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« on: September 03, 2004, 09:57:36 am »
Well, hey everyone!

Forgive me for those who may know the following information, but this was my first time riding the streetcar and then some...

Well, I got back from taking my first trip on the streetcar and visited the Marriot Hotel nearly thirty minutes ago.

It took about ten minutes for me to get from my streetcar stop to the streetcar stop closest to the Marriot, unlike how my friend wants to walk twenty-three blocks to it, yeah right!  As if I'm going to walk that!  Maybe if I was desperate...(from where I'm staying temporarily.)

Anyway, the stop at Park and Market was closed, for repairs, a problem to PSU students *snicker*, I mean...  It MIGHT be open on Saturday, when the Kumoricon opens.

There's a nice pizza place, looks nice from the outside, between stops SW Market and SW Fourth and SW Montgomery and SW Fourth, or somewhere near and between those stops.  It's called Pizzacator and times are 11-8 on weekdays and 12-8 on weekends.  It was closed when I saw it, because it was before when the opened.

The streetcar was temporarily closed near SW Montgomery and SW Fourth, but we rolled on after waiting for several minutes.  As it turned out, we might've turned around, but we didn't.  I mean, that would've messed things up pretty big for the other trans-streetcars, right?

If you like libraries, there's a stop in front of Portland's Central Library, but of course, I bet most of us here aren't HERE for books and reading.

The way to PSU is going UPHILL.

That's pretty much what I learned in the past hour or so.

Sorry to sound like I babbled about my trip.

By the way, the Marriot was nice, it had a coffee bar, two floors below the main lobby, which where all the Salons are, not very big, but I couldn't see how big in the dark, oh well, 16 floors high with some floor "V" above the 16th floor.  The 16th floor holds the hospitality suites and are VERY nice, nice and RED, but I bet they are VERY expensive, speaking of which, this is my own opinion, of course, but $89.00 is expensive, I think for a group price per night.  Think about it, but again it's my opinion.  No offense to those who are going to buy, or bought, the room price.

That's pretty much it and I hope to see many people there.  The more, "revealing" cosplay ;), the better!
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