Registration Agreement

Welcome, Kumoricon fans! While using the forums, please abide by this code of conduct. We aim to make these forums as useful, welcoming, and friendly as possible, and following these rules is one of the best ways you can help keep the forums a great place to hang out.

*** Be courteous to other users ***

Keep discussion friendly and civil, and keep discussion focused on the issue rather than the person. No personal attacks or speculating about another person's motives. Minimize discussion of off-forum personal disputes.

*** Age and content appropriateness ***

Keep discussion on the rough equivalent of a PG level, perhaps occasionally straying into mild PG-13. Refrain from using any of the stronger profanity, and keep all profanity to a minimum. You can usually state your message more effectively without it. No strong innuendo, graphic violence, nudity, explicit sexual content, slurs regarding race, nationality, or sexual orientation. These rules apply to both text and images, including quoting or copying outside content.

Avoid directly linking to disallowed content off-site. We will be a bit less strict about content in off-site links if there is a content warning in the link, but there are still limits to what you can link to.

You may *discuss* content which contains disallowed items, such as hentai, but these rules apply to the discussion.

*** No spamming ***

This forum is not a place to advertise commercial ventures. However, if there is something specifically related to the content of this forum, you may link to it in the appropriate forum section.

Absolutely no sending of bulk, unsolicited private messages for any reason.

*** No unlicensed distribution of copyrighted content ***

Don't post or link to unlicensed copies of copyrighted content. This includes bootlegs of original products, fansubs, digisubs, scanlations, and music downloads.

*** Keep threads on-topic ***

Respect the subject matter of each thread. If you'd like to hold a discussion about a separate issue, please post in a separate thread. (Occasionally, topic drift can naturally occur. In this case, moderators may manually split the posts which have drifted into a new thread.)

Refrain from posting short, "chat"-style back-and-forth responses, as it tends to drown out other discussion and make threads harder to read.

Don't "bump" a thread unless you have something substantive to add.

Keep signatures and avatars tasteful and reasonable in size. (This includes both image dimensions, and file size.) Keep signatures and avatars free of controversial or political content, as these appear in every post and such content would be a distraction and considered off-topic in most threads.

Use informative subject lines.

*** Moderators can help ***

Old threads are automatically locked from time to time. If you need to post something pertinent in a locked thread, you may request to a moderator that your post be added or that the thread be unlocked.

If you find an offensive post, you can report it by using the link "Report to moderator" in each post.