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Shinyu's Speedy Art Commissions ;DD
« on: June 20, 2009, 10:00:49 pm »
hello there and thank you clicking onto this thread : ))
you have my full appreciation.

Well it's summer and I now have time to make
commissions for people ;DD
I started awhile back&kinda forgot about it ^^;
here are my prices and as for pictures I will
upload some later :DD

Speedy Sketches
    +$4 for each additional character.
[[Fast and neat pencil sketches!]]

Happy Chibi's ;DD
      +$4 for each additional character& $2 for a colored(copic&coloredpencils) chibi& $3 for motion chibi
[[Lineart, on doujinshi paper, & if desired colored :DDD ]]
{{Also I could make one of the motion chibi's
notmyart,butwhattheylooklike--> }}

Happy Birthday Cards
      +$5 for each additional characters
[[All awesome, with 2 message inside (Your message&a character's message), 2 chibis (1 on front, 2nd inside), all copics&colored pencils]]

Shipping; If you live in portland and/or know where the TIGARD PUBLIC LIBRARY is then I could meet you there
and shipping would be cheaper.

Speedy Sketches- $3
Chibis- $2
Happy Birthday Cards- $5

Meet Up- $1

Please PM or for a faster reply e-mail me @

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