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MONDAY, Sept 6, 2009

  Main Events Live 1 Live 2 Karaoke Panel 1 Panel 2 Workshop Rounds Console A Console B Tabletop RPGs CCG-A CCG-B Manga Library Art Show Chibi Room Creation Workshop Creation Panel  
06:00AM                                      06:00AM
06:30AM                                      06:30AM
07:00AM                                      07:00AM
07:30AM                                      07:30AM
08:00AM      Open Mic         Open Gaming Open Gaming King's Blood Open Play Open Play Open Play       Fandom Bears Workshop Closed for Judging 08:00AM
08:30AM                    08:30AM
09:00AM  Taekwondo Demonstration Taekwondo Demonstration   Are You The Thing? LARP Let's Voice Act! A Beginner's Guide with Kristy Kay   Warlord CCG Tournament Doubles       09:00AM
09:30AM      RPG Event: TBA       09:30AM
10:00AMCosplay Choreography Contest Anime Christmas Asian Ball-Joint Dolls Mario Kart Wi Tournament Munchkin: User Request Magic the Gathering Tournament Theme Deck   Art Show Open for Art Pickup Manga Drawing and Coloring Anime Exquisite Corpse 10:00AM
10:30AMCosplay Chess Pre-Meeting Cosplay Chess Pre-Meeting   10:30AM
11:00AMAnime Jump the Shark         Plushie/Bear Finish Up Time 11:00AM
11:30AM  Patterning and Advanced Sewing for the Cosplayer     11:30AM
12:00PM  Cosplay Chess Cosplay Chess   Para Para 201 Indermediate (Techno) Ramen Fire Bowl Attack! Open Gaming Pokemon Trading Card Game Tournament   Craft Kokeshi Dolls Art Show Auction 12:00PM
12:30PM  Miniskirt Army   12:30PM
01:00PMCharity Auction   Marvel vs Capcom 2 Tournament Warlord CCG Tournament Partners in Crime     01:00PM
01:30PM              01:30PM
02:00PMCuddly Cosplay       Open Play   Learn Japanese Contest Winners Announced Pick-Ups   02:00PM
02:30PM          02:30PM
03:00PM        Swap Meet   Open Gaming       03:00PM
03:30PMClosing Ceremonies               CS Panelist/Staff Meet-Up   03:30PM
04:00PM            Open Play         04:00PM
04:30PM                            04:30PM
05:00PMRant and Rave                                     05:00PM
05:30PM                                    05:30PM
06:00PM                                    06:00PM
06:30PM                                      06:30PM