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« on: April 14, 2015, 07:24:03 pm »
I have this really cool friend who is looking for a room for Kumoricon. If anyone has any information please send me a msg so i can get it to him. This way he does not have to bus it to and from con. Thank you.

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Re: Room
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2015, 08:02:20 pm »
I have a room and need maybe 2 people actually (depends if one of my group members makes it, if he does, then only one person needed).
We have some rules though, so if this friend is ok with these rules, then you can have them email me (I will give you my email in a message if your friend agrees to the rules listed below):
-MUST be over 18. I am not going to be responsible for a minor. If something happens it's on ME becasue my name booked the room. So no minors (by law since it's a room I booked, if something happens to that person in the room, I automatically get the blame and suffer whatever punishment there is becasue of it, be that fines or anything).
-No smoking in the room. If this person is a drug user (any drug but pot) I will outright refuse them. If they are a Pot smoker, I ask that they donot bring it or anyone with it, to the room. And if they are out smoking it somewhere outside the room, to please make sure not to smell of it when they return to the room.
-If they are over 21, they are free to talk to my buddy, who brings alcohol, about drinking. If they are NOT, then I will not catch them drinking in the room. I can be charged with supplying to an underaged person and that will not fly.
-One huge thing is they have to be ok with crossdressing and transgendered folk. If these things are a problem to this person, it will get ugly fast.
-I require their share for the room payment before con. I will NOT get it from them at con. I've been ripped off too many times to allow that anymore. I don't care how it get's to me, as long as it does well before hand. Paypal i will want it at least 2 mondays before the convention. This give me time to send it to my bank.

s basically it, other than the please shower and don't touch our crap lol. If they have friends (like say, you) that they need to bring to the room for whatever reason, I ask to just be notified via text or call (upon agreeing and securing a spot, you will get my number to give them, and yourself if you want it. Never know when you won't be able to get ahold of them and need another contact). We have no problem with friends coming to the room as long as they also are ok with the above stuff.

Anyway the cost for the room will be $111 per person with 4 people in the room. The sleeping situation I can not help with..If they have an air mattress or something, that certainly would help..I may be able to get a roll away cot, but I can not promise anything..
And this will be in the Red Lion Hotel.

Any questions? feel free to ask.

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Re: Room
« Reply #2 on: April 14, 2015, 08:22:32 pm »
trust me i think my friend can obey these rules. Give me your contact information and that way i can give it to him and you two can converse about this...And thank you.
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