Cosplay Rules

Kumoricon 2006 Cosplay Contest Rules:

a. Must have a Kumoricon 2006 badge (and therefore agree to the con policies) to enter.

b. General staff are allowed to enter as long as their staff responsibilities remain first priority. Any staff member not following this rule will be disqualified (along with any members of their group) and executive staff may take other actions. Elected staff, members of Alto Nimbus or staff positions appointed by AN may not compete in the cosplay contest.

c. Online entries must be submitted by August 25, 2006. Mailed entries must be post marked by August 21, 2006. Entries may be handed in at the con until the beginning of the cosplay pre-meet provided there is space.
Send Mail in forms to:
Brenda McFadden
Kumoricon Cosplay Manager
5960 Mt. Vernon Rd.
Springfield OR 97478
Kumoricon accepts no responsibility for lost, late, misdirected, or illegible mail.

d. No participant may be in more than one skit.

e. Minors (those under 18 years of age) may not participate in the Cosplay Contest unless given written permission by a legal guardian. Forms will be available both at the convention and online prior to the event. Please bring the signed copy with you to registration check-in if you are less than 18 years of age.

f. Those who are under 13 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all time during the cosplay contest as per the con guidelines.

g. By registering, all cosplay contest participants agree to let Kumoricon use their images for promotional purposes, both photographs and video. All participants will be required to sign a waiver at or prior to the Cosplay Pre-Meet. Those under 18 must have their parent or legal guardian sign the form as well. If you do not sign a waiver, you will not be allowed to appear in the cosplay contest.

2.Costume Judging:
a. Commissioned, purchased, rented, or commercially-made costumes will not be allowed to enter the costume portion of the contest. As some costumes may contain plain parts, it is understood that some items will be purchased. These parts must be listed for the costume judges and the majority of the costume must be made. For those who are only interested in the performance portion of the cosplay contest, purchased-pieced-etc. costumes are allowed as long as the cosplay manager is notified.

b. Any and all collaborators of assistants in the production of the costume must be cited and what pieces they worked on. You may wear a costume that was not made by you but by someone else who is not a professional tailor (they receive payment of some kind for the project). In this case, any craftsmanship award is presented to the creator of the costume, not to the model wearing it. Said creator must also have a Kumoricon badge in order to win.

c. Costumes should reflect the theme of the con including, but not limited to anime series or movies, manga, Asian religious or cultural garb, school or state uniforms, music, drama or video games. When in doubt, please contact the Cosplay Manager.

d. If you are dressing as a character that is not very well known it may be a good idea to bring a photo of the character for the judges to evaluate.

e. Costumes must be self-contained: no electrical connections, audio, or other kinds of external plug or source.

f. Any thing brought on stage that is not the contestant(s) must be approved by the Cosplay Manager and must be removed at the end of the skit. Kumoricon is not responsible for any lost or misplaced Cosplay items. All weapons must be peace bonded and approved. Under no circumstances will pointing weapons at the cosplay manager, staff, yojimbo, emcee, or judges be tolerated.

g. Costumes for original characters are not eligible for craftsmanship awards, but costumes depicting classic Japanese style or uniform are. For example your costume will not be judged if you cosplay a character from your pen and paper role play game or LARP, but a kimono or Shinto priestess outfit would. You may, with permission from the cosplay manager, have an original character appear in a performance, so long as the original character is based largely on Japanese anime or manga, interacts with characters from anime or manga, and is something the audience will understand and recognize. For example, the audience would probably not to understand if inserted your personal character from a role-play game into the skit, but they may understand if you performed a Naruto/Yakitate!! Japan crossover skit and made up “the Bread Ninja.” If you intend to include an original character, you must secure approval from the cosplay manager. The presence of an original character does not make other characters appearing in the same skit ineligible for craftsmanship awards.

h. You may not wear a costume at the Kumoricon 2006 Cosplay that was worn for any previous competition at Kumoricon.

i. Each contestant may present (wear) one and only one costume and each particular costume may be worn by one and only one person.

j. All costume judging participants must also be approved entries for the cosplay contest and must participate (with a presentation or a walk-on) in the Kumoricon 2006 cosplay contest.

k. Digital photographs of all costumes will be taken at Craftsmanship judging. The photographs of winning entries will be projected on the video screens during the awards ceremony, to allow the audience to see costume details. These photographs are property of Kumoricon and may be used by us for promotional purposes.

l. Please note that an entire group does not have to participate in the Craftsmanship judging. If any individual from a group chooses to not have their costume judged that is fine.

a. No jumping on or off the stage, please use the correct on/off ramps or stairs.

b. Any special effects or lighting effects must be approved by the cosplay manager.

c. Kumoricon is a PG-13 con and this will be enforced during cosplay, so use common sense. Actions, dress, or mannerisms that would not be allowed on a public street or thoroughfare must be avoided. Specifically, the following must be avoided: explicit sexual gestures, nudity, and explicit swearing. Violating these rules will disqualify you and possibly result in your being escorted off the premises. If you’re not sure what this entails, please check with the cosplay manager.

d. Please plan to limit your presentation to 3-5 mins. To insure as many people as possible may participate. If there are fewer entrants the time limit may be expanded. The revised time limit will be announced at the pre-meet. If you go over the prescribed time limit there will be a penalty.

e. If you are providing pre-recorded dialogue or music make sure it is on a burned (no originals!) CD with a jewel case or paper sleeve with track number, name, and badge number clearly marked. Preferably the CD will have only the song or dialogue on it so that it can be easily found by the tech staff. Beware of music with excessive violence, sexual suggestions, or foul language – remember: PG-13. If you have any questions or concerns, please email the cosplay manager your lyrics or script for review. Kumoricon is not responsible for scratches, damage, lost, or stolen CDs.

f. We can only play from the beginning of a track and cannot change tracks mid-skit. So please edit your music to fit your needs and ours.

g. Shortly after the cosplay contest the CDs will be taken to the programming room for retrieval. If they are not picked up before closing ceremonies they will be sent to the Operation Department’s Lost and Found.

h. Surprise the audience, the judges, even yourself! But not the cosplay manager.

i. If, for whatever reason one contestant is removed from competition for any violation, the entire group is removed as well.

j. Nothing the Kumoricon staff feels that may pose a danger to people or the stage area will be allowed.

4.Award Guidelines
a. Award Category 1: Presentation
The presentation awards are for performances only and reflect the quality of your performance. The quality of your costume often factors into your presentation, but simple costumes have won the highest awards in the past when coupled with a superior skit or routine.

i. First Place, Presentation
ii. Second Place, Presentation
iii. Third Place, Presentation
iv. Best Script or Acting
v. Best Choreography

b. Award Category 2: Craftsmanship
The craftsmanship awards are based on the design, construction, execution, and general presentation of your costume. Both walk-ons and performances are eligible for Craftsmanship awards. All Craftsmanship judging takes place before the cosplay contest itself during the rehearsal.

i. First Place, Craftsmanship
ii. Second Place, Craftsmanship
iii. Third Place, Craftsmanship
iv. Best Costume Design
v. Best Accessory or Weapon

c. Award Category 3: Youth
Any presentation or walk-on group or individual whose members are all twelve years of age or younger are eligible for Youth awards.

i. First Place, Youth
ii. Second Place, Youth
iii. Third Place, Youth

d. Award Category 4: Discretionary Awards
These awards are given for any and all exceptional entries whose merits are not covered by the basic awards. These awards are granted by the members of the Judges’ panel and by the Cosplay manager based on their own criteria decided while watching the Cosplay itself. Each Judge’s award will be named specially for its recipient when awarded (For example, “Judge’s Choice Award for the Best Use of a Chair” or “Judge’s Choice Award for the Most Musical Gundam”)

i. Judge’s Award
ii. Bakazoku Award
iii. Cosplay Manager’s Award

e. No single entry may receive more than two awards

f. Each entry may receive a maximum of one award in each Division – one for Craftsmanship and one for Performance.

g. Discretionary awards may not go to groups who received any other award.

5.Special Performances
a. We will allow up to 2 special performances at Kumoricon 2006 Cosplay. A special performance is exhibition-only (i.e., does not qualify for awards consideration).

b. The performers and the Cosplay manager will work out the length of special performances. The special performances may come at the beginning, middle, or end of the contest.

c. If you are interested in a special performance, please send us a proposal for what you want to do in advance to the cosplay manager. Please contact us as soon as possible, since special performances need extensive planning. We can’t guarantee to accept all proposals. Your initial proposal may be a simple description of your idea, number of participants, estimated length, and technical requirements. You will be required to submit a full script and possibly an audition cassette or video before your special performance is approved.

d. Whatever you propose to us is what you must present (minor adjustments allowed) at Kumoricon 2006. If your performance turns out to be something other than what we discussed, or the cosplay manager believes it to be inappropriate, it will be cut from cosplay.

e. Also, please consider that this performance needs to be something really special; this should not be simply an extended skit. By “special” we mean instrumental performance, professional-quality vocal performance, or highly choreographed professional-level dance routines.

f. If you register for a special performance you may not participate in the presentation contest. It’s one or the other. No exceptions.

g. Keep in mind that you can’t cancel your special performance and expect to instantly be given a registered spot in the normal contest. Unless there is an opening, you will be put at the end of the Waiting List.

a. If you break a piece of equipment, deface the facilities, or cause any other damages, then you pay to replace what you damaged. No exceptions.

b. How does one prevent damages? Please simply exercise care when you are on and off the stage. Be aware of floor microphones, cables, speakers, curtains, screens, etc.

7.Nitty Gritty
a. All con policies must be upheld during the entirety of the cosplay competition. Anyone breaking con rules will be disqualified and reported to Ops.

b. To participate in the cosplay contest you must read and agree to follow all rules of the cosplay contest.

c. Anyone who does not show up for rehearsal on time will be disqualified. Rehearsals are where your costumes will be judged and we do a run through of music, sound, and lighting. Please come prepared.

d. If all slots are full, there will be a waiting list for those left. If anyone drops out or is disqualified then those on the waiting list will be allowed entrance on a first-come, first-serve basis.

e. Pre-meeting is mandatory for every group, but not necessarily every person (this is to accommodate those of us who suck at being morning people). Although it is then the responsibility of the group members who attend to inform their group. Failure to do so may mean disqualification from an unknown rule change.

f. Any entrant caught by any staff member insulting anyone’s costume(s) or otherwise deliberately destroying or damaging another’s costume may be expelled from cosplay as well as the convention. A warning may be issued for the first offense, but entrant will be expelled for a second offense. The cosplay manager and programming director reserve the right to remove from competition anyone who violates this rule at any time before or during the cosplay.

g. All decisions made by the cosplay manager or programming director are final and may only be changed by a formal challenge through operations.

h. For all questions, suggestions, issues, confirmation requests, or offers of help regarding Kumoricon ’06 cosplay, please contact the cosplay manager or programming director at

Thank you for you interest,
Brenda McFadden
Kumoricon 2006 Programming Director, Cosplay Manager

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