Convention Policies

Intent and content: Kumoricon’s purpose is to provide a fun and interactive environment for sharing enthusiasm for learning about anime and Japanese culture, and to make our convention an enjoyable experience for as many people as possible. The convention’s content will be kept
under or at a PG-13 rating, maximum, with the exception of designated areas restricted to age 18 and over, for which ID is checked. However, given differences in international rating structures and the disparity of cultural attitudes towards such things as violence, non-sexual nudity, profanity, and the age-appropriateness of more mature or thematic content, parental guidance is especially recommended.

Conduct and behavior of guests: In order for everyone attending Kumoricon to have an enjoyable time, all attendees need to be courteous of others, and follow the hotel and convention policies as well as all applicable laws. You are responsible for your own actions; use good judgment in your public behavior. Refrain from being disruptive or overly loud, restrict your public displays of affection, and make sure you are wearing appropriate attire for being in public. If you are doing something inappropriate in public, Kumoricon reserves the right to stop or remove yourself to a hotel room, depending on the nature of the inappropriate action. Repeat or severe offenders will be required to hand over their badges and leave the convention area. Police will be involved if necessary. It is your responsibility not to violate local, state, and federal laws.

Public display of affection: Kissing and holding hands is acceptable public affectionate behavior, regardless of the genders of persons involved; groping is not.

Exposure and attire: Indecent exposure is a crime. Guests of the convention must wear at least a non-thong style swimsuit of gender-appropriate type while in public. Attire can be deemed inappropriate at the discretion of Kumoricon personnel and the attendee can be sent to his/her room to change or told to leave the facilities. Shoes must be worn in the facilities. Costumes must fall into or under the PG-13 rating category and be covering enough not to be categorized as under-exposure, as stated above. Fetish items can be worn only so long as they do not pose a safety hazard; however, display of BDSM/bondage behavior in public areas is not accept-able.

Smoking and drinking: Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the public areas of the hotel or within ten feet of any entrance thereto. It is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to consume alcohol in the State of Oregon. For those who are of age, be responsible. Drunk and disorderly conduct is against the law, and anyone behaving in a disruptive or disorderly fashion due to intoxication in the convention areas will be dealt with accordingly. Do not drink and drive.

Badges: The badge you are issued at Registration is your pass to the convention, including all its related activities. Attainment of a convention badge means you have read/accepted all convention policies and guidelines within this document. You must have your badge with you at all times, and it must be visible for you to be admitted to any convention-specific area, event, or ac-tivity. If you lose your badge, return to the Registration desk and bring photo ID. If you find a lost badge, please turn it in to the Registration desk.

Minors: Age 12 and under: All children age 12 and under must be accompanied at all times by a parent or legal guardian who is also a registered guest of Kumoricon. Age 13 and up: All minors 13 and up must have a parent or legal/appointed guardian available at the convention site at all times while the minor is in attendance. All guardians must be age 18 or over and have parental permission from the minor’s parent or legal guardian.

Curfew: Kumoricon has a curfew on all convention function space at midnight. All unaccompanied minors (ages 17 and under) in Kumoricon function space after midnight will be asked to leave. Curfew time ends at 4:00 AM. Kumoricon does not have the authority to enforce any curfew outside convention space.

Kumoricon policy differs slightly from local curfew laws. For your reference outside of the convention space, the City of Portland’s Curfew law is as follows:

28.010. Curfew. It is unlawful for any minor under the age of 18 years to be in or upon any street, park or other public place between the hours specified in this Section, unless such minor is accompanied by a parent, guardian or other person 21 years of age or over and authorized by the parent or by the law to have care and custody of the minor, or unless such minor is then engaged in a school activity or lawful employment that makes it necessary to be in or upon such street, park, or other public place during the hours specified in this Section. For minors under the age of 14 years who have not begun high school, the curfew is between 9:15 p.m. and 6 a.m. of the following morning, except that on any day immediately preceding a day for which no public school is scheduled in the City, the curfew is between 10:15 p.m. and 6 a.m. of the following morning. For children 14 years of age or older who have begun high school, the curfew is between 10:15 p.m. and 6 a.m. of the following morning, except that on any day immediately preceding a day for which no public school is scheduled in the City, the curfew is between 12 midnight and 6 a.m. of the following morning.

Weapons: No working projectile weapons are permitted in the convention area. No exceptions will be made. No live steel. No exceptions. Live steel is defined as weapons with a sharpened edge for cutting. Your kitchen steak knife is live steel. A toy sword that may be made of some type of metal but has no sharp cutting edge (e.g. more blunt than a butter knife) is not. All prop weapons must be peace-bound. Peacebonding signifies an agreement by you not to use your weapon in a manner that will present a danger to others, regardless of intent, and to not allow others to use it to do so. Drawing any weapon in a public or convention space, including the hotel parking lot, is grounds for dismissal from the convention. Also, for your protection, remember that police will always assume any drawn weapon is functional and will be used; replica guns should be best kept holstered. Any gun that is not obviously a toy may be marked by convention staff for easy identification; or disallowed within convention spaces.

Costumes: Costumes must fit under the category of appropriate attire. They must also not pose a health or safety hazard. Costumes can be deemed unacceptable by Kumoricon personnel and the attendee will be sent to change. Repeat offenders will be required to surrender their badges and leave the convention. Costumes may be deemed obstacles to proper traffic flow within the convention and be requested to be modified.

Signs and solicitation: No attendee of Kumoricon may wear or carry a sign offering paid services whether for cash or other form of payment, offering free services, or soliciting behavior from other attendees. When in doubt, check your sign the way you would a prop weapon, with a Yojimbo or at the Operations room, to make sure it is acceptable.

Flyers: Do not put up flyers around the convention area or in hotel hallways on the walls or attach them to other surfaces. They will be removed. An appropriate area will be designated for posting flyers and information. Check at the Info table. Content of flyers must be acceptable and fall within the PG-13 limits of the convention. No flyers or other advertisements pertaining to room parties will be accepted.

Hotel: Abide by hotel policies. Realize that if you permanently stain hotel towels with makeup or hair dye, you may be charged by the hotel. (So bring your own towels.) Do not sleep in public areas of the hotel. Please refrain from making excessive noise in your rooms as this can disturb other guests of the hotel who may be trying to sleep. (Keep in mind that there are non-convention attendees who are also guests of the hotel.) Be advised that most hotels do have noise ordinances, and you may be asked to leave the hotel if found in violation.

Liability: Kumoricon, its personnel, and its affiliates, are not responsible for any damage, theft, injury or loss. Attendees of the convention are responsible for their actions as individuals, as well as for any resulting repercussions. Staff is on hand for assistance in any situation; however, any civil or medical emergencies that may occur must be handled directly by the appropriate authority.

Merchandise: You must pay for all merchandise obtained from vendors. Save your receipts as proof of payment. Be patient with crowds in the vendors’ room and make sure to pay the ap-propriate vendors for all the things you purchase.

Harassment: Harassment of attendees will not be tolerated. Harassment can be defined as any behavior that another person finds annoying or alarming. Threats of physical violence, unwanted physical or verbal contact, or following another person around in a public area without good cause, can all be categorized as harassing behaviors. If someone tells you to leave them alone, or says “no”, stop what you are doing and leave them alone. If you do not do so once warned, your actions can give them grounds to complain of harassment. If you feel harassed, or indeed in any case of use of physical aggressive force, immediately bring the matter to the attention of Kumoricon personnel who will be wearing red haori (jackets). Repeat offenders will be required to hand over their badges and leave the convention.

Appeals: To appeal a decision by Kumoricon personnel, in matters such as attire, harassment, or other behavior, which you feel to be unfair, visit the Convention Operations room. Any decision then reached by the Convention Officers present (at least two Officers), will be final.

Alteration of policies: Kumoricon reserves the right to change our policies without notice.

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