Author Topic: what should superjaz be at next con  (Read 2249 times)

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what should superjaz be at next con
« on: December 01, 2005, 04:26:01 pm »
ya know me but for few who don't i was a pikachu at the first k-con a purple link and a moogle the year after and Lulu from ff 10 this last con and was in the skit dark seacrits with negima and tom heres a link for 2 pic's
i don't know what to go as, i'd like somthing slightly complacated  like lulu's, i've been kicking around ideas like Fay from bebop if i lose more weight, or possibly leena from slayers but would like to be some one from somthing more recent any and all ideas are welcome, i don't have acess to a lot of anime so if you have a link to a pic of the character it'd be great
 :D  thanks
superjaz, that is jaz with one z count'um ONE z!
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