Author Topic: Difficulties last year with the plushie workshop  (Read 1763 times)

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Difficulties last year with the plushie workshop
« on: April 01, 2009, 05:54:26 pm »
Hello! :)

When I went to last year's Kumoricon (which was my first ever anime convention! Such a delightfully silly time.) I heard about the plushie workshop (I don't care if I'm a grown 20-something man, I have a soft spot for stuffed toys!) and wanted to go.

However, I found out on the day of that there was a sign-up for the event and once it's filled it's filled, and that signups for both days occurred on opening day (ergo, I came in the second day thinking I'd be able to sign up and realized I was too late).

I just wanted to suggest that in the future it might help to make it clear that events like this have limited space and limited signup that's first-come-first-served.

Hope this is useful to know!

Sorry I did not bring this to anyone's attention sooner---purely my fault. I was lazy. :P

Looking forward to this year's events! The con is on my side of the river this year, and I've already placed my pre-order. Should be able to see much more of the con this year (last year I just sort of went in tourist mode).

This space for rent.