Kumoricon http://www.kumoricon.org Oregon's Largest Anime Convention Wed, 23 Sep 2009 04:31:55 +0000 http://backend.userland.com/rss092 en Thank you for attending Kumoricon 2009! Kumoricon 2009 is over! ;_; We know, most of you are at home right now, sad that another year of fun, games, events, and friends has passed. We'd love to thank all of our attendees, who came once more (or for the first time) to join in our weekend festivities. Some of the ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=482 Online Live Schedule Posted, Check-In Reminders, and Newsletter We now have another online format of the schedule available, which can be directly viewed in your web browser without need for Adobe Reader: http://www.kumoricon.org/schedule/ If schedule changes occur during the con, they will be updated on the live schedule. Also follow our Twitter feed for live announcements of schedule changes: http://twitter.com/Kumoricon With ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=466 Schedule and Registration News With the convention barely over a week away, we have some exciting news: First, the entire schedule has been posted online. Download the pocket guide, and view online descriptions of every convention event. Check out the event map, hours, exhibitors, artists, a map and index of local food and stores, and ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=437 Galleries Updated For your browsing while you eagerly wait for the con, we've posted the galleries of the entries for the mascot and book cover contests: Mascot 2010 entries Program book cover 2009 entries Pocket guide cover 2009 entries The mascot contest winner will be announced at Closing Ceremonies. The book cover contest winners will be ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=404 Second August General Meeting The second August general meeting, which is the last general meeting before the convention, will be held on Saturday, August 22 from 1pm-5pm at our hotel, the Hilton Portland and Executive Tower. The exact room is still being determined. To check the room, please see the hotel event listing when you ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=373 Kumoricon’s latest guests: Carl Horn, Toshifumi Yoshida, and The Anime Hunters Kumoricon welcomes returning guests of honor Carl Horn, Toshifumi Yoshida and The Anime Hunters. Carl Horn is a local manga editor at Portland's Dark Horse Comics. Toshi is a voice director, producer, and manga translator, and his voice directing work includes Ranma 1/2 and Inuyasha. The Anime Hunters are a cosplay skit and ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=356 Central Library Block Party On Saturday, August 8, from 12noon-4pm, Kumoricon will be participating in the Central Library's Block Party event with cat ear-making and outreach. Join us! It's our neighborhood and it's summer, so we're having a block party! Come on down to Central Library for an afternoon of fun stuff outdoors: The Last Regiment ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=345 Ponyo advance screening and pass giveaway Kumoricon brings a special opportunity to Portland anime fans: Walt Disney Pictures' PONYO, the latest film from world-renowned Japanese animation legend Hayao Miyazaki, will be released in theatres August 14, but you have a chance to see it sooner. Kumoricon is hosting a drawing to give away 10 admit ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=341 August General Meeting The first General Meeting in August will be held on Sunday, August 9 from 1pm-5pm at our hotel, the Hilton Portland and Executive Tower. The exact room is still being determined. Hilton Portland and Executive Tower 921 SW 6th Ave Portland, OR 97204 Google Maps with aerial view General meetings are open to the public. Meet ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=338 Announcing More Guests: Cynthia Martinez, Jason Thompson Kumoricon welcomes Cynthia Martinez and Jason Thompson to our 2009 guest lineup. Cynthia Martinez has voice-acted in numerous anime series. Jason Thompson is a comic writer, artist, and editor. For full information, please visit our guests page. http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=336 Welcoming our Guests of Honor: Kirk Thornton, Kaja and Phil Foglio Kumoricon is pleased to announce the return of two guests of honor for Kumoricon 2009: Kirk Thornton, and Kaja and Phil Foglio. Kirk Thornton has voice acted in nearly 200 anime roles, video games, and other projects, and voice-directed several series. Kirk returns to Kumoricon for his fourth year as a ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=319 July General Meeting The July General Meeting will be held on Saturday, July 11, from 1pm-5pm, at the Salem Public Library, Central location: Salem Public Library – Central Anderson A room 585 Liberty St SE Salem, OR 97301 Google Maps Directions General meetings are open to the public. Meet and plan with other staff, join staff or become a volunteer, ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=296 Dance Dance Kumoricon Kumoricon is excited to announce its next mini-event, Dance Dance Kumoricon! Dance Dance Kumoricon is a celebration of gaming culture. Join us for an evening of video game and video game-inspired music spun by a live DJ from CMD Productions. Cosplay as one of your favorite game characters to compete in our ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=256 Looking for cosplay groups and artists for weekends in June and August [updated] Post update: Updated dates to reflect cancellation of July 4-5 weekend. Kumoricon will be running stage activities and an exhibitor table at the Dragon Moon Festival the weekends of June 6-7 and August 1-2. We have a half-hour cosplay skit planned Sunday afternoon but are looking for more skits. If you are ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=219 May General Meeting [note date change] The May General Meeting will be held on Sunday, May 17, from 1pm-5pm, at the Eugene Water & Electric Board: Eugene Water & Electric Board Training Room 500 E 4th Ave Eugene, OR 97401 Google Maps Driving directions (EWEB web site) Please note that the date has changed. The meeting has been moved to Sunday, May 17, ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=204 April General Meeting The April General Meeting will be held on Sunday, April 26, from 1pm-5pm, at Clark College: Clark Community College Gaiser Hall 1933 Fort Vancouver Way Vancouver, WA 98663 Campus Map Parking Map Google Maps General meetings are open to the public. Meet and plan with other staff, join staff or become a volunteer, and learn about open staff ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=203 Death Note: L, change the WorLd screening and ticket giveaway Death Note: L, change the WorLd will be screening at select theaters nationwide for two days: Wednesday and Thursday, April 29-30. It will be shown subtitled on Wednesday, April 29 and dubbed on Thursday, April 30. As a special Kumoricon offer, we'll be giving away four tickets in a drawing this ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=202 March General Meeting The March General Meeting will be held on Sunday, March 22, from 1pm-5pm, at our hotel: Hilton Portland and Executive Tower 921 SW 6th Ave Portland, OR 97204 Google Maps The meeting will be on the 23rd floor. At this meeting there will be special elections to fill vacancies in the positions of chair, and director ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=201 February General Meeting The February General Meeting will be held on Saturday, February 21, from 1pm-5pm, at: Gresham Library 385 NW Miller Ave Gresham, OR 97030 Google Maps The meeting will be in the main meeting room. At this meeting we will open nominations for candidates to the Director of Operations position. After the meeting, nominations will continue online ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=196 Oregon Asian Celebration Kumoricon will be participating in the Oregon Asian Celebration in Eugene at the Lane Events Center on the weekend of February 14-15. On Saturday and Sunday, visit the Youth Room for cat-ear making activities, and on Saturday, visit Kumoricon's dedicated room for video gaming and karaoke. Kumoricon's activities run from 11:00am ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=195 Updated General Meeting Schedule Please note the following schedule changes for general meetings for the 2009 convention year: The staff retreat has been moved to June 12-14, from its previous dates of April 24-26. Because of this, we have added a general meeting in April, and canceled the general meeting on June 7. The April ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=194 First Guests of Honor Announced for Kumoricon 2009 We are pleased to make our first announcements for guests of honor at Kumoricon 2009: Soul Candy – an "otaku rock" cover band consisting of talented musicians who are also otaku—big anime fans. As such, they specialize in playing songs and music from your favorite anime series. Hailing from the Seattle/King ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=193 January General Meeting A location has been set for the Sunday, January 18 general meeting: Borderlands Games 546 High Street NE Salem, Oregon 97301 Google Maps The meeting runs from 1pm-5pm. General meetings are open to the public. Meet and plan with other staff, join staff or become a volunteer, and learn about open positions. http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=192 (Please Don’t Let It) Snow Ball Come join us for a night of music, dancing, and fun at Kumoricon’s (Please Don’t Let It) Snow Ball, featuring anime music, AMVs, and a live DJ! Kumoricon's next mini-event will be held on Saturday, February 7th, at the Milwaukie Community Club. This dance is a casual event, with cosplay acceptable (no ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=191 The Slants TV Opportunity Fans of Kumoricon and of Portland's Asian dance rock band, The Slants, who have been a twice-previous musical guest of honor at Kumoricon, have a chance to join a studio audience for a TV appearance on January 31: "We (The Slants) got the green light to invite a limited group of ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=190 Last Chance to Pre-Register at Lowest Rate The first tier of Kumoricon 2009 pre-registration ends at midnight the evening of December 31. You have four days left to register at the lowest rate of $30 for the entire weekend. Mail-in pre-registrations must be postmarked (not necessarily received) by December 31. Online registrations have until midnight. (We recommend not ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=185 Mochitsuki 2009 Kumoricon will be hosting a table at Mochitsuki, a Japanese American New Years celebration and cultural fair on Saturday, January 17, 11:00am to 3:00pm, at the PCC Sylvania Campus. This festival features taiko drumming, mochi (Japanese sticky rice cake) creating, folk dance, storytelling, Japanese food specialties, calligraphy demonstrations, and a cultural ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=184 Online Pre-Registration Open, Hotel Rates Posted You can now pre-register online for Kumoricon 2009. Pre-register by December 31 for the lowest rate available, $30. Mail-in pre-registration forms are also available, as is information about all types of registration for Kumoricon 2009: Registration Page The attendee and staff hotel rates are available as is the attendee discount code: Hotel ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=183 November General Meeting The first general meeting for the 2009 con year will be held on Sunday, November 9, at PSU (the same building and location as Kumoricon Lite the weekend prior). General meetings are open to the public and intended for potential and current staff and volunteers. Staff registration for 2009 opens at this ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=182 Kumoricon Lite Fall 2008 [updated] Kumoricon's one-day mini-event returns on Saturday, November 1, at the PSU campus. Presented by the Portland State Anime Club and Random Select, Kumoricon Lite features gaming, viewing rooms, a costume contest, manga library, and more. Admission is free! Bring a volume of manga to donate to our library, and receive a free raffle ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=181 Election Results for 2009 Thank you to our candidates for running for the staff-elected positions for Kumoricon 2009 and to our staff for participating in the elections meeting. Your elected directors/officers for the 2009 year are: Convention Chair and President: Michael Andrews Director of Operations: Kenton Cook Director of Programming: Jaki Hunt Director of Publicity: Jeff Tyrrill Director of Relations: ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=180 Festival Japan 2008 at Uwajimaya Kumoricon will have a booth at the Festival Japan 2008 at the Beaverton Uwajimaya—our first outreach event after Kumoricon 2008. "The Japan-America Society of Oregon, Uwajimaya, and NW Natural will be presenting the eighth annual Festival Japan on Saturday and Sunday, September 27-28, 2008 (11:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.) at Uwajimaya Plaza in ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=179 Thank You for Kumoricon 2008! Looking Ahead to 2009… Thanks to our attendees for making this the largest Kumoricon yet! A huge thanks to those people, staff, volunteers, and guests, who built an environment for fun that exceeded everyone's expectations! The biggest thank you goes to every person who was at Kumoricon this year for having a part in making this ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=178 KumoriContent, the Kumoricon Newsletter The August 2008 issue of the Kumoricon newsletter, KumoriContent, is now available. Not only is this a great introductory guide to Kumoricon, it features new announcements: a preview of Kumoricon merchandise available at the con, a map of the Exhibitors Hall and Artist Alley featuring vendors, artists, and booth arrangements! ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=177 Schedule, Maps, and Check-In Updates Are you ready for the most exciting Kumoricon yet? Here's what you need to know to make the most of your weekend. When you show up for registration, you must have photo ID (whether registering at-the-door or checking having already pre-registered). If you pre-registered and your badge was mailed to you, you ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=176 Limited Hotel Availability Although our hotel has been sold out of discounted rooms for some time now, we are maintaining a waiting list of people who would still like a room at the Kumoricon attendee rate. Please email your full name, phone number, and desired dates of stay to hotel@kumoricon.org to be placed ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=173 Final pre-con general meeting The final general meeting prior to the con is being held on Saturday, August 16 from 1-5pm at our hotel, the Doubletree Portland-Lloyd Center: Doubletree Portland-Lloyd Center Adams-Jefferson Room 1000 NE Multnomah St Portland, OR 97232 In addition to the usual department reports and opportunities for staff and volunteers to meet up, there are two ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=169 August General Meeting The first general meeting in August is being held on Sunday, August 3 from 1-5pm at our hotel, the Doubletree Portland-Lloyd Center, in the same room as the July meeting: Doubletree Portland-Lloyd Center Broadway Room 1000 NE Multnomah St Portland, OR 97232 There are two general meetings in August, and then the con is right ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=166 July General Meeting and Staff Registration Announcement The July general meeting is being held on Saturday, July 19 from 1-5pm at our hotel, the Doubletree Portland-Lloyd Center. All general meetings until the convention will be held at the hotel. Doubletree Portland-Lloyd Center Broadway Room 1000 NE Multnomah St Portland, OR 97232 Important announcement for potential staff: To be assured of having your name ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=163 Swing Dance Pre-Registration Extended In case you missed out, we've extended the pre-registration deadline for the Summer Swing Dance until July 16. Save money by pre-registering online. Get all the details about the dance here. We hope to see you on the evening of Saturday the 19th! http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=162 Reminder: Mascot and Cover Contests Ending July 6 The contests to draw the mascot for Kumoricon 2009, and the covers of the program book and pocket programming book for 2008 only have one week left. You must submit your entries by Sunday, July 6, 11:59pm to qualify. Full details in this forum thread. http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=161 June General Meeting The June General Meeting scheduled for June 22 at 1pm has found a location: Clark College in Vancouver, WA: Clark Community College Foster Auditorium 1933 Fort Vancouver Way Vancouver, WA 98663 Full details including maps and parking are located in the calendar entry. http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=160 Win A Free Ticket to the Bleach: Memories of Nobody Screening [Update: Giveaway entry deadline extended by 1 day!] Kumoricon is giving away 4 tickets to the June 11, 7:30pm screening of Bleach: Memories of Nobody, courtesy of VIZ Media. The movie will be showing June 11 and June 12 at the Cascade 16 Cinemas in Vancouver, WA. Hurry! This giveaway is running ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=159 Summer Swing Dance Come join us for a night of music, dancing, and fun at Kumoricon's Summer Swing Dance! Saturday, July 19th 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM at Norse Hall 111 NE 11th Avenue, Portland, OR 97232 Tickets are available for pre-order online here for $12, or you can buy them at the door for $15. Cosplay, Western or Asian ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=158 Hotel Block Expanded We have expanded the number of rooms in our attendee hotel block at the Doubletree. If you tried to reserve a room with our hotel code and found that there were no rooms available, please try again. We have increased the number of rooms for Friday-Monday nights. If you are still ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=153 Badges from Second Registration Tier Mailed Following up on our first tier registration mailout, all second tier badges (those registered on or before March 22) were mailed out earlier this month. If you registered on or before March 22 and have not received your badge, please email registration@kumoricon.org and we will make sure you get your badge. Badges ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=152 May General Meeting Rescheduled for May 18 Due to Kumoricon Lite being held on May 10, the general meeting has been moved to the weekend after onto Sunday, May 18. It is from 1pm to 5pm and held at PSU in the same building as Kumoricon Lite: Portland State University Smith Memorial Student Union Rooms 327 and 328 1825 SW Broadway Portland, OR ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=151 Badges from First Registration Tier Mailed The pre-registration badges for those registering up to December 31 are in the mail! Tier Two (January 1 - March 22) should be in the mail by next week! The early Tier Three badges will be following Tier Two soon. If you registered in Tier One (anytime before or on December 31) and ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=150 Kumoricon Lite! Our next mini-event will be taking place on May 10: Portland State Anime Club and Random Select Present: Kumoricon Lite Activities Include: Gaming Anime Viewing Rooms Karaoke Manga Library Potluck Style Snacks—Bring your favorite treats and drinks to share. Raffle—Receive a raffle ticket for each volume of manga that you donate to the manga library. Prizes include a full weekend membership to ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=148 Information Page Contest We've had a contest running in the forums but have received no entries yet—here's your chance to write the Kumoricon 2008 information page! Let the world know what you love about Kumoricon in an article between 400 and 800 words. The staff will vote on the winning entry at the staff ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=149 Masquerade Ball Photos The official Masquerade Ball photos have been posted in a gallery. You can download full images, or order prints from our photographer. Enjoy! http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=147 March General Meeting Date Change and Location The March general meeting has been scheduled for March 16th at Borderlands Games in Salem from 1pm-5pm. This is a date change—it is now on Sunday, March 16th, the day after the Saturday on which it was previously scheduled. We greatly apologize for the sudden change in date on late ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=144 Kumoricon Events at the Asian Celebration in Eugene Kumoricon will be participating in several activities and events at the 2008 Oregon Asian Celebration in Eugene. Come to our table to register for the con and pick up flyers. Visit our events in the Youth Room: Saturday, Feb. 16 4:00pm-4:30pmAnime Cat Ear Workshop 5:00pm-8:00pmHare Hare Yukai Dance – Learn to do this popular ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=141 February General Meeting The February general meeting on Sunday, February 10 will be hosted at Clark Community College in Vancouver, WA. The time is the usual 1pm-5pm. The full details, address, and maps for the campus, parking, and driving are located on the calendar entry. Update: The meeting will be in the Foster Auditorium. http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=140 Mochitsuki (Updated news: Online ticket sales extended (small processing fee applies) – Nitaboh anime film showing) Kumoricon will be hosting a table at Mochitsuki, a Japanese American New Years celebration and cultural fair. This festival features taiko drumming, mochi (Japanese sticky rice cake) creating, hula dance, a sushi bar, and a community stage ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=138 Winter Formal Masquerade Ball You are cordially invited to Kumoricon's Winter Masquerade Ball. Saturday, February 2nd – 6:00 PM to Midnight – Milwaukie Community Club Tickets are available for $15 ($10 if you attended Kumoricon 2007 or have pre-registered for 2008) here. Come join us for a night of music and dancing. This is a formal, masked ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=137 Last Chance to Pre-Register at $25 Price The last day to pre-register at the price of $25 is Monday, December 31. To get this rate, pre-register by the end of Monday (midnight). Once Tuesday starts, the rate goes up to $30. To pre-register online, follow the instructions here. If you are pre-registering by mail, your registration must ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=132 January General Meeting The general meeting on Saturday, January 12 will take place at our 2008 hotel, the Portland Doubletree–Lloyd Center, in the St. Helens room on the second floor. The time is 1pm-5pm. The full details, address, and map are located on the calendar entry. http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=131 General Meetings Scheduled for 2008 Convention Year The remaining general meetings until Kumoricon 2008 have been scheduled. They are as listed below: Saturday, January 12 Sunday, February 10 Saturday, March 16 [Note: This is changed from the previous date of March 15] Saturday, May 18 [Note: This is changed from the previous date of May 10] Sunday, June 22 Saturday, July 19 Sunday, August ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=130 Kumoricon 2008 Pre-Registration Open You can now pre-register online for Kumoricon 2008! Pre-registration for the full weekend is only $25 until December 31. You can pre-register until August 15, 2008, or register at the door, but the earlier you register, the lower the cost. In addition to online pre-registration by credit card, you can pre-register by ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=129 November General Meeting Update The location of the November General Meeting has now been set as the Salem Public Library. This meeting is on Sunday, November 11, from 1pm-5pm. See the calendar entry for full details. Second update: The street address of the library on the calendar entry was incorrect and has been corrected. If ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=127 Welcome to Kumoricon 2008! Welcome to the new Kumoricon 2008 Board of Directors! Board-elected Facilities Liaison – Rian Mueller Secretary – Ryan Stasel Treasurer – Eric Teitzel Vice Chair – Dawn Hewitt Membership-elected Director of Relations – John Krall Director of Publicity – Jeff Tyrrill Director of Programming – Jaki Hunt Director of Operations – Jess Shelton Chair – Mike Andrews We've already been working hard ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=126 October General Meeting and Elections The October general meeting and elections will be held at the Doubletree Portland-Lloyd Center, Multnomah Room, on Sunday, October 7. 10:00am - 12:00noon Social Hour and Poster Signing 12:00noon - 2:00pm Informal Election Debates and Closing of Nominations 2:30pm - close General Meeting Elections Attendance at the general meeting and elections is open to the public. Anybody may ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=123 Thank You to Everyone for Kumoricon 2007 Thank you to our attendees, volunteers, and staff for making Kumoricon 2007 the most exciting year yet. From the new registration system, to the wonderful support we received from the Hilton, to our larger gaming room and new manga library, we've come a long way in five years. A few facts ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=122 Uwajimaya Festival Japan 2007 Kumoricon will have a booth at the Uwajimaya Festival Japan this weekend, located at the Beaverton Uwajimaya store. This festival runs for two days: Saturday and Sunday, September 15-16, from 11am to 5pm each day. We're selling registrations for 2008 at the lowest pre-reg rate of $25! If you register at ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=121 Lost and Found If you lost (or found) any items at Kumoricon, please email lostandfound@kumoricon.org with a description of the item. We have several items, many with no personal identifying features, waiting to be claimed. If you found any items and didn't turn them in to Lost and Found at the convention, please ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=120 August Newsletter Just in time for the con, we have the second and final issue of KumoriContent—the Kumoricon newsletter—for con year 2007. Download it here [PDF], and browse past newsletters here. This issue features tonight's kickoff party at Backspace, a sampling of Kumoricon 2007 expectations, a look back at Mini-con (with photos!), and, ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=119 Registration Check-In Reminder With Kumoricon check-in starting in just three days (four days for at-the-door registration), please be sure you have everything you need when you arrive at the con. If you pre-registered, and opted to have your badge mailed to you, then you need to bring it! We will charge a fee for ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=118 Backspace Nerdcore Con Kickoff Party Kumoricon and Backspace have teamed up to put on a special party the Thursday night before the con! Backspace, Portland's entertainment hub, presents a night of nerdcore, with performances by three local artists featuring techno and hip hop set to otaku and Japanese themes. While there, check out previews of Kumoricon ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=117 Information Update With the con approaching, we've now posted the full schedule online, plus details on nearly all events, including registration, con, and room hours! Plan out the three days of your con in advance, and no longer lament "I would have attended that if only I had known..." With that said, ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=116 Pre-registration Surpasses 1500 Kumoricon pre-registration is officially over 1500! We look forward to welcoming all of you, including the 34 members who've opted to attend as VIPs. There's still time to register! You can do so online until 11:55 PM tonight, or at the Kumoricon Minicon Event tomorrow. If you register now, you ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=110 Mini-con Start Time Changed Mini-con, our one-day event on Saturday, August 11, is now starting at 10 AM. It was previously scheduled to start at 8 AM, but this was too early for most people and especially the staff who would be setting up. Full details are further down on the main page and ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=108 Registration tops 1200! Pre-registration is still open, and we are now just past the 1200 mark! If you haven't pre-registered yet, you still have time! Pre-registration closes this Friday, August 10th, at 11:55 PM. Anyone who registers before this time can receive their badge via mail. The final tier mail out is scheduled ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=107 Sean Schemmel Kumoricon is pleased to announce Sean Schemmel, best known as the voice of Dragon Ball's Goku! For more information, please head on over to the guests page. http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=106 Pre-Registration Ends August 10 Just a friendly reminder that there are less than 2 weeks left to pre-register for Kumoricon 2007. This is your last chance to join at the $35 rate and to have your badge mailed out. We have received over 900 pre-registrations so far, which is more than 50% higher than at ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=105 Kumoricon’s Mini-con! Saturday, August 11th, we are going to put on a little shindig to complement our next general meeting. We have three rooms of space, all day Saturday, and—besides using one of the rooms for stuffing the envelopes for the tier 3 prereg badge mailout (8AM-2PM) and for the general meeting ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=100 Attention Local Anime Clubs! If you are an anime club in the Oregon or Portland area, we'd like to hear from you! We're featuring local clubs in the Kumoricon program book and on the web site. If you are nonprofit, meet regularly, and your membership or at least some of your events are open to ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=96 Past Kumoricon Program Books Online As a special gift to all the dedicated Kumoricon fans, we have made available in complete form every single Kumoricon program guide since the beginning in 2003! We also have pocket guides from 2005 and 2006 online. We will continue to post additional publications from previous years as we locate ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=91 June General Meeting Location Change The location of the Saturday, June 16 general meeting has been changed to our hotel, the Hilton Vancouver and Convention Center. All four of the remaining general meetings until the con will now be held at the hotel. The calendar and other areas of the web site (including the newsletter ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=85 Mascot 2008 and Cover 2007 Contests Are Active! Announcing the launch of three contests: The mascot 2008 contest, the program book cover 2007 contest, and the pocket programming book cover 2007 contest! Artists, here's your chance to make your work a part of Kumoricon. The winner of the mascot contest will receive a free Artist Alley booth at Kumoricon ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=83 Announcing A-Key Kyo and Kirk Thornton as Guests of Honor Kumoricon welcomes A-Key Kyo and Kirk Thornton as guests of honor for 2007, both returning for a second year. A-Key Kyo is a J-pop and anime cover band formed in Portland, who plays at Japanese cultural festivals and events. Kirk Thornton has voice acted in over one hundred roles for anime and ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=74 Anime and Japanese Movie Showings at the NW Film Center The Northwest Film Center, a part of the Portland Art Museum, is showing several anime and Japanese live-action movies including Paprika and Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence as part of their Japanese Currents film series. These showings run from May 3-6 in the Whitsell Auditorium. Kumoricon flyers and posters ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=68 Forum Improvements We've performed a software update and made a few improvements to the forum, as listed in this post. However, as a consequence of one of these changes, some users may experience trouble logging in the first time after these updates. If you are immediately logged out after trying to log ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=65 Tier 2 Registration ends on Monday That’s right: you have 6 days to register before the price goes up to $35. If you pre-register after Monday, you will not receive your badge until August (or at the Convention if you opt for Will Call). We’ve just passed 400 preregistrations. With so many registrations at Sakura-Con, Sakura Fest, ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=61 KumoriContent Newsletter Launches for 2007 Announcing the first issue of the KumoriContent newsletter for 2007! Intended for current and future attendees and staff, the newsletter keeps up interest in the con throughout the year and highlights special aspects of Kumoricon. Our dedicated staff and volunteers have written several articles with a special emphasis on the ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=62 Uwajimaya Festival on April 21 Kumoricon will have a booth at the Uwajimaya Sakura Festival at the Beaverton location on Saturday, April 21. We will be selling memberships at our table with your badge printed on the spot. This is a great volunteer opportunity to help out Kumoricon. Earn volunteer hours by manning the table, helping ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=60 Sakura-Con April 6-8 That's right folks! This weekend, our big sister up north is celebrating 10 fan-tastic years of anime conventions. This year promises to be the best, with exciting new guests, over 1000 hours of programming, and all the old standards we've come to love. Kumoricon will be in attendance, with at-con registration. ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=58 Announcing The Slants! Our first musical guests for 2007, Kumoricon welcomes The Slants to come and perform! Head on over to the Guests page for more information! http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=56 Kumoricon Policies Available The Kumoricon convention policies have been posted. These are subject to change until the con, but will likely remain much the same. You can read them and ask questions at the March general meeting on Sunday. http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=55 Staff Area Launched The staff area of the web site has now launched. Officially registered staff members have each received an email message containing a username and password to access the area. You can log in by clicking the "Staff" button on the left sidebar. If you have not received this email, it might ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=54 March General Meeting Date Changed The date of the March general meeting has changed. It is now Sunday, March 11 instead of Saturday, March 10. The time of day (2pm to 5pm) and location (Salem Public Library) remain the same. Please view the calendar link for full details. Update: The room is Anderson B. http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=53 The Kumoricon Update This post brings you three news updates: Kumoricon had a successful booth presence over the last two weekends at two Asian-themed events: The Asian Celebration in Eugene and the Chinese New Year Cultural Fair in Portland. These were great opportunities where we reached out to new audiences and promoted Kumoricon to ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=52 February General Meeting in Eugene The exact location of the February general meeting has been set: DIVA classroom (Downtown Initiative for the Visual Arts) 110 W Broadway Eugene, OR 97401 Google Maps Mapquest (enlarge photo) The meeting will be from 2pm to 5pm and is open to the public. Thanks to Copic Marker for arranging for us to use this space! The meeting ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=49 Kumoricon at the Chinese New Year Cultural Fair Kumoricon will have a booth this Saturday at the Chinese New Year Cultural Fair—Year of the Pig, produced by the Portland Chinese Times. We will be taking registrations at the booth. As a promotion, badges will be mailed out on Monday for registrations taken at the Chinese New Year Fair! Any staff ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=48 Kumoricon announces their first guests for 2007! The creators of Applegeeks will be attending Kumoricon 2007 as our Webcomic Guests of Honor, head on over to the Guests page to read more about them! http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=47 Your Badge is on the Way! The first tier badges have been mailed! If you've already registered, you will soon have in your possession one beautiful letter containing information about check in, programming, convention features, and....your Altonimbus Membership Badge. This PVC card will be your entry pass to the Kumoricon Convention. (A picture of a sample ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=46 General Meeting Schedule for the Year All of the general meetings until Kumoricon 2007 have now been tentatively scheduled, including the February general meeting. The February general meeting will be in or near Eugene, OR on Saturday, February 10. The exact location will be determined shortly. Here are the future meetings for 2007: March 10 – Salem April 13-15 – ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=45 To the Registrants Asked for More Info Those of you who registered during the first tier were in fact asked to supply additional information. Our ISP does not allow bulk mailing from kumoricon.org addresses. (We tried, really. :( ) Rather than writing over 100 emails separately, I used my personal account to send out the requests. If ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=43 5…4…3..2..100! Happy new year! Kumoricon would like to thank the 108 people who registered in the first tier price range! This tier garnered 55 registrants last year. Today begins a new tier, so member registrations now run $30 until April 30, 2007. The first tier registrants can look forward to seeing their ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=42 January General Meeting The January general meeting will be held at the Salem Public Library on Sunday, January 21, from 2-5pm. 101 Liberty St. SE Salem, OR 97301 Google Maps Mapquest Like all general meetings, it is open to the public. Further details on agenda items will be posted as the meeting approaches. http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=41 Kumoricon Holiday Staff Party Tomorrow What: Kumoricon staff holiday party When: Sunday, December 17, 2006, 15:00 to 20:00 Where: Backspace 115 NW 5th Ave Portland, OR 97209 Easily accessible from the MAX Google Maps view MapQuest view Details: Console gaming on our new Wii consoles, our PS3, and giant flat panel LCD TVs. Tournaments and raffle, LAN gaming room, pool tables for non-gamers, and FREE FOOD! This ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=40 The Kumoricon Update Imagine stumbling into your local game store and spotting, glowing on the shelf, a beautiful, unclaimed PS3. This happened to one Kumori staffer, and we are proud to announce that we now have a Kumoricon PS3 available for the Staff Holiday Party! Details on the Staff Holiday Party for Dec. 17 ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=39 Wii Get! After staying up until the wii hours of the morning, your dedicated Kumorican staff has acquired four convention Wiis. Kumoricon was interviewed on Portland's local Fox 12 station while waiting in line for the Wiis! Seen here are four convention Wiis, in addition to five additional Wii-motes (for the one additional ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=31 Wiiiiiiiiiii!!!!1111 Kumoricon is in line to buy convention Wiis. We arrived at Best Buy at 10:30pm, they are expecting around 100 units, and we are around 30 in line. We are staying here all night and we will be getting these systems! Those of you signed up as staff will be ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=30 November General Meeting When: November 18th, 2006 1pm-5pm Where: Vancouver Hilton & Convention Center 301 West 6th Street Vancouver, WA 98660 Staff registration will be available starting at 12pm, please meet with the director of the department you are working with to get approval and have them sign off on the registration forms. Staff will be able ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=24 November General Meeting The November General Meeting will be on Saturday, November 18th, 2006. This meeting will be held in the Portland area, venue and time to be announced. (When I have have it, I'll post it here!:)) On the agenda: Tour of the new website features Discussion of registration options Hotel tour (depending on venue) Continued discussion ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=23 Kumoricon 2007 Officially Begins! Welcome new execs for Kumoricon 2007! For Convention Chair - Meg Uhde For Programming - Brenda McFadden For Operations - Brownie Williams For Publicity  - Jeff Tyrrill For Relations - Sean Larson Please welcome your new execs! http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=21 Anime article contest extended – *again* The deadline for the anime article contest has been extended again until Saturday, November 11, 11:59pm. This gives you a bit over two weeks more to write your article telling the world about Kumoricon! (We thought this was more reasonable than just a 3-day extension. :)) See further down the page ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=6 General Elections Cont’d and LANIME! What: General Elections/ LANime Party Where: Chemeketa Community College, Building 9, Room 111 Directions When: October 28, 2006 12 pm Why: Make your voice heard and party till the wee hours! General elections start at 12pm SHARP and will continue until all elected positions are filled. For more information on nominees, or to add a ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=7 Finally, YOU can tell the world about anime cons. All you happy anime lovers! It's time to tell the public just how cool we are. This is your chance to write the article that everyone should read about anime conventions. If you've got the journalistic touch, and can inspire others to share in the love of anime and Japanese culture, ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=8 Welcome to Kumoricon 2007! Welcome to the interim site for Kumoricon for the 2007 convention year. The mascot contest winner now graces our banner. Be sure to check back for updates to the site over the next couple of months. In the meantime, here are some stats to chew on for the 2006 year: Attendance: 2257, ... http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=9 General Elections General Elections will be held on October 28th, 2006, 12 pm. We will be electing the officials who will steer the direction of Kumoricon for the 2007 convention year. This meeting will take place at Chemeketa College, Salem OR, Building 9. More information to follow. http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=10 Thank you! Kumoricon 2006 has now come to a close.  Thank you to all the staff, guests and attendees for making this convention work.  We could not do this with out you and we look forward to seeing you all next year. Kumoricon executive staff http://www.kumoricon.org/?p=11