Panelist Requirements

Kumoricon 2006 Panelists rules:

Panelists are members of the convention community that have promised to run a panel of at least 1 hour length to receive convention benefits including compensation for panel materials and part of the entrance price.

Those who are staff may run panels but will still be considered staff.

Anyone may run a panel at Kumoricon without being a panelist as long as they are not black listed or removed from the con, a staff position or a panelist position last year.

Anyone may be a panelists who is not black listed, red listed, or removed from the con, a staff position or a panelist position last year.

Panelists are not staff and do not receive the perks of being staff.

To run a panel you must attend the con and more importantly, you must turn in a panel request form by the due date.

Panelists are responsible for running a panel of at least 1 hour of length.

Only one panelist may receive panelist price per panel unless it is of unusually long length (longer than 2 hours).

Panelists must put their panel before entertainment even if the panel coincides with an event they would like to attend. Panels come first.

Panelists must follow all con regulations and policies and must set an example for general con goers.

Panelists must give current and valid contact information to either their manager or the programming director. If addresses change, it is the panelist’s responsibility to inform the programming managers or director know.

If a panelist finds that they are unable to perform their panel/attend the con/etc then they must contact the programming director and return any funds given by the convention prior to August 28th 2006.

If a budget request form is turned in be the due date then a panelist may receive compensation for materials purchased for use at the convention, but all surplus belongs to the convention for future use. This is on a first come, first serve basis and budget approval is at the discretion of the Programming staff.

Panelists receive a discounted admission price to the con at $20. This will be given as reimbursement except in the most vital of cases. Anyone who needs to pay the reduced price only must make written request to the Programming Director in person, by mail or email.
“Panelist” stickers to add the their badges.

Any panelist that does not show up to their panel, except under medical and other extreme conditions will be red listed and not allowed to run a panel the following year. Furthermore, the con will not pay any reimbursements for said skipped panel or repay portions of the admission price. If any money or compensation is given prior to a missed panel that must be repaid.

If a panelist is found to disregarding con policy they may be warned for a first offense, but beyond that Programming and Operations will take action accordingly.

Anyone found giving false information or not updating their contact information in a timely manner will not receive compensation and will not be allowed to run a panel next year.

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