are welcome!

Fanfiction Bedtime Stories

This event is the Creation Station’s flagship. Bedtime Stories is a chance to come and cuddle up with fanfiction authors and get your ‘fic fix’ before bed. Or for writers, this is your chance to share your work with the world and get immediate response. Everyone is welcome, even if you just want to sit and listen! So come in your jammies with your favorite blanket for the Creation Station’s favorite event.

Fanfiction Contest Rules

Fanfiction Q&A

During this panel, a few of our experts on fanfiction will be available to answer any questions about fanfic or the art and skills of writing it. Feel free to come join the discussion. Questions about non-anime or manga fanfiction are welcome too!

Fanfiction Theater

Fanfiction and cosplay, what could be better? This contest is open to anyone who has ever wanted to see their fanfiction ‘brought to life’! Bring a story and some friends willing to act, or at least attempt to, and watch your fanfic in action.


Are you serious about your writing and want to take it to the next level? We will show you the most commonly-made mistakes made in writing, and teach academic ways to further your writing. You should be able to walk away from this panel with the skills to draft more professional prose. For fanfiction or original fiction.

How to Mini Panels: Writing

Continuing with last year’s new programming, we are again holding ‘How to’ mini panels! This year’s half hour writing workshops include: Character Consistency, Character Development, Dialogue, Non-Canon Pairings, OCs vs. Mary Sues: Writing Good Fanfiction and RP OCs, and Plot Development.

Old, Bad, Fiction

Do you still have that fanfiction you wrote back in 2001? How about that horrible one-shot you’ve been hiding in your notebook for years? ‘Old, Bad, Fanfiction’ is an opportunity to dust off the floppy disks and take your more embarrassing attempts at fanfic out of their hiding places to share with other writers and listeners! Please only bring your own fanfiction, written by you. If your piece was a collaboration, you must have permission from the other collaborators to share.

Original Fiction Q&A

An open discussion forum for original fiction, including character and world building and stepping-off points for stories.

Pairing Dynamics

What makes a pairing work? And what makes it a believable pairing? Pairing Dynamics will explore these questions and more to help define what creates the chemistry behind your favorite pairings!

Putting It In Print

Books come into the world in a variety of ways. From brave self-publishers, to contracted authors, to online webcomic producers, we’ll take a look at how you can give your writing and art to a larger audience. This panel is for webcomic artists, fiction and non-fiction writers, as well as the curious book lover. Learn some strategies about how to put your masterpieces together, submit it to publishers, figure out how to sell it yourself, and understand the process books go through before they get to your shelf. Panelist Cassie Richoux has her Master’s Degree in Publishing, and she self-publishes her own series of ‘zines’ called the Otaku Survival Guides.

Scenes From a Hat

A Creation Station classic since 2005! Scenes from a Hat is a fanfiction, fanart, and fan improvisational theatre contest wherein participants are challenged to produce a form of written, drawn, or preformed fanwork inspired by a written prompt.

Story, Story, Die!

A Creation Station classic since 2003! Story, Story, Die! is an improvisational storytelling game where anything goes. Humorously competitive. SSD! culminates in the ‘Ultimate Showdown’, an all-in, multi-fandom, crossover collaboration.

Unsung Heroes: Secondary Characters in Fanfiction

Main characters tend to get all the glory, especially in fanfiction. But what about those background characters, the ones we know so little about? We’ll give you a break-down of how to write for these lesser-known heroes, and give them some well deserved love.

Writing Mature Fanfiction Without the Smut

(Age 18+ only, ID stamp required)

Not all mature fanfiction has to be smut. Learn what icky and disturbing bits of horror, suspense and action writing will get you an adult rating. And get some tips on how to perfect your more macabre themes.

How To Mini Writing Panels
Character Consistency

Character consistency is especially important in fanfiction where you are working with someone else’s characters. ‘Character Consistency’ will cover some easy ways to make sure your characters stay consistent throughout your story.

Character Development

Get some tips on how to write interesting, round characters from one of our expert fanficcers!

Creating Believable Crossovers

Learn how to conceive and create believable crossovers and fusions. And the various differences between the two.


Need some help getting your characters to talk? Or are you having trouble making your dialogue sound natural? This half-hour panel will help teach you the basics of writing dialogue appropriate for all kinds of characters.

Multi-Chapter Writing

‘Multi-Chapter Writing’ will go over how to keep yourself and your notes organized while working on big projects, as well as help break down how to write good multi-chapter works, keep your audience begging for more, and keeping track of what’s happened in your story so far.

Non-Canon Pairings

What could be better than fanfiction about characters you love? Fanfiction about characters you’d love to see together! What’s that—they’re not an item in the show? Doesn’t matter! In Non-Canon Pairings, we’ll discuss what makes a pairing work, how to play matchmaker to the lucky couple, and more!

OCs vs Mary Sues: Writing Goof Fanfiction and RP OCs

The statement: ‘I don’t like OCs’ has been uttered again and again by readers and writers alike in the fanfiction world. However there is a way to create likable, realistic OCs that will interest your readers, rather than scare them away.

Plot Development

While most everyone knows you should have a beginning, middle, and end to your story, be it fanfiction or a great novel, there is much more to having a great plot than just ‘They wanted to save the world’. Plot Development will go over the different aspects and types of plot, while teaching you how to create interesting, reader-grabbing plot points!

Writing Short Stories and Drabbles

If you have problems keeping your fics short, or just want some tips on writing interesting drabbles, then this is the panel for you!

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