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Kumoricon Staff Member Policies


A staff member must be:

  • At least 16 years of age
  • Able to commit to the time and work their position requires
  • Respectful of convention attendees as well as other staff members
  • In good standing with Kumoricon
  • Capable of attending all required trainings and meetings pertinent to their position
  • Available to their department director and their supervisor, and their subordinates, and other staff as their position requires
  • Able to obey the requirements listed in this document
  • Adherent to the standards and policies set forth within Altonimbus Entertainment bylaws for voting members


Kumoricon staff members are unpaid volunteers who commit their time and effort for such intangible benefits as the joy of the experience, camaraderie with fellow dedicated anime fans, and professional development.

Kumoricon staff members may be granted certain privileges including, but not limited to, discounts on hotel reservations, membership fees, t-shirts and merchandise. Staff members may be considered voting members of Altonimbus Entertainment with certain voting rights in accordance with Altonimbus Entertainment bylaws.


Staff members must be approved to at least one specific position by a department director. Staff members may work in more than one position and may work in more than one department, but must be approved by the respective department’s director for each position.

The enumeration of the responsibilities of a staff member’s position is at the discretion of the department director of the position. Staff members are expected to fulfill the responsibilities of the position they have been appointed for, as determined by their department director.

Staff members are required to pay annual Kumoricon membership fees. Kumoricon membership fees are due at the time of the staff member’s appointment.

Staff members may not claim to represent or act on behalf of Altonimbus Entertainment or Kumoricon except only in a manner expressly permitted by their department director and in accordance with their position.

Some convention events prohibit staff members from competing. Staff members are responsible for adhering to specific event rules.

Staff members are required to submit to Kumoricon valid contact information. This information is necessary for the efficient planning and performance of the convention. Staff members are expected to submit the following:

  • Your name
  • A valid email address you check frequently
  • A phone number and street address where you can be reached
  • Your Kumoricon Message Board username
  • Staff contact information, excluding street address, will be made available only to other staff via a security-restricted area of the website and for the sole purpose of facilitating the preparation and production of Kumoricon. Distribution or abuse of staff contact information is strictly prohibited.


Anyone included on the Kumoricon blacklist or redlist, or has had their badge or staff privileges revoked during the previous convention year may not be a staff member.


All staff members are expected to be able to fulfill the requirements of Yojimbo during the convention and be deployed as Yojimbo if necessary. Yojimbo must be qualified staff members.

Staff members will be able to access the staff mailing list, private staff area of the Kumoricon website, and private staff message boards for the purposes of organizing the convention and discussing issues privately among fellow staff members. Staff members are strongly encouraged to use the Kumoricon Message Board to interact with fellow staff members and to respond to questions from the general public.

Staff members who need a public email address but do not wish to publish their personal email address may inquire about getting a public Kumoricon email alias that redirects mail to their personal email address. Staff members should be aware that Kumoricon email aliases are provided based on the position, for the duration of the member’s appointment to the position, and may be reused by the member’s successor in their position.

Altonimbus Entertainment reserves the right to change this document without prior notice.

Mascot art by Chevi