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Kumoricon is bringing back our photobooth!

The photobooth will be in the KumoriMarket (Hall C) with Kumoricon's staff photographers running the photography. Sign-ups for time slots will be available on site, but we will also have walk-in time slots available.

The photobooth will be free, with a suggested donation for anyone able and willing to donate, which will go towards our 2018 charities.

Digital versions of photos will be posted in a gallery on the website after the convention. Printed copies will not be available at this time.

Walk-in Sessions

Walk-in sessions are open to anyone and are first-come, first-served in the time allowed. Please limit the time for your photo to less than 5 minutes so we can make it through as many people as possible. Once the time slot for walk-ins is over we ask that anyone still in line leave the area to give the staff photographers time to re-set for the next session.

Sign-Up Sessions

Sign-Up sessions are for those wanting a photo to sign up for a specific time slot. Sign-ups will be available at the photobooth during KumoriMarket open hours and are first-come, first-served. Time slots are 5 minutes a piece, and we ask that you arrive on time for your slot, or you may forfeit your spot.

VIP and Staff Only Session

This is an exclusive sign-up session for VIP attendees and staff.

Guest Photo Ops

Attendees will be able to meet select Kumoricon Guests of Honor and get a photo with them during specified "Guest Photo Ops". Guest Photo Ops run for approximately 60-90 minutes and will be marked on the schedule.

Much like Guest Autograph Sessions, Photo Ops are "pass required" events. Guest Photo Op passes are free and will be distributed in the same manner and area as the Guest Autograph Passes. For more information please look at our Autograph Policies.

Guest Photo Rules

  • All photos are at the guest's discretion. We cannot guarantee a photo from any specific guest. Guests have the right to refuse to be photographed with anything or anyone at their individual discretion.
  • Photos are limited to 1 photo per person.
  • Guests may refuse gifts or photos entirely at their discretion.
  • To provide a fair opportunity to all attendees, please limit your time with the guest.
  • Please remember that this is a photo session, and not an autograph session, so please refrain from requesting an autograph outside of a guest’s autograph session.
  • No touching guests without permission. Ask first for hugs, handshakes, etc., and respect that a guest may be sick or tired, or have some other reason for not wanting to give hugs.
  • The following gifts are prohibited: gifts of homemade food, gifts of pre-packaged consumables that have been opened, or gifts of pre-packaged consumables with tampered packaging. All consumable gifts must be pre-packaged with visible seals intact, without exception. If you have a consumable gift, you must present your gift to a Guest Relations handler for approval, prior to presenting the gift to a guest.
  • Gifts must follow Kumoricon policies, such as those for props and weapons. Please review our Code of Conduct if you have questions about if your item would be allowed.

Photobooth Schedule

Available time slots will be listed at the photobooth, along with the sign-up sheet for sign-up sessions. Session times are listed on the Kumoricon schedule.