Author Topic: Shokugeki Soma S5 Ep 2 mentions Šaltibarščiai!  (Read 2772 times)

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Shokugeki Soma S5 Ep 2 mentions Šaltibarščiai!
« on: April 18, 2020, 05:04:23 pm »

Season 5, ep 2, 6min 51 sec: "Šaltibarščiai" (SAL-ti-BARSH-chyai) is a Lithuanian beet soup which includes horseradish, scallions and cucumber - preferable grated RAW and mixed with chopped hardboiled eggs into a kefir (or sour milk or buttermilk) base and allowed to sit overnight, then garnished with freshly crushed dill. Optional dash of lemon juice, and a dab of sour cream is often welcome in Slavic and Eastern European soups.
It's actually pretty easy to make at home and it will keep in the fridge for a number of days (as in as long as you can STAND having it in your fridge...)
Šaltibarščiai is served chilled alongside HOT baked potatoes with a little butter and salt.The beets turn the sour milk base into a bright pink or fuchsia "Pepto-Bismol" color:I am NOT kidding:

The taste is nearly indescribable but the first word I might use is "astringent."

Happy home-cooking to ALL.

- G

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