Author Topic: Dressing up as a non-anime character? (question solved, thanks)  (Read 3629 times)

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Edit: Question answered, thank you all!

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong section, I'm new.
Okay, I really want to dress up, but none of the outfits of the characters I like look like something I could wear. I'm very uncomfortable with my body, so the short skirts that nine tenths of anime girls wear are out. The problem is, I can't think of a single female anime character that I like (that I like and that can be recognized by their clothes, anyway) that doesn't wear a skirt. Because of this, I was thinking about dressing up as Alice from American Mcgee's Alice (she wears a long dress, so I'd be fine with it) but I'm worried that people would look down on me because that's not really anime. Would people be annoyed/look down on me if I went as Alice? Would they consider that as me not being dressed properly?

tl;dr : Can I dress as a non-anime character without looking stupid?
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Re: Dressing up as a non-anime character?
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Yes, you can. I mean there are some that don't like it but you can't please everyone.
I've seen people go as south park characters, flap jack, and harry potter characters which seems to be a very popular thing.
It seems like American Mcgee's Alice is fairly popular among the anime crowd anyway.
I think you'd find some people excited to see you dressed from it.   ;D

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Re: Dressing up as a non-anime character?
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Generally, any cosplay is accepted with open arms.
As mentioned above, there are a few butthurt individuals who might try to passive-aggressively say only anime cosplay is allowed, but I've never witnessed it myself.

Actually at Sakuracon, a huge con, my friends and I wore costumes from the tv show Adventure Time, which is American, and we got nothing but compliments! Video game cosplays are also hugely popular so I'm sure you'll get a ton of pictures taken and be showered with compliments :D
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Re: Dressing up as a non-anime character?
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I've seen people dress up as Anime characters at video game conventions before, and no one seemed to care. My cosplay is Hunter S. Thompson, and that's about as far from Anime as it gets.
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Re: Dressing up as a non-anime character?
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Ah, thank you for your replies! I'm going to have so much fun :D !