Kumoricon - The Portland-Vancouver Anime Convention - Cosplay * Console and LAN Gaming * Fan Fiction * Special Guests * Vendors * Panels * Workshops * Karaoke * Anime Viewing * Charity Auction * RPG - Saturday-Monday, Labor Day Weekend - September 1-3, 2007
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Kumoricon 2007 Event Schedule

Pocket Programming Guide

All attendees will receive this book upon check-in to Kumoricon. It contains the schedule, hotel map, exhibitors hall booth list, list of local restaurants, and more. Download it here:


Convention Hours

Saturday: 8:00am-2:00am
Sunday: 8:00am-2:00am
Monday: 8:00am-5:00pm

Kumoricon policies apply a curfew to minors (anyone under age 18) after 12:00 midnight. (Please see the policies page for our full policies.)

The following rooms are always open during the above hours:

  • Viewing 1
  • Viewing 2
  • J-Rock
  • Gaming
  • Table-Top Gaming
  • Manga Library

The exception is that these rooms close prior to 3:00pm on Monday for Closing Ceremonies. The viewing rooms close at 4pm on Monday.

The following rooms are open for most, but not all, of Kumoricon hours, and have scheduled events which may interrupt open activity:

  • Karaoke
  • Fan Creation Station

Please see the full schedule for details.

Registration Hours

Please see important details regarding registration on the registration page.

Exhibitors Hall and Artist Alley Hours

Saturday: 10:00am-6:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am-6:00pm
Monday: 10:00am-2:00pm

Ticketed Events
  • Cosplay (free ticket)
  • Guest of Honor VIP Dinner (additional cost; included for VIP badges)
Times for Selected Major Events

Opening Ceremonies: 10:00am-11:00am
AMV Contest and Show: Seating starts 4:30pm; Contest runs 5:00pm-6:30pm; Show runs 6:30pm-8:00pm
Guest of Honor VIP Dinner: 6:00pm-7:30pm (Ticketed event; additional cost)
Karaoke Idol: 8:00pm-10:00pm
Saturday Night Dance: 10:00pm-2:00am


Karaoke Hybrid: 2:00pm-4:00pm
Cosplay Contest: Seating starts 3:30pm; Contest runs 4:00pm-7:00pm (Ticketed event; free tickets)
Masquerade Ball: 7:00pm-9:00pm
The Slants Concert: 9:00pm-11:00pm
Sunday Night Dance: 11:00pm-2:00am


Charity Auction: 11:00am-1:00pm
A-Key Kyo Concert: 1:00pm-3:00pm
Closing Ceremonies: 3:00pm-5:00pm
Rant and Rave: Directly following Closing Ceremonies; may start prior to 5:00pm

Full Schedule

Please follow the link below to view the entire Kumoricon event and video schedule as a web page. This will be updated as the con approaches, and, if we have the available staff and access, during the con.

The URL to the schedule page is http://www.kumoricon.org/schedule/.

Hotel Map

Click on the map for a full size view. This map will be present in the pocket programming guide.

Hotel Map

Event Descriptions

Events marked with “added!” are not present in the program book, and events marked with “updated!” have been updated since the program book was printed.

Main Events
Opening Ceremonies

Join us as we kick off Kumoricon 2007 and celebrate five years. Find out what events are in store for the next three days.

Charity Auction

Help out a great cause, bid on some one-of-a-kind items and have a lot of fun at the Kumoricon Live Auction! Donations from a variety of local and national businesses as well as unique souvenirs will be up for bid, and all the proceeds benefit p:ear, a youth arts outreach program. Don’t miss it!


Get ready to strut your most elegant Lolita or your best cosplay costume. You can even come just as you are, but be ready to rock out. Two dances, one on Saturday night and the other Sunday, will keep your feet moving all night and into the early morning hours.

Masquerade Ball

New to Kumoricon this year is our formal Masquerade Ball. The dress code is black tie or cosplay. Everyone must wear a mask, so bring your own or make one in the Make Your Own Mask Workshop. Come to mingle and dance, and at the end of the evening see who you were dancing with as masks are removed. Kumoricon staff reserve the right to deny entry to anyone inappropriately attired.

Volunteer Meeting

Want to help out the con staff for a few hours, but not sure what to do? Come to the volunteer meeting, speak with dedicated staff who will tailor your great contribution around the stuff you want to see anyway! It’s one of the best ways to show Kumoricon your support!

Closing Ceremonies

The final event of Kumoricon—contest winners are announced, highlights are replayed, and the mascot for 2008 is revealed.

Rant and Rave

It’s your con—own it! Good feedback or bad, we want to hear your thoughts. Stop by after Closing Ceremonies to tell the staff what you thought of the con.

Guests of Honor VIP Dinner

Dinner with the guests! If you want face time with all the guests in an intimate meal, this is the event for you. This is a ticketed event, so be sure to purchase your tickets at the Pre-Registration area. VIP entry is included in the cost of registration.

A-Key Kyo Concert

A-Key Kyo returns to Kumoricon for a second year, specializing in J-pop and anime cover songs and playing at Japanese cultural events. Join us for an exciting concert from this local Portland band.


Gorgeous color and artful story lines. The guys from Applegeeks tell you about their experience making webcomics. Come meet Ananth Panagariya and Mohammad F. Haque in person.

It’s over NINE THOUSAAAANNND!!!—Sean Schemmel

You might know him as Amidamaru from Shaman King. You might know him as Genzo from Samurai 7. But chances are, you know him as the voice of Dragon Ball Z’s GOKU. Meet Sean Schemmel face to face in this Q&A.

Kirk Thornton

The voice behind Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho and Jin from Samurai Champloo, Kirk Thornton is also a talented director. His latest accomplishment: co-directing Bleach. Come in for a Q&A with the man himself.

The Slants Concert

Danceable rock with an Asian twist—The Slants will be playing live at Kumoricon. The members of this Portland-founded rock band have collectively played over 2500 live performances. You won’t be disappointed!

Anime Music Videos
AMV Clinic

Bring your computers, laptops, and projects in progress to create, work on, or just swap tips and tricks of making AMVs.

AMV Contest

Show fan-made music videos, distribute, collect, and tally ballots, determine winners. Note: Winners announced at Closing Ceremonies and prizes are mailed to winners if not present. Attendance to Closing Ceremonies not required.

AMV Show

Show “best-of” collection of AMVs created within the last year.

AMV Iron Chef Participant Check-In

The AMV Iron Chef! Contestants peruse music and video sources, then create a mini master piece on the fly! Creations will be shown later at the con and a winner selected by audience vote.

AMV Iron Chef Showing

Here is where we show the creations made by the AMV iron chef participants!

Off-Hours AMVs (age 18+ only)

Includes AMV contest entries having more explicit lyrics or more suggestive imagery than the typical AMV contest and show entries.

Cosplay and Clothing
$.99 Costume Contest

Back again! Grab your odds and ends, or use ours and make the best cosplay you can in the time of the contest and be declared the winner of our quick, dirty, and cheap cosplay contest.

Ask the Experts: Cosplay Q&A

Try to stump the experts by bringing your most challenging costume puzzlers and questions to this panel of experienced cosplayers, including questions on giving your costume structure, appliqué methods, and modifying purchased patterns to anime costume shapes.

Cosplay Calisthenics

Just because you’re at a con, doesn’t mean you can’t get your exercise, and what wouldn’t be more fun than trying it in heels and bulk cosplay? Join in the fun in this early morning laughter and build up energy to push through the rest of the con in style.

Cosplay Chess

A new event at Kumoricon! Come see your favorite characters battle it on a giant chessboard stage! Cosplay Chess is an event where convention attendees in cosplay serve as the pieces, and at the direction of two chess masters, will move, fight, and die, live on stage. The combats are not pre-scripted—anything can happen!

Cosplay Chess Pre-Meeting

Meeting for Cosplay Chess participants. This is an opportunity to discuss proper battle techniques and work out strategies. Mandatory for all participants.

Cosplay Competition

Whether you like to compete or just to see costumes being presented, the Cosplay Competition is Kumoricon’s main costume event. Various individuals and groups will present their costumes and entertaining skits. At the end of the competition, prizes will be announced for outstanding entries.

Cosplay Costume Judging and Costume Photography

Costume Workmanship judging and entrant photograph sessions. Be sure to arrive at least 5-10 minutes prior to your scheduled time slot. Costumes required.

Cosplay Pre-Meeting

Meeting for Cosplay entrants. This is the time to ask the Cosplay Manager questions about skit content and weapons use; sign up for Costume Workmanship slots, Photography slots, and Skit technical rehearsal slots; and hear any last minute announcements. At least one member of each group must be present. Final deadline for all entries. Entry forms, waivers, and CDs must be turned in to the Cosplay Manager. There are no exceptions. Costumes not required at this meeting.

Cosplay Green Room

This is where cosplayers hang out during (and ½ hour prior to) the Cosplay competition. There will be a video feed from the main events room so entrants may watch the event while waiting for their time onstage. Light munchies, water, and drinks will be available to ensure entrants are properly hydrated and genki.

Cosplay Shooter

Duck hunt. The oldest game in the book. Well not really, but it’s still fun. Making it more so is watching or joining characters like Vash and Spike face off in a duel to the death. Duck hunt death.

Hall Cosplay Contest

This year we will once again be roving the halls looking for exceptional costumes. Our photographers will be snapping pictures and presenting ribbons to people over the course of the convention as part of the Hall Cosplay Contest. There aren’t any rules and you don’t need to do anything to join in; just wear your costume and look cool and one of our photographers will probably find you. The best thing about the contest is everyone is a winner! There will also be special prizes awarded each morning at the HQ down in the Exhibitors Hall (located at the Pocky Club booth, #217) so go check out who won what and you might get a little something extra! Please note that if you are participating in the official Costume Contest you should decline your ribbon so there’s more for everyone else, but feel free to throw on another costume and strut your stuff!

Leatherworking in Cosplay

A brief overview of how leather can be incorporated into cosplay to add a sense of realism over vinyl and plastic and create items that will last for years of use. Emphasis will be on what can be done with tools available to most households. Information will be given on where and how to purchase supplies, making patterns, cutting, assembly, and finish.

Lolita Fashion—Informative Panel

Description: An explanation of the different Lolita styles, accompanied by examples of outfits and a mini fashion show.

Lolita Sewing

Description: Learn how to make Lolita style clothing. General construction advice. For intermediate sewers.

Lolita Tea Party

Description: Celebrate the Rococo life with a Lolita Tea Party. Show off your best Lolita frills! (dress code enforced)

Make Your Own Mask

Want to go to the Masquerade, but don’t have a mask? Come to this workshop where we provide the masks and materials for you to make your own.


Do you have a plushie that’s been begging for a chance to appear on stage? A teddy bear ready to emote as Ichigo from Bleach, or perhaps My Shinigami Pony? Give it the opportunity to strut! It’s a cheesy cosplay presentation just for them! Make an outfit for the plushie. Provide documentation if you think it would help. We will have sound (a boombox) for CDs and a “followspot” flashlight. If you forget to bring music, you may sing or the audience may provide random sound effects at their whim. There will not be tech rehearsal. If you have a group, contact the director and we’ll think of something. Stage size will be whatever table we can confiscate in the room we get.

Polystyrene Props

Come see how to create cosplay props out of high density polystyrene. This lightweight material is great for costume accessories and props of all kinds. Learn tricks and techniques for working with this versatile material.

Rudimentary Cosplay Pattern Making

Learn to make your own cosplay patterns from scratch. This panel teaches the art of draping to ultra-beginners, through draping plain cloth into a top. The content is geared toward the novice, but seasoned sewers are encouraged to come and share their knowledge.

Showcase of Japanese Clothing


See genuine Japanese clothing up close—including a genuine late 19th century samurai outfit—and learn how they were made so you can duplicate them for your own cosplay adventures.

Adult Content in Anime (age 18+ only)

Come learn how the difference in treatment of adult subject matter between Japanese and American people has affected the development of anime in the English speaking world. Why do they call it “lemon”? What happened in 1993 that changed the face of anime? Were the Japanese always cool with adult content in manga and anime? These subjects and more will be covered in this frank discussion. Adult Content in Anime brings on the info about the most risqué anime, complete with a bit of history and tons of outrageous commentary. Updated with the most current information, this panel has been a hit at Kumoricon and Sakura-Con for years. Contains mature content.

Apocalypse in Anime

Because of the happenings of their past, Japan has a very real, first-hand view of the end of the world. This has an impact across genres and media in ways that the Western eye is untrained to recognize sometimes. Gather a deeper meaning to your anime viewing and compare the distinct styles of apocalypse in anime against American cinema.

Brief History of Japanese Film

Love Japanese films? Want to know more about famous directors, or even just an idea of a few good flicks to watch? Then join in, and learn a bit of history while finding new and old movies to love and enjoy.

The First Bishi: Tale of Genji

Long before all your loveable huggable bishi boys there was one that stood alone. One that was so radiant, he was called “the shining prince” and beyond any woman’s dream of the time. His name was Genji. Come listen and discuss Murasaki Shikibu’s thousand-year-old epic character, and how he’s influenced more of your lovelies than you could have imagined.

Introduction to Japanese

Ever wanted to learn Japanese, but not sure where to start? Come talk with our experts, and get a grasp on the basics of Japanese writing and speaking. Tailored for the beginner, but more advanced students are welcome to come and share their knowledge or ask questions.

Sights of Kyoto

Ever wish you could go to Japan yourself? Wishing you could see what it’s like? Well we can’t give you the whole thing, but join in the fun discussing the amazing sights of one of Japan’s more beautiful cities: Kyoto.

Ukiyo-e Uncensored (age 18+ only)

Ukiyo-e are woodblock prints, some of which are famous worldwide as classic Japanese art. Some, on the other hand, have been tactfully kept hidden, at least until now! Join in for some classic and creative Japanese art. Intended for adult audiences only.

Fan Activities
The Anime Hunters

Yatta Cloud and Yatta Dante are back with their The Anime Hunters panel. In case you don’t know, The Anime Hunters are a comedy group that focuses on cosplay, conventions, video games, anime, and what really goes on in the life of a cosplayer. This year, they will be premiering the 3rd episode in their series. Don’t miss out! Oh, and did we forget to mention that there will be prizes to give away?

Ballroom Dancing Lessons

Feeling a little shy on the dance floor for the Masquerade? A ballroom dance class is also planned earlier that day for those of you who would like to learn a few moves, meet potential dance partners, or just brush up on your technique.

Capture the Barrel

Con-long event! Find out once and for all who’s better: Pirates or Ninjas! Capture the barrel and keep it as long as you can. Keep the barrel the longest and win eternal glory (or at least con-long) for your clan or crew!

Christian Anime Fan Meet-Up

A time and place for anime fans who are Christians to meet other friends with similar backgrounds and interests. Discuss shows and manga, swap emails, etc. All welcome.

Cosplay Scavenger Hunt

Where’s Waldo? Or not… Compete with your fellow con-goers in a scavenger hunt for your favorite characters. Hunt down a selected team of cosplayers scattered throughout the convention until you find them all, and race to the finish line for prizes.

Developing an Anime Web Site—Advanced Anime Case Study

Techniques for developing a web site from the creator of Advanced Anime, Ben Long. Learn from Ben’s mistakes as he shares behind-the-screen stories of how Advanced Anime started six years ago and how it grew to the 200,000 member online community it is today. Q&A with Ben about web hosting, online advertising, web site development, and online community management.

Fangirl Support Group >^-^<

Come to the fangirl/boy support group! Meet other fangirls/boys! Learn what a fangirl/boy is, squeeing techniques, glomping etiquette and form. Discussions of your fangirl/boy experience, and demonstrations! ^_^

First Episode Hentai Theatre: Con Chair Faves (age 18+ only)

Come join us for a selection of hentai viewing as picked by our beloved Con Chair. Contains adult content.

Forum Meet-Up

A place for people who post on the Kumoricon forum to meet each other face to face and just get to know each other better. We will probably be playing some games and talking about the crazy stuff that we post online. It’s as simple as that, a place for you to take a load off, chat with friends, and catch your breath after a crazy day. Bring your camera so you can get some pictures of each other to post on the forums after the convention is over!

Haruhi Suzumiya Dance Party

Come join your fellow Suzumiya fans in learning the dance from the ending of the hit anime sensation. Have fun and Dance!

Humble Beginnings: K-con ‘03

Remember Kumoricon’s first year? Or wish you could? Want to see it again? Well now you can! Come watch the glorious cosplay, and low tech opening ceremonies where some 400-odd loyal anime fans helped get us where we are today.

Ouran Host Club Tea Party

This is an event where anyone is welcome. And it’s just like it sounds: A tea party with an Ouran High School Host Club theme! We also invite people cosplaying Host Club members to come and serve guests. Instant coffee, tea, and treats will be provided.

Pocky Club

This event will be both informative and participatory! Come and learn some fun facts about that most wonderful of Japanese snack foods, Pocky! There will be a chance to try new flavors, a package translation contest, and maybe even a chance to see some of the Pocky commercials that are on TV in Japan! You never know what’s going to happen when Pocky Club is running the show. This is the best time to meet the members of Pocky Club and find out how to get a Pockygram delivered to someone at the convention. For more information on Pocky Club see our description under “clubs” in this program book.

Pokémon Trading Meet-Up

Attention all Trainers! Come to Kumoricon’s first ever Pokémon swap meet! Come hang out, trade, and get to know your fellow Poké-fanatics! We’ll mostly be trading with Pokémon Diamond and Pearl DS games but all other Pokémon games are welcome! Come early and have a chance at our rare Pokémon give away! Hope to see you there!

Prince of Tennis Musicals

Join other fans of this popular sports anime as it hits the live-action stage. These musicals have enjoyed popularity in Japan, and are continuing to play to sold out crowds. If you are a fan of the anime, come and see what all the excitement is about as your favorite matches are played out on stage.

Ramen Fire Bowl Attack!

Do you think you have what it takes to survive until the finish? Can you handle the heat? Then come test your abilities. Or if you’re weak, just cheer the others on.

Random Panel (of Doom)

At last year’s Kumoricon, 4 strangers converged on an empty room and an abandoned mic system. As their numbers grew, their antics improved from simple witty banter between themselves to complex games of Rock, Paper, Scissors between Samurai, the Pope, Ninja, Catgirls and a Pirate; an expansive game of Bigger-or-Better and even wittier banter (and much, much more). This unplanned event carried on for 5 and ½ hours, 5 and ½ hours of fun, excitement, laughter, tears, and “buttons”. For Kumoricon ‘07, these strangers will once again converge for more of the same fun and this time it’ll be official.

The RP Site Q&A

This panel acts as a follow up to all our other panels answering any questions about our own personal site that may arise during the course of our other panels. This is a place for people to ask questions about our particular world and help site.

Sailor Moon Slumber Party

Once again the live action Sailor Moon episodes are here to watch! Grab some popcorn, PJs and pillows and cuddle up and enjoy the show!

Slightly Anime Dating Game

Come witness the drama, the romance…well, really just the hilarity of the Slightly Anime Dating Game. Participants compete in tests of skill—or in some cases, desperation—to be the choice of our wonderful contestants. (Not to be used as an actual dating service.)

Sumo Wrestling, and Tournament

Ever wish you could be a sumo wrestler or just want to goof off and have some fun? Well now you can! Try your hand and tossing your buddies from the ring casually or enter our Sumo Wrestling Tournament and try to become Kumoricon’s first yokozuna!

Yaoi/Anti-Yaoi Debate

Whether you love it, hate it, or just like a good debate, this is for you! Join us in preparation of either side or just come to watch the final showdown between the squeeing fan girls and the “yaoi is owie” team!

Fan Creation
Anime Exquisite Corpse

Based on the popular Victorian parlor game, Exquisite Corpse is a round-robin style fanfiction and fan art collaboration. Separate fanfiction and fan art contests will be run simultaneously, so everyone can participate! Also entertaining as a spectator! Audience observation and participation is encouraged; anyone may join in at any point!

Anime Mad-Libs

The amusing childhood game gets a zany anime spin! Write your own drabbles (brief fanfictions), conveniently leaving strategic words blank, to be filled in by category (superpower, heroic title, battle maneuver, planet, random adjective). Audience members pipe in to fill in the blanks, and the thus-rewritten tale is then read aloud, with hilarious results! You don’t want to miss this!

Art Contests Sponsored by Copic

Copic, the manga markers used by CLAMP among others, sponsors our art contests, with Copic supplies available for use in the room and Copic supplies among the prizes. Categories include: Black & White, Color, Computer Generated, and Themes, as below. Each contest begins when listed in the schedule. Fic-into-Art and Art-into-Fic contest entries must be in by 10am Sunday. All others entries must be in by 11:59pm Saturday. Other artistic media accepted (e.g., clay, photo, collage, etc.).

Art-Into-Fic Contest

Authors, come look at all the posted art, and see what any piece inspires you to write in the way of fanfic or original fiction. Post each story or poem adjacent to its inspiring piece of art. Both author and artist of the winning pair earn prizes!

The Art of Manga Creation

Aspiring manga-ka? Avid collector? Curious novice experimenting for our mini manga contest? Learn how to refine your manga creation techniques by applying essential written and visual elements to your art and storytelling.

Chibi Art Contest

Awwwww sooooo cuuuuute! You know you love ‘em…or parody ‘em…but either way, those mini-me versions of characters from anime, manga, gaming, or your imagination make you giggle and steal the show! Create your best—for prizes! Supplies available; sponsored by Copic.

Coloring Page Contest, Part 1

Copic ink pens and other supplies available for creating your own outlines for yourself and others to use for coloring pages! Prizes awarded! If you wish, yours could be among those others fill in for part 2 of the contest! (Let us know.) Sponsored by Copic.

Coloring Page Contest, Part 2

Color in your own or others’ coloring pages/line art using your own supplies or ours, including Copic loaners. Prizes awarded toward end of con! Sponsored by Copic.

Critical Skills for Researching Fanworks

For anyone who ever wants to improve authenticity of their fanworks (fanfiction or fanart) but finds themselves lost in research. This panel will give you the confidence to run a search, authenticate your findings, and incorporate facts seamlessly into your work. Run by two of the judges who will be evaluating fanfic contest submissions for the Best Authenticity award.

Dolly-Making Workshop

Come watch and learn how to make plush dolls of your very own to look like your favorite anime, video game, and manga characters. Bring a picture of whom you’d like to make, and Catgirl Rin-Rin will supply the rest at the Fan Creation Station! Standing-room only at its previous Kumoricon debut! Limit of 25; you’d be wise to sign up in advance for either session.


Fanfic challenges: Write for 15-20 min. on a spontaneously-generated theme, then read your piece aloud to the other contestants or turn it in to the judge. Any time there is “down time” in the room, feel free to declare such a contest and judge it yourself! Keep your entries and read ‘em or perform ‘em at Fanfic Bedtime Stories!

Fandom Bears

This 2-hour workshop will show you the basics of “from scratch” teddy bear making, and then let you jump right in and customize a pre-made bear for your favorite fandom! Using a technique called “Needle Felting”, as well as soft doll making and coloring techniques we will re-imagine these second-hand stuffed toys into whatever we wish. Level of complexity is up to you; you can completely remake a bear, or just create your very own Fandom Bear, with a custom belly emblem! All ages workshop, though we will have pointy objects about.

Fanfiction 101

Ever finished an anime series or mange and think, “Man, they should have done that instead!” and dream up alternate endings, romance, or dialog? You can make it so in fanfic. Come discuss what fanfic is, how to get started, genres, rules, history, goals, “do”s and “don’t”s, access, and beta reading (editing). All experience and skill levels welcome.

Fanfiction 102

Do you know your cannon from your fanon? Your shippers from your squickers? Can you spot a Mary Sue a mile away? Experienced fanfic authors and betas discuss pet peeves and publishing tips. Character continuity and building communities. Collaborations and illustrations. New vocabulary and novella writing. All experience and skill levels welcome. Come to learn. Stay for an impromptu themed drabble contest.

Fanfiction Bedtime Stories/Fanfic Theatre (PG-13)

Our trademark open-mic for fanfics. Come read aloud—or cosplay—your or others’ works of anime fanfiction, fanfic of other genres, or original fics! Pinch-readers available. Welcoming, slumber party atmosphere. Priority to those cosplaying or presenting multimedia fics; 15 min. rotations for those reading novella.

Adult Fanfic Bedtime Stories (age 18+ only)

Similar to the above, for age 18+ only. Some stories feature erotica at its finest; other pieces might be 18+ for depictions of violence or other adult themes.

Fic-Into-Art Contest

Artists will use our Copic loaner supplies while enjoying Fanfiction Bedtime Stories, an open mic for folks to read or cosplay their own or others’ fanfiction or original fictions. Art inspired by these performances will be judged on the spot as part of Bedtime Stories, for prizes. Art may be serious or in gentle parody. Age 18+ only after 12am.

Manga and Webcomic Artist Meet-Up

Networking opportunity for artists and storyboardists who might want to collaborate for our on-site mini-manga contest, or to hobknob to share their experiences and skills in or merge these artforms. Note: We will do our best to provide a laptop and printer to facilitate sharing of people’s entries. Just in case we can’t, or just in case the room we’re assigned lacks online access, try to bring hardcopies of the materials you want to share, and/or copies on disc. You may use our Copic and other markers and ink pens for this.

NaNoWriMo and Other Forms of Sprint-Writing

National Novel Writing Month is an event where a lot of (crazy) people get together to write a 50,000 word novel. Keep talking about writing but not doing it? NaNoWriMo may be for you! Come and find out about NaNoWriMo and other forms of sprint-writing!

Non-Canon Pairings in Fanfiction

Fanfiction has always been about the what-ifs and might-have-beens—especially when it comes to character relationships. What are the joys and challenges in writing non-canon pairings (“alternate” pairings)? What are techniques that we as authors can use to avoid the pitfalls? Join us as we discuss all aspects of writing non-canon pairings in fanfiction!

On-Site Mini-Manga Contest

Dare to dream—become a manga-ka for a day! Prize awarded for the best mini-manga created entirely on-site during con! Content may be fan/doujinshi or original. Work may be black and white, color, or computer generated and may be solo work or a collaborative project. Sponsored by Copic Markers; Copic supplies available for in-room loans.

Original Fiction Writing Panel

Written fanfiction and now want to torture your own characters? Never put pen to paper but want some tips to get started? This panel will cover character development techniques, world-building, and suggestions for how to just get the words out. Join the ranks of authors whose work is written about.

Publishing—Traditional and Self-Publishing

Are you a writer? Do you dream of being published? But, are you not quite sure how you go about getting to that goal? Or maybe you’ve been doing a webcomic and you’re starting to think about how to go about changing into a printed format. Join Cassie Richoux (a grad student in the PSU Publishing Program and former intern at Bowler Hat Comics) to have your questions about publishing answered and learn how to get on your way to being in print.

Scenes from a Hat

A Creation Station classic since 2005! Scenes from a Hat is a fanfiction, fan art, and fan improvisational theater contest wherein participants are challenged to produce a piece of written, drawn, or performed fan work inspired by a written prompt. Hilarious comic and electric dramatic work have come out of this game in the past, including some Fanfiction Bedtime Stories classics.

Story, Story, Die!

A Kumoricon fanfiction classic since 2003! Story, Story, Die! is a blast for anyone who participates and a hoot to watch! It culminates in the Ultimate Showdown, the all-in multi-fandom crossover collaboration of doom! Come and join in or just watch and vote for your favorite “death”!

Webcomics! How To Start

A “how to” for those who wish to start a webcomic and keep your readers. Will go over where to place the comics, how to advertise, and layout and design.

Fan Creation Station Contests Winner Announcements

Winners will be announced for the Fanfiction, Novella, Manga, and Webcomic Contests. Info will be given regarding how to get prizes.

Board, Collectible Card, and Role-Playing Games
Feng Shui RPG

Ever want to leap off the side of a building, guns blazing to blow up a car beneath you to cushion your fall, and actually come out of it alive? Or fly through the air, kicking your opponent six times with a loud “whaaa!”? Now you can! Live out your favorite action, Hong Kong film fantasies in Kumoricon’s Feng Shui RPG.

Go Teaching Sessions

Drop by the gaming room to learn the traditional Asian game of Go! During our assigned time we will always have at least one teacher in there ready to show even the greenest new player how to play from the very basics. We will also be throwing chocolate at people for solving Go puzzles.

Hentai RPG

Episode 2 was banned by the Tokyo Broadcasting Company, but episode 3 is here to try and avoid the censors! Join your friends in a delightfully debauched game of role-play and laugh until you cry or just horrify yourself a little in a strange game of BESM d20.

Legend of the Five Rings CCG Tournament

This is a sanctioned, Samurai-legal L5R tournament. There will be fun and fabulous prizes for all!

Magic: The Gathering Draft Tournament

Magic: The Gathering Draft Tournament: Time Spiral, Planar Chaos, Future Sight. Packs will be provided. 16 Player Limit. Prizes based on attendance.

Naruto CCG Tournament

Official Naruto CCG tournament. Come and learn how to play or compete with others for prizes.

Roleplaying 101

Our panel is on the basics and fundamentals of forum and online role-playing. We will take a glance at the different types of role-playing and different techniques people use. We will glance over character building and how a good character is a good basis for role-playing. At the end of our talk we will open the floor up for questions and give further advice if requested.

Advanced Character Creation Discussion

This panel takes up where Roleplaying 101 left off taking the floor open to discussion on character creation. We will cover building the characters in technical aspects and in personality. Fighting against basic clichés to make good characters that are mortal with decent weaknesses. It will be a lead discussion with the floor open for questions and discussion throughout it.

Advanced Roleplaying Discussion

This panel takes up where Roleplaying 101 left off taking the floor open to discussion on forum and online role-playing. We will discuss more in-depth the different types of role-playing and different techniques people use. We will discuss the balance of power and integrating yourself into a world. This will be a more in-depth look at the basics of role-playing. It will be a lead discussion with the floor open for questions throughout it.

Dark Horse Manga


Kumoricon is happy to welcome Michael Gombos, Carl Horn and Philip Simon of Dark Horse Comics. Dark Horse Comics, based in Milwaukie, Oregon, is the third largest comic book publisher in the U.S. and is recognized as the world’s leading publisher of licensed comics material. Next year, Dark Horse celebrates their twentieth anniversary of publishing manga in English and recently announced that they will publish an all-new original manga created by CLAMP. Come join the panels and learn what it takes to work in the industry, and be sure to visit them in the vendor room!

Classically Trained Translators


Presented by Dark Horse Comics. Meet staff members from Dark Horse, Michael Gombos, Carl Horn, and Philip Simon. Michael Gombos is the Director of Asian Licensing at Dark Horse Comics, in charge of all acquisitions coming from Asia. While the majority of his time is now spent translating contracts and deal memos, he has done many projects, including the translations of web pages, video games and even manga (Reiko the Zombie Shop). Carl Horn is a manga editor at Dark Horse Comics. His titles include Kosuke Fujishima’s Oh My Goddess!, the longest-running manga series in North America, as well as Eiji Otsuka and Housui Yamazaki’s The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service.

Open Mic

Come to the Karaoke Lounge, where you can join and enjoy the open mic. Sing your heart out, or have a seat and relax. Most of all, Enjoy the Music!

Idol Contest

For those who are here to perform or listen to beautiful Japanese songs. The Idol contestants are judged on vocal ability and talent.

Hybrid Contest

See cosplay and karaoke collide once again at Kumoricon’s Hybrid Karaoke Contest. Contestants will put on skits, perform artistic acts, and go for audience appeal, all while performing songs to complement their performances. Be goofy, be serious, the point is, have fun with your music!

Story and Series Discussion
Anime That Scarred Me for Life

Back again for more angst and trauma! What do you do when anime that you love hurts you so bad? Come share your stories or pain and woe with others who’ve been there.

D.Gray-man: Anime vs. Manga

A brief run-through of key plot moments in the manga and anime. Will talk about differences in both and how each was resolved. Will talk about possible spoilers.

Parent’s Guide to Anime

This is a panel for all those selfless parents and guardians that come every year, yet don’t know much about anime. We’ll help you understand the rating systems, where to get anime for your kids, how to supervise what they’re watching, and best of all, answer your questions. Find out what is so great about anime to begin with and how you can be a part of your child’s world.

Religious Topics and Symbols in Anime

Free-form discussion on symbols and imagery of religious content in the anime you’re watching.

Mascot art by Chevi