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Kumoricon AMV Contest Results for 2003 & 2004
« on: June 11, 2012, 02:04:25 pm »
First, I'm not even sure we had an official AMV contest in 2003. I remember AMVs being shown there, but no voting or anything... Anybody know if there was a contest in 2003 and what was entered or who the winners were?

For 2004, I found the playlist (below), however I don't have any results of the contest. Can anyone fill in? Thanks!

Kumoricon 2004 AMV Contest

Action / Adventure

1. "Haru's Excellent Adventure"
Anime: The Cat Returns
Music: Neverending Story
Creator: Rylan Hilman

2. "Chrno Trigger / In the End"
Anime: Chrno trigger
Music: Lincoln Park, "in the End"
Creator: David Smith
3. "Ill-Tempered Saviour"
Anime: Gensoumaden Sayuki
Music: Stabbing Westward, "Save Yourself"
Creator: Janis Sweek

4. "Trigger Happy"
Anime: Witch Hunter Robin, Gundam Wing
Music: Poe, "Trigger Happy Jack"
Creator: Janis Sweek

Romance / Drama:

1. "Blood Love"
Anime: Vampire Hunter D: Blood Lust
Music: Queensryche, "Lady Jane"
Creator: Janis Sweek

2. "Words from a Distant Star"
Anime: Voices from a Distant Star
Music: Jade, "1000 Words"
Creator: Jack Sweek

3. "Belldandy's Dream"
Anime: Ah! Megamisama
Music: BoA, "Valenti," (Japanese version)
Creator: Rylan Hilman

4. "Bring Soujiro to Life"
Anime: Rurouni Kenshin
Music: Evanescence, "Bring Me to Life"
Creator: Derick Flory


1. "Weird AL(phonse)"
Anime: Full Metal Alchemist
Music: Al Yancovic, "The Weird Al Show Theme"
Creator: Derick Flory

2. "You Know He's Gonna Be ..."
Anime: Trigun
Music: Less Than Jake "I would Walk 500 Miles"
Creator: Derick Flory

3. "Holy Crap"
Anime: Memories ("Stink Bomb")
Music: Offspring "Special Delivery"
Creator: Kirk Fryrear
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