Kumoricon - Oregon's Anime Convention - Labor Day Weekend, Saturday-Monday - August 30-September 1, 2008
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Kumoricon Convention Policies

These are the policies for Kumoricon Anime Convention*. When you check in, be aware that you are expected to follow the policies of the Convention. The following is an outline of our policies as you will encounter them during the convention. Definitions of terms used in the body of the text are below. Please see the end of the policies for definitions of terms and clarifications. If you have any questions, the staff will be happy to address your concerns.

Age Requirements

After you check in, the events that you can attend vary based on your age. Here is the age breakdown:

12 and under – Can attend all events that do not have an age restriction until convention curfew at midnight**, and must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian paid attendee.

13-17 – Can attend all events that do not have an age restriction until convention curfew at midnight**, and must have a Parental Permission Form on file by check-in.

18 and over – Can attend all events at the convention**, including age-restricted events by showing government-issued photo ID1 at the door to such events.

Curfew exception: For only the dances on Saturday and Sunday night, the curfew has been extended to 1am. The curfew remains at midnight for all other events and convention space.


Your badge is your pass to the convention. Be careful not to leave it in your room, at home, or anywhere other than on your person while you are at the convention. If you don’t have your badge, you may have to pay up to the current purchase price to replace it.

If you do lose your badge, head over to Operations2 to see if anyone has turned your badge in. If not, you can arrange to print a replacement in Operations. If you find a badge, please help out a fellow attendee, and bring that badge to Operations.


When you check in, you will receive a lanyard for your badge. This is proof that you’ve checked in and the best way to keep your badge on your person. Keep the lanyard attached to your badge and visible at all times. This is the easiest way for the staff to know that you are allowed inside the convention space. If we can’t see your lanyard, we might stop you on your way to something fun!

Cosplay and Outfits

Costumes and outfits are one of the best parts of anime conventions. Before you put long hours and hard work into your cosplay, be aware that all outfits must cover areas of the body to comply with decency requirements. You will be asked to return to your room if your outfit covers too little of your body, as shown in the picture below. Outfits that are tight or shear enough to expose those parts which should be covered are also prohibited.

Females must cover the nipple, sides of the breast, and complete buttocks. Males must cover the entire groin area, and complete buttocks. Clothing must not be so tight as to reveal the genitalia of male or female, and must not shear enough to expose areas which must be covered.

In addition to properly covering the body, all attendees must wear footwear with a sole while in the convention space, and costumes must not block hallways.***

Props and Weapons

Props3 are a great way to enhance cosplay. Many props are considered valuable enhancements to a costume, and will be allowed in as such. If you have any props, proceed to the peace bonding station immediately after checking in. The staff will determine if your prop is acceptable within the Convention Space4. Props which are not allowed within the convention space include, but are not limited to:

  • Air-soft or projectile weapons
  • Live (sharp enough to cut) steel
  • Props wide enough or long enough to inhibit flow of traffic

Props deemed harmless by the staff, such as teddy bears, will be waved through. Any other prop deemed safe by the staff will be peace-tied. This is a tie attached to your prop which signals to all staff that your item is part of your costume and not unsafe to carry. It also signals that you have agreed to carry your prop safely. This means you will not brandish any prop weapon, engage in any mock fighting, or use your prop in any way which could be seen as unsafe.

Harassment, Solicitation, and Offensive Behavior

All attendees are expected to treat others in a courteous and respectful manner. Harassment and solicitation are prohibited. This is not only our policy, but the law. Please let the staff know if you are witness to any of the following***:

  • Offensive or rude behavior toward anyone
  • Someone doing or saying things with the willful intent to harm another person
  • Heckling
  • Displaying of signs with profanity, explicit or graphic language, insults, threats, solicitations, or room party advertisements (i.e. “Glomp me”, “Hug the Ninja”, “Room Party Info”)
  • Distribution of flyers around the convention space without permission of Kumoricon Executive Staff, or attaching them to walls or surfaces. Some flyers can be left at the info desk for distribution. Please see the info desk for the flyer policy.
  • Selling of items or favors outside of convention sanctioned events and areas.
Other Offensive and/or Illegal Behavior
  • Indecent Exposure (see above)
  • Impeding the flow of traffic in hallways and especially in fire lanes
  • Overly loud or disruptive behavior
  • Line jumping or cutting
  • Consumption of alcohol in the Convention Space, unless it is within an event officially sanctioned by Kumoricon with permission to serve alcohol from Kumoricon Executive Staff or the hotel
  • Fighting (play or real)
  • Lewd sexual contact or behavior (groping of the breast or genitalia)
  • Any unsafe behavior
  • Stealing items from the vendors room

Anyone who engages in any of these activities will be given a warning. If an attendee continues the behavior, or engages in similarly offensive behavior, their badge will be removed, and they will be asked to leave the Convention Space. Egregious or extreme cases may result in a badge removal without a prior warning.

You have the right to enjoy your time at the convention. If you feel someone is affecting your enjoyment of the convention, don’t hesitate to inform any of the Convention Staff.


Kumoricon, its personnel, and its affiliates are not responsible for any damage, theft, injury, or loss. Attendees of the convention are responsible for their own actions as individuals as well as for any resulting repercussions. Staff is on hand for assistance in any situation. However, any civil or medical emergencies that may occur must be handled directly be the appropriate authorities.

Consent to Photography

Any photographs or videos of attendees taken by Kumoricon staff in an official capacity may be used or published by Kumoricon without further consent of the attendees being recorded.

Photography by Attendees

Taking photographs and videos is allowed in most public areas of the convention. However, specific events, panels, or areas may restrict photography. Please respect the wishes of anybody who asks not to be photographed or video-recorded.

Photography is not allowed in the art show without permission from staff and the consent of the artist whose work is being photographed.

Hotel Rules

The area of the hotel rooms is outside of official Convention Space. However, the way our attendees treat the property and the staff of the hotel reflects on the convention as a whole. Please be sure to take care of the room you are in. Be aware that there are guests who are not attendees and attendees who may be sleeping in surrounding rooms. Be kind to the staff.


If you feel that you have been given a warning on attire, conduct, or policy infringement, which was unfair, you may appeal in Operations. Any decision then reached by at least two Convention Executive Staff and the staff member who made the original decision will then be final.

1. Government issued ID includes drivers licenses, military ID, passport, and other documents which include basic personal information and a photo of the ID holder.

2. Operations, or Con Ops, is the room which houses the Operations department of the convention. It will be clearly marked, and any staff member can point you in the right direction.

3. A prop is any item that is for display or part of a costume, or a potentially dangerous item, carried or worn by an individual.

4. Convention Space is any area that the convention is using to for events, panels, activities, and vendor/artist sales areas, and their connecting walkways and hallways.

*Policies are subject to change, and are enforced at the discretion of Kumoricon Staff. Updates will be available at www.kumoricon.org. The most current version will be available in the convention bags on your arrival.

**Some events, such as the guest dinner, may require additional payment for admittance.

***Items which are not listed in this section may still warrant warnings or ejection from the Convention Space. See appeals if you feel you have been wrongfully warned.

Mascot art by Omi