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Change to this forum area
« on: February 27, 2009, 12:17:56 am »
You may have noticed that the name of this forum changed from General Discussion to General Convention and Anime.

In an effort to bring more order and quality of discussion to the newly-renamed Off-Topic and Chat area, we've put some restrictions on the types of chat threads that can be started there, and also made the distinction clearer between whether something should be posted in here, or there.

Which forum area to post in

If you have a topic related to anime, anime conventions, or Kumoricon in general, and it doesn't fit into any other specific forum area, post it in: General Convention and Anime

If you have a topic that is not related to any other forum area, or to anime, Kumoricon, or anime conventions, post it in: Off-Topic and Chat

This is a slight change from before, and due to the long history of threads in both forums, we'll leave existing threads where they are, and this new categorization will apply only to new threads.
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