Author Topic: Lost and found from dance -Reply fast please-  (Read 1396 times)

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Lost and found from dance -Reply fast please-
« on: February 11, 2009, 08:33:28 am »
I sent a PM to Rathany who further told me to PM some one else about the matter.

I know that the things left in bag check are no longer at the venue, but were taken by the Kumoricon staff (personally that makes me feel a lot better since I know a good chunk of the staff and find them to be responsible)

But anyways My friend left her bag in bag check at the dance by acident and my cell phone was in this bag.... Its very important that I get this back and I need a response as soon as I can !!!

The bag was blue, kindea like denim, and it resembled a book bag. ) : I really want to make sure its ok so I can get my phone and my friend can get her things.

If anyone knows if this bag is in lost and found please please PLEASE send me a PM I check them daily!

Also to whoever is in charge of lost and found, I do apoligize if for some reason the things are at your house, if my phone woke you up on monday. >.> It was on with full batery (it last a good week if you dont do anything to it) and the alarm was set to five, I have an early schedual. So again sorry if that was a nucisence ^^;;;

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