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I have three new panels that I'll be doing for Kumoricon this year.

They are Anime Debate, Ultimate Anime Crossover and Once Upon an Anime.

Anime Debate is a panel I've been doing for a few years at other conventions and has become pretty popular. People will get to debate various anime subjects and those in the audience will be allowed to defend certain choices before voting on which one is best.

I did Ultimate Anime Crossover for the first time at Sakura Con this year and it'll be a lot of fun to do at more conventions. It's a panel where people can bring their own fan art and/or fanfics to share with each other and cross over into one epic story.

Once Upon an Anime: This is based on an old board game called Once..., where people tell stories and others have to guess if they're true or false. In this case, people will take turns telling stories about themselves that relate to anime and others will have to guess if it's true or false. Anyone who guesses right will get a point and the teller will get a point for each wrong guess and whoever has the most will get a prize.