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Story Story Die for 2017?
« on: March 19, 2017, 02:27:39 am »
Does anyone plan to hold Story Story Die for this year? If so, is there someone specific who plans to do so on a continual basis?
Over the years, it's been a great panel and it inspired me to start holding it at other cons with the Creation Station's permission.
If it's uncertain whether or not it'll be a regular event in the future, if anyone who has been involved with it in the past would like me to, I could start holding it regularly. I've been doing it at other cons for the past nine years and have plenty of experience, and since it's been a Kumoricon classic for a long time, I'd be happy to keep it alive.

Also, if it does happen this year, I'd like to see if Cherami Leigh can get involved. I talked to her about it at a convention a few years ago and she showed some interest.
She's very funny at improv, as you'll see in this clip:
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