August 21, 2006 - At the Door Registration

Registration will be available at the door for those of you who waited too long to pre-reg. Prices as follows:

Full Weekend - $40
Saturday - $20
Sunday -$25
Monday -$15

Yes, we are a Saturday thru Monday con, unlike most others. We take place on Labor Day weekend, which, coincidentally runs Saturday thru Monday also. ;)

Times for registration will be posted ASAP.

August 15, 2006 - Exhibitor’s Hall and Artist Alley Full

For those of you who are interested, the Exhibitiors Hall is now teeming with vendor goodness. We will delight you with original artwork and merchandise in Artists Alley. We will not, however, be able to sell or trade any more tables as we are officially full.

- Pre-Registration Closed

That’s it folks. That’s all she wrote. Pre-Registration is now closed. We’ll have a final count of how many Registrations we have later in the week.

For those who are wondering (and haven’t called me already), you can pick up your badge anytime during the convention. The Friday pre-reg pickup is only if you find that more convenient.

For those who didn’t register, fear not: registration will be available at the convention.

See you there!

August 13, 2006 - Mascot Contest Complete- Vote Now!

After extending the deadline, the contest is now closed. Voting starts now! Click here to go to the voting page. The voting is a bit different this time. An explanation is on the bottom of the voting page. Voting closes at 11:59pm on the 18th of this month.

August 11, 2006 - Still climbing!

We’ve hit 1100 Preregistrations! This means that we now have almost as many people pre-registered for Kumoricon 06 as we had total for Kumoricon 04!!!!

Hurry up and get registered if you haven’t already, as the deadline is approaching fast. If you are mailing in your preregistration, remember that it must be postmarked by Monday the 14th.

We’ll keep you all updated with counts as much as possible, and a final count around the middle of next week (have to wait for all the mail-ins to arrive).

See you all in about 3 weeks!

August 9, 2006 - Pre Registration Number Tops 800!

If you haven’t already, it’s time to get excited! You are about to experience the greatest anime party in Oregon with AT LEAST 866 of your closest friends.

Kumoricon’s online pre-registration numbers broke 720 for a new record! This is one day before the original registration cut off, and six before the current one. In total, at 3:30p.m. today, we have 866 Kumoricon fans already ready to start the fun.

What does this mean? We’re about to have one heck of a party.

If you haven’t pre-registered, be sure to do so today at the registration link above.

August 8, 2006 - Registration Deadline Extended

Registration deadline has been extended to August 14th to encompass the weekend. The price will be $35 until registration closes. This leaves seven days to get your registration in! Door prices are higher so register today!

August 3, 2006 - Mascot 2007

Due to the small amount of entries to the mascot contest, we are extending the deadline to August 12, 2006.

Remember, we need an adult and chibi version of the mascot. Please scan your image and send to by 11:59 pm on the 12th of August. Voting will be launched on the 13th.

As the entries and the voting are anonymous, staff are allowed to enter, with the exception of publicity director.

Good Luck!

July 31, 2006 - Oxford Suites

Oxford Suites, next to the Red Lion, now has a room block for Kumoricon attendees. This is a very limited deal, so call soon to receive a flat rate of 109.00 per night, with the group code 9012. Cut off for reservations is August 18th. Information at this link.

- 10 More Day to Pre-Register!

Pre-registration closes in 10 days! Door prices are higher, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity. Pre-registering ensures a smoother entrance into the con, as your pre-printed badge will be waiting for you at the door.

If you are 17 or younger, you will need to send in a signed minor consent form with your registration. You can not be your own guardian if you are under the age of 18. (Nice try, boys.)

July 25, 2006 - August Meeting – Red Lion on the River

Our meeting will be August 27nd from 12-3 at the Hotel.

July 16, 2006 - Guests

The guests have been updated with new information! Check out Kirk Thornton and Bakazoku in the guest section. Keep an eye on this area, as we will update right up to the con.

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