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Relationship Cosplay
« on: October 15, 2009, 05:20:22 pm »
So...I had a weird dream last night (totally needed to know this, right?) which got me to thinking about some cosplay things.
I've seen people cosplaying characters with relations and was wondering what people do with these characters/situations.

For example:
You are in a relationship with someone (same or different gender, I don't care). Do you choose cosplays being couples? Or do you choose randomly? Set Couples? Or OTP? If you are Homo/Bisexual do you choose character relations which are same gender? Or do you do Heterosexual?
Or you are with your family (Spouce, Sibling, Child). Do you choose cosplays with family relations?

Or if you are alone (No offence! I was alone once, too!). Do you choose loner characters? Or do you choose relationship characters in hopes that you will latch on to someone else? Like perhaps you go as Sakura Haruno from the earlier episodes of Naruto and you chase around Sasukes...? Or something like that...

So yeah, how do you guys choose your cosplays based on your relationship status? Or does it have no effect on you what so ever?

Only "Rule:" Please don't bash people... I wish to believe every cosplayer is okay with all relationships but I know there are still some pretty strict people out there. So just incase...there will be Shonen-Ai and Shoujo-Ai in here so beware and don't comment hashly if you don't like it. Please? XP

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