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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite!
« on: February 03, 2009, 02:26:16 am »
We finally have a confirmed port of the top-selling Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G to the US!  At the Tokyo Game Show 2008, Capcom announced the title of the US port and a rough release of "Spring 2009".  I'll certainly be holding $40 somewhere for that release day.  All Monster Hunter fans should do the same!  We shouldn't have had to wait a full year for this; so show Capcom that the hit PSP game that has sold roughly 2.5 million copies in Japan can keep up on the North American market as well!

In the mean time, Portland Hunters' Den, an open club of Monster Hunters throughout Portland, invites new and experienced hunters to join us!  We're still working out the details of when and where we want to start meeting.  I've put in a request for a clan subforum on the Minegard forums (, but they'll probably need to see some P.H.D. activity on there first.  Once we have the subforum, it will help us a lot organizationally.
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