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Saturday Night Dance Line Up!
« on: July 18, 2014, 01:41:04 pm »
I'm excited to announce the DJ line-up for SATURDAY NIGHT!

Jimni Cricket [SEA]

Seattle native Jimni Cricket has been DJ'ing professionally since 1999 focusing on everything from cheesy Happy Hardcore, to live mash-ups and pretty much anything else under the sun. In 2004 Jimnicricket was invited to be a resident dj for the worlds largest happyhardcore webb site She began to tour north America shortly after that.  Around 2010 she was noticed by DJ Luna C and joined Knite Force records.  In recent years she been extremely dedicated to making herself one of the most technical djs in the US. Constantly learning new tricks and challenging herself, Jimni is well know for her quick mixing and ninja-like scratching abilities. She will often throw over 40 tracks effortlessly over the course of an hour set. With her unique style and adorable personality, the bug makes friends and fans at every single show, a fact that an army of candy ravers across North America can attest to.

DJ Hojo [SEA]

Allen’s foray into J-pop/K-pop DJing was inevitable. As a child he spent many a summer in Taiwan, watching Chinese-dubbed broadcast anime and singing along with the infectious opening and ending songs. Allen also moonlights as a writer for SSGMusic, as well as a karaoke DJ at Bush Garden, one of the most storied and revered places for karaoke in all of Seattle. His love for everything Yasutaka Nakata’s done, and pop culture in general, is well documented. He’s pleased as punch that the worlds of mainstream music and Asian pop are colliding, and wishes to only further the cause and foster an environment where people can continue to fall in love with Asian pop music.

Pete Ellison [PDX]

Pete Ellison is a visual artist, music producer and DJ from Portland, OR. He is well known as the producer & songwriter behind internet cult-favorite label Disko Warp, the massive viral hit “Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire”, and the widely distributed “Anime Love Hardcore” series, as well as songs featured in the video game Dance Dance Revolution. Pete is a frequent DJ guest at anime conventions around the country, and is a regular guest at Seattle’s JKPOP party. In 2014, he started the weekly DJ mix show PUMP IT! ~Agepoyo Night!!~ on streaming radio station 91.8 The Fan.

Sake Bomb [SEA]

Armed with light-speed arcade button mashing skills and a thirst for broken beats, Sake Bomb is on a mission to prove that "Normal" isn't always a good thing. Starting with a life long love of music, and spurred on by the inspiring experiences had since first entering the scene in 2007, Sake Bomb has transformed herself from mere up and coming talent to the holder of multiple Seattle residencies and Entropy Group's Rotation X Champion. In a world ruled by neon tank tops and big room 4x4 beats, she strives to revive the old school break beat sound she fell in love with through her sets, all while still embracing a modern and inventive vibe.

DJ Atum [PDX]

Having made the pilgrimage from the wilds of Idaho to relocate in the city of Portland, Atum's love of core is so intense that he's known to cause spontaneous raversplosions of the most epic variety. He has traveled many different places playing shows and creating insatiable memories for everyone!