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DigiKumo Lite

A mini digi fundraising event while we wait for cons to come back!

DigiKumo Lite will run for 2 days and be held entirely online! You can expect cosplay, gaming, panels, and more, all streaming for free from our Twitch channel. You can also join our community Discord server to hang out with fellow fans before, during, and after DigiKumo Lite. Keep an eye on this page as we update when new information is announced!

If you want sneak previews and a little extra say in what we end up doing for DigiKumo Lite, check out our new Patreon for perks that allow you to be even more involved! If you're able to, please consider supporting us. Skipping a convention year isn't easy for a small organization like ours. We want to keep Kumoricon going for many years to come, and your support now will help make sure we can.

Panels and Schedule

DigiKumo Lite will feature a mix of live and pre-recorded panels, all conveniently on our Twitch channel. Prepare for a variety of topics from your favorite guests, fan panelists, and our gaming community that will hype you up for our event later this year!

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DigiKumo Lite schedule

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Featured Guests

DigiKumo Lite guest lineup

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For interaction during the weekend, join our public Discord server. Since November 2020, we have been building our community to hang out in there. This will be used throughout DigiKumo Lite for discussion during panels, games, and more!


There will not be a separate staff list for DigiKumo Lite. All duties for this event have been included in the expectations of current Kumoricon 2021 staff. If you are unsure whether this includes you, reach out to your department management to verify. If you're interested in joining us, head over to our Get Involved page to learn more.