Author Topic: Cosplay Group in or around the Salem area! <3  (Read 998 times)

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Cosplay Group in or around the Salem area! <3
« on: September 03, 2009, 09:07:12 am »
So, my friend and I are looking for people to join us so we're not just a cosplay pair; but a group!

We're looking for people willing to work hard(or commission from us) on their cosplay. We work very, very hard on our cosplay, even though we have little funds at the moment. <3

We're interested in several series, including non-anime series/movies. (example; Edward Scissorhands, Flinstones) We're always willing to change plans and work with the group, but I will be the leader of the group and Sees the assistant leader. :3

In order to apply, please message me this;

Past Cosplay:
Planned Cosplay:
Picture of you in cosplay:
About You:
Favorite Series:
Dream Cosplay:
Willing to Crossplay?
Cons You've Been To:
About Where Do You Live?

We encourage anyone to apply~ <3