You can sign up for a table in artist alley or the vendors room, submit your ideas and budgets for panels, and contact any of the executive staff from this page.

Please contact us at the links below.

To get involved as staff, contact:
Personnel Director
Rian Mueller

For info about the convention itself, public relations, publicity, and Kumoricon sponsored events outside of the convention contact:
Director of Publicity
Kri Bartholomew

For info about the vendor’s room, Artist’s Alley, guests, and representation at the convention contact:
Director of Relations
Brian Hammond


** Exhibitors hall is currently full.
** Artist Ally is currently full.

For info involving set up, operations, and equipment contact:
Director of Operations
Ryan Stasel

To submit panels, events, and gaming ideas or for info on any of these contact:
Director of Programming
Brenda McFadden

Submit this form to register a panel.

Submit this form to request a budget for your panel.

Vice Chair or for info about GAMING contact:
David McCarley

Convention Chair
Meg Uhde

Thanks for your interest. We look forward to seeing you at the con!

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