Author Topic: Anime PDX Roomies needed!  (Read 2979 times)

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Anime PDX Roomies needed!
« on: June 14, 2017, 06:55:34 pm »
Hello, my friend and myself have a room for Anime PDX, and our other roomies just bailed! We are looking for 2-4 people to fill the space left. There is one bed up for grabs, and the hotel will be able to supply blankets and such for the floor.

We will be at the Shilo Inn, which is literally across the street from the hotel the con is in, because it's WAY cheaper. Plus, being in summer, it's very unlikely to be nasty weather, so the walk across the street wouldn't be bad.
We will be arriving thursday for check in, and leaving sunday for check out. The hotel also has a bag check area where you can store your stuff after check out.
If there's 4 people in the room, each person will pay $151 for their share. for 5 people, it's $121 each, and if there's 6 people, it's $100 each.
Please keep in mind that I will need the payment for the room at least a week before the con. This is to ensure the money get's to my bank from paypal in time. If you do not pay ahead of time, there will not be enough money in my bank, and they won't allow us to check in, negating the entire stay.

On the other hand, if YOU have a room with 2 spots open for us at either the con hotel, or one close enough like the Shilo Inn, that isn't breaking the bank, maybe we can do that instead. We are both willing to pay either paypal ahead of time, or in cash at the con.

We will obviously also need to be able to contact each other. If you have facebook, we can keep in contact that way. Wee can discuss this privately though once we determain who is and isn't for sure staying.

Thank you.