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Hello, everyone! I'm excited that Winter Solstice is past, and everything new is underway!

I'm eager to be on staff again this year, but I would like to get on board earlier and find a good niche where I can help with advance planning rather than just working the Con itself. I'm disabled, so I'd like to continue doing jobs that don't require personally running around the Hilton. Not sure where I'll land yet.

I offered Kumoricon Go workshops for three years (igo, baduk, weiqi - the board game Sai taught Hikaru) and in 2009 I helped staff the Info Desk and the KCon sales table in the Dealers' Room, both of which were busy and fun.

I'm very involved in Asian Games clubs on two Portland campuses. I'd like to know more about what staff do in Tabletop to support the various activites there... I didn't get to visit the room at all in 2009! I'm good at planning and organizing and would enjoy putting those skills to good use for the Con.

There's no Tabletop manager, Info Booth manager, or Merchandise(?) coordinator yet in the Staff list, but transit will get me to the Jan. 10 meeting, where I hope to learn more and find that niche. See you then!
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