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Home Printing Issues
« on: August 11, 2009, 05:46:00 pm »
Okay, so now the printing frenzy is about to begin, but I thought I'd get some feedback since I've had mixed results with home printing in the past. 

1) Is there any photo paper that is pretty bleed proof with a standard injet that anyone can recommend?

2) Anyone have any suggestions or statements for or against adhesive laminate versus heat lamination for small paper items?

3) Is there a print quality that may as well be the best setting without using the ink that the max setting uses?  I guess I could run some test prints, but if others have experience, saves me the ink. ^_^ 

I've put in my order with, so I've got at least that to protect prints.  Any help would be great!  Thanks in advance, guys!!!
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Re: Home Printing Issues
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2009, 06:02:22 pm »
Hiiii! I'll try to help you a little if I can~ XD

1: I use Print Works matte photo paper and the results have been really good. If you like glossy better, I don't know what to use, but the matte has been great for me (I love the how vibrant colors look on it). sells a 50 pack that's really reasonable. Edit: I forgot to mention that matte paper uses less ink also lol.

2: After using adhesive laminate I'd say it's way worth it just to get a heat laminator. It saved me money in the end (adhesive is more expensive usually than heat laminator sheets so the laminator pays for itself after a while) and the adhesive laminate starts to come apart after a while (especially if it gets warm), which I didn't know when I used it last year. x.x;

3: I'm not sure what kind of printer you use, but I'd just say play around a little. Sometimes printers will print almost as well on regular as they will on maximum. Each one is different though.

Yayy good luck.
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