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Any animation students here?
« on: August 06, 2014, 01:32:10 am »
I'm interested in seeing if there's any animation students on this forum, or if you know someone who is an animation student who is attending the con.
I'm an animation student currently self-training and through private mentorship. I've applied to CalArts twice, rejected both times (VERY close to getting in this last time), and I'm going to apply again in the fall, but I'm cramming in as much figure drawing as I can (my current mentor, Linda Dorn, an absolutely WONDERFUL person and artist told me it needed a little more improvement), while filling up sketchbooks.
My art blog is on tumblr, the same name as my handle here, Hillopurkki.
Soooo any other animation students? Where are you attending/attended/wanting to attend, or where do you work if you're in the industry?

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